data analysis

  1. M

    Is it possible to separate multiple answers in one column and make it into a bar graph?

    Hello everyone! This is my first post so I'm sorry if I've made a mistake: I'm trying to create some bar/line/pie charts within Excel using data from a survey. However, one of the questions that was imported over has multiple answers within the same category (see column E in fake sample...
  2. P

    Conditional data cleanup

    Hi all, I have a question on how to implement a line of code, selecting a specific cell value (and deleting a different one). What I mean by this is the following (see image): I have a range of time data points in a single column (either empty or not, in time format). Whenever there are two...
  3. T

    Counting cells in a column in an array based on criteria

    In my workbook, the tab 'Data' includes the names of students who have completed either of two tests. (Note the actual workbook goes to column CG with 72 questions.) BCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZAAABACAD1First nameSurnameStudent NameTestDurationLow EL/INHigh EL/INLow PI/UIHigh...
  4. S

    Any Template for Artist Wise Dates?

    I'm working in movies as an AD. I need to prepare a schedule and provide artist-wise dates to my team. Every time I'm doing it manually by checking the scenes. Can anyone suggest an idea or workaround which could make this work easy? If there is any way please let me know. Present template...
  5. T

    VBA formula to need correcting.

    Hi guys, I have a problem. I want tell you some story how it was happen. Nearly 4 month ago I post topic about VBA code to help me gather all info from the same excel files and one guy from this forum create to me VBA code which compilated all same Excels from the folder into one ( I have a...
  6. T

    Excel Data Organizing - Tough

    The Data I have - extracted (about 80+ columns for different people and about 150 rows for the codes): Contribution Site Codes Person-A Person-B Person-C Person-D 001-5500-000-55 50% 50% 003-6600-000-56 20% 40% 20% 10% 002-8800-000-57 20% 30% 001-0677-000-58 30% 40% 90%...
  7. D

    Extracting data from current workbook to another workbook using file path that is in a cell

    Hello, 1. using VBA, i am trying to think of a way to copy values from a whole column in workbook1 worksheet "sheet2", starting from column F on sheet2 and X number of columns to the right and paste the values into another workbook, lets call it workbook2, and the worksheet the values will...
  8. D

    Data transfer from one workbook to another

    Any help would be greatful! Looking for a way using python or VBA to basically transfer data from workbook one to workbook two. The yellow cells and the light grey cells are the areas where data will be put into. I know it may show two rows, but the user is able to have multiple. As you can see...
  9. F

    Calculated measure in Pivot Table

    Hi! I´ve been trying to get a measure in my pivot table to get the % of reject orders of a partner / Total order order of partner, and that it can change if I use a slicer to change it by day, month, etc. This is an example of the data table which I use: And this is the pivot table which I...
  10. R

    Display changes made in database

    Since the last time I posed a question it made a task numerous hours shorter, I'm here again with another question. At our company, everyone is able to change the records in our database. To our annoyance, this means they often change things they shouldn't. Since changes that do need to happen...
  11. S

    Group By Character Name and list all Scene numbers

    Hello All, Hope you are doing Fine. I have Excel data as shown in the below table. Can anyone help me to get the desired output? SCENE NUMBER CHARACTER NAME E01 SC 01 MICHAEL E01 SC 01 JACK E01 SC 01 ELIZABETH E01 SC 02 JOHN E01 SC 02 MICHAEL E01 SC 03 JACK E01 SC 03...
  12. Izila

    Dummy variables

    Hi, I wish to create a dummy variable from one of the variables I am analyzing. I have four types of houses in a survey (1 - 4). Data input in that cell is from 1 to 4, integers. now, i want the excel spreadsheet to assign a 1 in a new dummy variable column that correspond to that number or 0 if...
  13. C

    Need help identifying best software/system

    I have a large set of data on the daily jobs off all porters in a hospital . They receive work requests to a mobile device and start and complete the jobs on that unit. It feeds in to a database and i believe uses SQL to plop me out an excel spreadsheet of every job done each day (the start and...
  14. S

    HELP with data delimiters

    Hi, I have long list of files in .dat format that I want to convert them into excel format. The files have bunch of data separated by delimiters and I need them to be separated by columns in excel. I know the excel trick where I can import the data in excel/or open with excel and use the...
  15. T

    Data Treatment | Column | GB and TB

    Hello everyone, First of all, I would like to mention that I'm not an expert with Excel. ? So, I have a column with two different units (GB and TB): Space PV 104.10 GB 1.7 TB I will need this values to do some calculations, but I can't do nothing because I need to replace: "." for...
  16. B

    Sunmarize list

    Hello, I need help summarize list on people ordering which items. I currently have 50 lists of items and more than 100 people. I’ve done most of the part but it’d be nice if I can show which person order which item and how many in a different sheet. Please do help me.Thank you
  17. B

    Excel data analysis help

    Hi, i am doing a class project for a company i work for that wants to know which customers are returning pails( pails product name in Column "ProdName" as shown in screenshot),and at what rate? The columns I am focusing on is customer name, product name, and removal date. There's thousands list...
  18. T

    Advanced stacked bar chart

    Dear all, I'd like a stacked bar chart that is displaying each category in a given color. The colors are given in the file attached. As an example I have added the image below. I would like to have one stacked bar chart (not one above the arrow and one below) with a timeline at the bottom. Is...
  19. CephasOz

    Determining worksheet data area

    There are a few standard ways to find the area containing data in a worksheet, but each has a problem. 1) Activesheet.Cells(1).CurrentRegion won't work correctly if there are blank rows or columns 2) Activesheet.Cells(Activesheet.Rows.Count, 1).End(xlUp).Row won't work correctly if there is...
  20. H

    How do I create Simularity/Correlation Matrix using Non-Numeric Data

    Hello, I am trying to create a matrix of constituents in our database comparing their Relationships to other constituents. I have a list of constituents, and each one has a list of people they have relationships with (represented here are constituent IDs for people attached to their record as a...
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