1. B

    Custom number format

    Hi everyone, I can't ind anything about this and I'm not even sure if its possible. I have a file with a lot of calculations. In cell H7 I put a number In cell I7 I have data validation, where I can choose between "Ton, M³ and Un". Can I format cell H7 to have a custom number, where it shows...
  2. ibmy

    Mark "1", Range of ±0.00001 & custom ±0.0000x value

    Hi, ABCDE1± 0.00001explaination : ± Custom (in this case ± 0.00005)explaination : 21.22122Valid Numbers : 1.22121 , 1.22122 , 1.22123Valid Numbers : 1.22117 , 1.22118 , 1.22119 , 1.22120 , 1.22121 , 1.22122 , 1.22123 , 1.22124 , 1.22125 , 1.22126 , 1.2212731.22127RESET. New Valid Numbers ...
  3. MrDB4Excel

    Two Posts in One: Custom Formatted Text & Extraction of Formulas

    Earlier this year I was able to create a custom number format such that whenever I typed, for example, three pairs of numbers altogether: 112233 or 095543 or whatever, any combination then the outcome would always be, using the above two examples: 11:22:33 or 09:55:43 which was to signify...
  4. Nikkolas Camp

    Custom Barcode Inventory System Using Excel

    So, I'm wanting to build a custom inventory spreadsheet to better track out material in house. We have a process to tracking our inventory, it being tracked in total square yards. We currently do our inventory the old fashion way, that being with our trusty pencil and paper, read all tags...
  5. T

    Changing Date ranges on Pivot Table

    Hello, I am using a pivot table to summarize some date information (about 25,000 lines). I want to pull it by our fiscal year which runs from July to June, but the default is January to December. Is there any way to set it up to pull, for example, July 2016 to June 2017, as a year? Thanks,
  6. A

    Extract time from DateTime format

    Having trouble isolating the time component from some .csv data I'm importing. The datetime comes in as dd-mmm-yyyy hh:mm:ss:000 format, I ran a replace to repair the colon separator between seconds and milliseconds. Now I just want the hh:mm:ss.000 component. I tried to simply reformat with a...
  7. A

    Custom Week Number

    If anyone could help on this, it would be greatly appreciated. I thought this was gonna be just a simple WEEKNUM formula but it's giving me quite a hard time. I have a column of dates (column A) and I want to get the week number based on a custom week. The week starts from Thursday to...
  8. gmooney

    Excel Custom Lists?

    I just created a custom list in an Excel file that I am using for a Slicer and pivot table filter. I emailed the file to another person and the custom list did not transfer with the file? How can I make sure that the custom list stays in the file?
  9. C

    Text Format

    I have a sheet for user to keyin the data. The format of the data can be 451 / 1903, 0012 / 9908 or 00287 / 0099. The number after the "/" is always 4 digits, it was a data code. The issue was end-user sometimes forgot to put a "space" before and/or after "/". how can i custom the cell format...
  10. R

    custom sort not applying

    I've recorded a custom sort. The sort works exactly how I want, when manually applied (during record process), but fails to apply when applied by executing recorded vba code; by fail, I mean not applying sort and no error messages displayed. After the code has completed, I can visit the "Custom...
  11. F

    Formatting column with custom date format

    I have a worksheet with a column with date and time that I get from our IT showing all incoming and outgoing calls. The date and time column is formated to show Aug 30, 2019 7:15:22PM. I want to change the format to be mm/dd/yy hh:mm. When i highlight the column and go to custom and format the...
  12. M

    What Is A Real World Use Of Creating An Event In a Custom Class?

    Hi, I've been coding in VBA with Excel's built-in events for the Workbook and Worksheet and their usefulness is very obvious. However, with custom classes in VBA you can also create your own events -- and raise them -- to other objects that are listening for those events. What's unclear to me...
  13. M

    Can you save a sort in a Custom View?

    Okay, I've sorted my sheet the want want to view something, and have saved it as a Custom View. When I remove all of the filters, and test the view by selecting it, everything works except for the sort. I'd like for it to sort from smallest (number) to biggest. Is this possible?
  14. L

    Power Query - Custom Column - Reference Previous Cell

    I use a formula in my excel workbook that references the previous cell or cell above in order to calculate inventory based on order count. I have searched far and wide for a way to do this in Power Query in a custom column and have had no luck. Can anyone assist? I would like this in a custom...
  15. A

    HELP! formula for OBIEE

    Hi all, I have tried ( I am very new to this) to write a CASE statement where if the product Family= custom and unit list price =0 return NO but the tricky part is everything else with a list price of 0 needs to be YES else NO. No matter how I write the statement the list price of 0 is...
  16. M

    How to transport Customized Ribbon Linked to Macros to another system

    Hello, I have a VBA module with 50 + macros located inside of personal.xlsb. I have customized an elaborate ribbon that links to all of these macros. I am trying to port this setup into a new workstation. I just made a copy of the personal.xlsb and put it in the xlstart folder of the new...
  17. S

    Adding new Geographical Boundries to Excel Map

    Hi, I would like to add an LGA map on top to create new geographical boundries and names. Eg. an Local Government Area can be a combination of more than one or multiple postcode. I have downloaded the shape files from government websites but I am unable to create custom region maps as per...
  18. A

    Slicer Settings Do Not Show Custom Sort Option

    Hello I made a pivot table add to the data model of the query Connection. There is no use custom list when sort in my slicer setting and I have encountered sorting problems. thank you for any help you might provide
  19. G

    Custom Date format and calculations

    Good Day I am trying to find a way to type and only indicate the number of years and months in one cell. This format must also then be used to calculate and end date for a contract term. I would like to be able to display the cell value as 9 y 11 m or 2 y 3 m etc... This must then be added to...
  20. S

    Searching multiple values in Custom Filter

    Is it possible to search for several matching numbers when running a search from the Filter drop down dialog box or even with the 'Text Filters > Custom Filters' option? I tried putting a comma between each value but it didn't work. Thanks in advance.

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