1. P

    VBA Cut a row based off of the data in a cell and paste it into a table on another sheet.

    Hey! Hoping for some help once again. I have a table that tracks my rentals: Job Number: Job Name: Equipment rented: Employee: Company Rented from: Rental Start Date: Length of rental Estimated Due Date: Date Returned: Returned By: Total cost of the rental: Rental Complete Scissor...
  2. B

    Cut the last entry and paste in another column

    Hi , I got a column of 1000 numbers (fromD1 to D1000) and need a piece of code to do the below, while in A1, finds the very bottom non-empty cell in D (D1000), CUT the content and paste it in A1. then go down for 27 cells (to A27), again find the last non-empty cell of col D (which obviously...
  3. T

    VBA to cut and paste a row into another sheet if one of the cells meets criteria.

    I run a warehouse and we are getting ready to ramp up the volume of orders we receive from our customer. I want the sheet to cut the entire row and paste it into the next sheet anytime the dropdown box in column "I" is changed to yes.
  4. P

    VBA- Making Log/History

    Hi Guys! I have a sheet that is going to be used every day and i want to press a button and cut today's data and copy in a history sheet. Im kinda new to VBA but was able to cut and paste the data of the day successfully but when i press the button to log another day, the data overwrite the...
  5. L

    short cut for custom formatting

    Hi I want to Right click on group of cells --> Format Cell --> Custom --> [h]:mm So it is 3-4 click and I want to do that alot. Can I create a short cut to do these 3-4 steps in one click for example. Or Can I create a link in QAT area. Thank you very much.
  6. N

    Cut and Paste Filtered Rows

    I have some code that is filtered on a column, copying the visible rows, going to a new sheet, and pasting the code down. It works, but its incredibly slow, is there a faster way to generate this block of code? Selection.AutoFilter ActiveSheet.Range("A:J").AutoFilter Field:=3...
  7. S

    If ...else if statement using cut and paste to another WS

    I am trying to create a If...then....else if statement loop with a cut and paste function to another worksheet. I have one master data worksheet "CAS_PPDR" and I have a column E that has the GL category in it (Regular, BB, Overtime, Premium). Based on the information in that column, I would...
  8. M

    PasteSpecial macro not working after cut

    Hi, I am trying to cut a range in workbook1 and paste it using a PasteSpecial macro in Workbook2, but I am getting an error. The PasteSpecial macro works fine when I copy the range instead of cutting it. In macro 1, I use the following code to cut a range into the clipboard: Range(Temp...
  9. A

    First time OpenSolver user

    Hello, I have 475 feet of pipe that I need to cut to the following sizes. Each pipe is 40 feet long (480 Inches) so I want to optimize the cuts in order to stay as close as possible to 12 pipes. <colgroup><col><col></colgroup><tbody> Inches QTY 8.00 20 10.00 6 12.00 8 27.00 2 32.00 6...
  10. Jaafar Tribak

    Which Range is currently being Cut or Copied ?

    Hi dear forum members, I have a vba situation where I need to know the address of the range that is currently being copied (or cut) ie: when Application.CutCopyMode <> 0 . I wonder if I am overlooking some easy solution or missing something obvious. Regards.
  11. D

    How to align data in different colums

    Hi Guys, Please help me how to align data in different columns. Please see below raw data given. C-1 C-2 C-3 A 1 B JOHN C CRUZ -Given the sample above. Can you please help me what would be the formula on this? Because, i'm having...
  12. J

    Pasting cut cells VBA

    First to mention is that I am very green to VBA. I am starting to get my head around it but I am very green I am writing a database for my business I have a list of jobs on a GabttChart the data for each job is in groups of 10 rows see example I have created a button to select and cut the...
  13. R

    If cell value = something, then cut row and paste to next sheet

    Good afternoon and thank you for any help or advise. I am trying to look through a dynamic range in column B and, where the column B value has a 2nd character = "E", then cut that entire row and paste it on to the next sheet. There will be many times that column B will match my criteria, so the...
  14. M

    Move Columns

    Hello All, I cant remember.... Isn't there a way to move a column with formulas over to the left of another column without your formulas changing? I know this is a basic short cut....But am having trouble remembering it...
  15. N

    Reducing code for copy/cut paste

    Hi everyone, first up - apologies for the very beginner level question, I have never learnt VBA and don't use it much, so I typically just play around until I get it to do what I want. No hate! I am looking to cut down my code a little on 4 lines that I use quite a lot, which is basically...
  16. P

    Append Query to Table Issues

    Hello, I have 5 Fields that append to a table. All can repeat but I only want one unique record of each type. When I do the append, it just keeps adding duplicates because I can't set a primary key. Any ideas? Fields: Order Operation ID Description Complete Bear in mind...
  17. S

    Cut/Paste row from Sheet1 to Sheet2, delete empty row on Sheet1?

    I'm looking to cut and paste a row from one worksheet to another within a spreadsheet if a particular cell is not blank. Then once complete, delete the original row. If cell AM2 (and AM3,4,5 etc) on sheet 'Faults' is not blank, cut either the whole row or the range A2:AN2 (whichever is more...
  18. V

    VBA: data label text is being cut off

    Hi. I am editing the data labels to include text based on a data series. The text includes small paragraph descriptions which are being cut off arbitrarily. The rest of the text does not reappear upon resizing the text box. This is my code: ActiveChart.FullSeriesCollection(2).Select...
  19. F

    Cut & Paste Special Cells from Sheet 1 to Sheet 2, Then Delete Blanks

    Hi, I'm currently working on a macro which would allow me to cut & paste filtered data from one sheet to another, then come back to the original sheet and get rid of the blank rows that are left. Originally, I was able to get around the problem of cutting unwanted data by sorting several columns...
  20. S

    Disable copy and enable cut

    I have a list of running numbers. every time i need to cut few numbers and paste at another workbook. the reason for cut is to prevent copy same running number twice or more. so, i need to disable copy while enabling cut and paste to another workbook. Thanks Shan

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