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    Custom Cell Format for Feet (') & Inches (")

    Good morning Mr. Excel Community, I need help to create a custom cell value format to show my input (4 digit number) as "##'-##" (Ft'-In"). I've done some research on the rules/boundaries for creating custom cell formats within Excel & how to add text to a numerical value, but I have not been...
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    Advance Custom Cell formatting

    I want to validate cell with the following text formats Case-1: -1.50-0.25x180 or +1.50+0.00x180 Case-2: -1.50-0.25x180 ADD+1.00 BF or +1.50+0.00x180 ADD+1.00 BF Using (+#0.00,-#0.00) works fine for +1.50 or -1.50 or +0.00 or -0.00 I am using the following format for the entitre text...
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    Custom Format

    Is it possible to set a cutom format that will display the value -1 as CY-1, rather than as -CY1 ?
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    Extracting units from Custom Format

    Hi, Good day! I have a column of figures with several units attached to it via custom format, e.g. KG, PC, G, CS, etc. I would like to extract the units onto another column, showing only the units using formula only. I've tried the =cell("format",XX) function but it seems to return ",0"...
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    How do I format numbers so it will show the actual first digit, and then the rest as "x"?

    How do I format numbers so it will show the actual first digit, and the rest as x? so that $1,234.56 will appear as $1,xxx.xx or alternatively, $1,234,567.89 will appear as $1,xxx,xxx.xx I would prefer to do this with custom formatting rather than VBA, but any means possible would be...
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    Custom cell format

    :):)Im am trying to Custom format a column of cells. What I am wanting is when someone types in 212 it show up as 2 1/2, I am unable to figure out the correct format. the reason is when someone types in a hole number like 3 it looks like this /2. I was able to do a imput mask in Access...
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    Custom header and footer problem

    Hello, I am trying to find a way to insert a custom header and footer that I have to use for all company documents into excel. The current options under the header and footer tools in excel do not achieve this. The header and footer I am using has 3 and 8 fields consecutively, contains a logo...
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    Replacing Custom Formats

    Hi there, is there a way to edit and then re-apply a custom format across a workbook? For example, I have a uniform format of 0;[Red](0) for all my whole numbers but other custom formats (eg. 0%;[Red](0%) in other cells. I would like to remove the red colour for negative numbers. I know I...

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