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    Filter loop through macro

    I have various workbooks that I need to check the data in by filtering on various columns to find those that need to be checked and then I filter through the resultant list using usually column 'C', checking line by line and marking those 'done'. What I'd like to achieve is a button that...
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    Data filter only some columns

    Hi guys - grateful for any assistance you can give. I have done this before via VBA but can't recall exactly how. I have a worksheet with various headings, as below. I want to have data filters available on some headings, but not others. For instance: Columns A, C, D & F, but not visible on...
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    Data removal and copy it to new location

    i have two excel sheets one have 1000 records in SHEET A one column and other have 100 records in SHEET B one column. i want to check these 100 records of SHEET B with 1000 records of SHEET A and out that if any record match it should be removed from 1000 records of SHEET A and copy it to third...
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    combo box, data filter

    Hi, I would like to create a data filter (kind of combo box I think). I want to have this data filter in cell D1 to show unique values (no duplicates) of what is in cell B2:B50000. Besides if I select a value in the filter, I would like to see all the rows associated with that value...
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    Line of code to select only the data on a worksheet to filter and have a formula against

    Hi all, I've been trying to wrack my brain around trying to sort this code out. At the minute, the macro runs fine but it's based on a set range between B2:B15000 which is a lot! However, I wanted to make sure that the macro would cover everything. I was wondering if there was a way to make it...
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    Excel Data Filter Drop Down list

    I have two Excel spreadsheets in this workbook and am using 2007 for development. Sheet1 contains the raw data and sheet2 contains summary information about the data on sheet1. I wish to restrict the user's access to sheet1 but I would like the user to be able to apply filters on the data in...
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    Data Retrival Userform in Excel

    Hi All, I urgently need assistance. I have created an excel workbook that contains 4 worksheets. Each worksheet contains candidate data with fields such as Candidate name, ref number, location, job title etc. I am very new to this all and with the help of Google have managed to create a data...
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    Need Help Converting Data

    After I download data for my real estate reports I need to convert multiple "Map Codes" to a area name such as South Hill. For instance the "South Hill" is made up of 25 map codes that read like "A622/135". I would like to be able to turn all of the map codes into "South Hill" so that my...

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