1. X

    HELP - Dashboard Objects are Randomly Resizing on a Data Refresh!

    Hey everyone, I don't use Excel a lot, so I am quite proud with what I have come up with. Wish I could share it but it has all my financial data and crypto holdings to create a dashboard. Power queries, just trying to solve a different issue at the moment with VBA, the lot! Besides the...
  2. B

    Rank data displaying only top 3 products

    Hi, I need some help with a spreadsheet that I cannot change the source data (raw data), which is extracted from a report. Basically, I need to identify the products with highest satisfaction rating among a plethora of products, in a single column with data that goes from smartphones, tablets...
  3. A

    Gauge Chart

    I'm trying to create a gauge chart in which the colors of the gauge are equal 45 of the 180 half circle as picture below but the values for each section are much different. See the chart to see which values would fit into each section of the chart. Is this even possible? Any help would be much...
  4. L

    Gauge chart - help with changing range to non zero start

    I am trying to update a gauge chart that I made in excel to show a different range (50% to 100%) The chart is currently done on a scale of 0% to 100% with the following input calculations: Range Start: 0% Section 1: 97% (input value given) Section 2: 3% (calculation is 100% minus 97% from...
  5. S

    Is Excel Fine or Should Go Somewhere Else?

    Hi; I made a workbook which contained the data of equipment (A to AZ) available from a Facility with 6 additional columns which has the latest maintenance date that is inputted by the maintenance foreman. In which the next date maintenance should be done is shown how close it is and a color...
  6. N

    Countifs - Multiple Conditions (HR Dashboard)

    Dear Team, I am currently working on an HR Dashboard and I want to be able to use a formula to do 2 things: A. report the overall current number of employees who are still onboard. This will mean as long as I keep updating the datasheet this number should automatically be updating...
  7. JackDanIce

    Guidance: Data table setup for Dashboard (Pivot Charts) Output

    Hi, Looking for guidance to create a Dashboard for quanties of stock, cashflow and other KPIs. I have table of data where: Column A = Date (ordered, earliest to latest) Column B = "In" or "Out" (if it's stock received or stock dispatched) Column C = Product code (e.g. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5) Column D =...
  8. U

    Filter Data on one sheet with dropdown list from another sheet

    I have an excel file with 3 Sheets - Dashboard, Funnel and DDL The Dashboard is used to display the summed up data from the funnel sheet The Funnel is used for user entry DDL - is my sheet uses for drop down lists What i would like to do is on the Dashboard sheet, add a drop down (which i have...
  9. P


    I have a table with multiple columns. I am wanting to search one of those columns to find if there is a value > 0. If so, I want it to return back to a main table dashboard that value in one column and in the second column, it will return the number in the column it was searching. It would...
  10. B

    Match multiple criteria returns a specific result

    I am trying to build a vacation scheduler for a staff of approx. 100 staff and most of it works fine but I can't figure out one last piece. What I have is a dashboard, a staff list, a vacation list and then a DOR (day of rest) list. The dashboard has each employees name in B9:B100 Dates are...
  11. N

    Excel worksheet in Teams

    Hi all, My workplace has recently moved across to O365 and use Teams. Within our Sharepoint file structure/Teams, we have a workbook that is manually updated each week. In the workbook, I have a sheet, called 'Dashboard'. On it there are a series of view only charts. Does anyone know how I can...
  12. B

    Pull a specific data range from spreadsheet and offset when the month changes??

    Good afternoon all, I want to select 3 columns of data from my spreadsheet which will be displayed in a chart on my dashboard, for example Column headers are Jun 19/Jul 19/Aug 19, when I get in to the month of September I want the selection to move along one column and then select Jul 19/Aug...
  13. JackDanIce

    Pivot table auto refresh, live dashboard update

    Hi, I have a data table turned into a pivot table. I want to use this pivot table to drive a dashboard (i.e. slicers, timelines other interaction) A user needs to be able to change variables which updates data table which in turn updates pivot table and dashboardE.g. a variable that affects a...
  14. S

    Google Datastudio alternative when using Excel

    Dear all I'm currently using Google Sheets to manage my stock portfolio. The system is to enter day which is tweaked and analyzed in many ways. To visualize data, current status and that I'm (hopefully) on track I use Google Datastudio. Actually I would like to move from Google Sheets to Excel...
  15. P

    Dashboard for data on multiple worksheets

    I have a file with multiple worksheets. Each worksheet has the same format, and each column shares a lot of the same data. Each worksheet is for a project that my team and I work on. What I would like to do is create a Dashboard for each team member which would show the tasks they are assigned...
  16. tlc53

    VBA Save PDF file of each sheet from Dashboard

    Hi, In my Dashboard sheet I have totals that feed through from each of the client sheets. Next to these totals, in column G, I have check boxes. I would like a saving macro to run if the check box is ticked. So; Sheet1 (Dashboard) Check box ticked - save pdf file of Sheet4 (Cordis) Check box...
  17. A

    How to save an excel Dashboard as an interactive web page

    Dear Excel experts, I made a nice dashboard in excel with graphs (from pivot tables) with slicers. I want to save this excel dashboard as a webpage, while maintaining the functionalities (using the slicer to select things, on which the graph automatically adjusts itself). Saving as a webpage...
  18. K

    Custom Print Pages VBA

    Hi All, I am trying to write VBA code for a CommandButton. I want the button to print in pdf a Dashboard from a tab in my worksheet called "Dashboard". It has 21 pages at the moment but I want to print it as one document and different pages need different scaling/margin settings. Is it...
  19. P

    Lookup value from another table

    I have a Workbook with tabs and each tab contains a table. Each table is the same format (Column A is ColA, Column B is ColB, etc). One of my tabs is a dashboard, where I want to retrieve values from each tab: Dashboard tab Column H will look into table Data-A and return the value of Column H...
  20. B

    Formule not refreshing

    Hey all, i use the following code to pull data from another workbook; =IF(INDEX('P:\000 Dashboard Production\Tabellen nieuw\[Bezetting 2019.xlsx]Planning'!$A$6:A69;ROW())=0;"";INDEX('P:\000 Dashboard Production\Tabellen nieuw\[Bezetting 2019.xlsx]Planning'!$A$6:A69;ROW())) The data in this...
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