data import

  1. N

    Power Query ; imported text data with no spaces

    Hi all, I am new to power query, I'm currently having a problem importing data from PDF files.( i.e. the imported text has skipped all the spacing and output one string) What I get from import: | Description | PLASTERINGANDPAVING;Applyingwhitepaint; NipponPaintZeroTecPaint; | green...
  2. O

    Help with csv data import

    Hello, I am wondering if anyone can help. I am looking to do a data import from an excel csv. I want to use this for a table seating plan. On the plan, there will be upto 50 tables. Each table will have a title (table 1, table 2, table 3 etc). Under each table there will be upto 15 guests...
  3. S

    Batch Data Import to Google Sheets

    Hi, Thank you very much for taking out time and trying to help me out. Here is what I am stuck with : 1. I have a list of around 4000 companies 2. Each of those companies have three financial statements (two of them enclosed for reference) 3. Therefore I have around 12000 sheets to work with...
  4. J

    Import specific data from text files using vba

    Hi everyone, I will begin by apologizing for the lengthy post, but I wanted to make sure I included enough details to get the correct help. I am a long time Excel user, but fairly new to VBA. I have been trying to teach myself how to write a bit of VBA code to import data from text files...
  5. A

    import data from Panorama Necto BI Tool

    Happy New Year all. Anyone done data import from Panorama Necto? Or run queries from excel in Necto? Just started a new role and want to drop some steps (too much copying and pasting for my liking) from the reporting process.
  6. A

    CNC Data Import

    I am in need of help to write a macro for importing data from a txt file automatically, and to separate the data into multiple columns by a specific cell input. The only problem is that my txt file imports as a single column and the data isn't exact same amount of rows. So I would like the VBA...
  7. R

    Import non-tabular data from multiple pages in website. Please help.

    Hi friends, I need to import all the data for various companies in each state, each region and their details in excel. Unfortunately the data is not in tabular form (unlike other threads were tabular data import codes are mentioned). I do not know...
  8. M

    Updating Specific Fields from Excel to Access

    I consider myself relatively dangerous in regards to VBA, Access and Excel. I have a simple table in Access that feeds a Dashboard and PivotTables in my Excel project. Monthly I receive a new spreadsheet of data that has to be imported into my database in Access. Here lies the problem...
  9. J

    Populate an Excel file from a txt file

    Good afternoon, I get an email in this format based on how many fields a person fills out in a questionnaire First_Name: jim Last_Name: bond Address: 820 west City: mytown State: al Zip: 11111 Email: Height: 6'3" Weight: 210 Date_of_Birth: 3/31/95 Married: no Father_Name: Roy...
  10. C

    Issue importing OData feed in PowerPivot Model

    Hi, i have a list in sharepoint which acts as my datasource for the application am working on, i can get data feed (OData) in the browser but when i try to import the data in powerpivot model it fails with the below error message. Please help me fix it. ============================ Error...
  11. M

    Loading .mdb file into Excel 2013

    I have a program that creates an .mdb file. I can import that file into Excel 2007 via the >Data>From Access menu chain. When I try to do the same thing in Excel 2013 I am presented with a Data Link Properties box with the connection tab selected. In Box 1 - The Data Source information appears...
  12. B

    Using With to import data from other spreadsheet

    Hey all, Need some advice/help. Conceptually, it is not too difficult, it's just a matter of straightening out the code a little bit. I've created a file that will serve as a master workbook; it has a basic format of headings for columns A to BB (1 to 54) such as date, velocity, averages, etc...
  13. H

    Need help with a macro to import data from a text file to excel

    Hello, I'm new to the forums and although I've used excel for quite awhile, I've never actually had a reason or need to use macros for data import or manipulation. At the moment I'm trying to work on a modeling problem which will output the data in the form of a large text file. The data is...
  14. C

    Automation of Text from Web Import

    I need to import data from the website, specifically historical data. Building Permits Survey > Permits by Metropolitan Area This is the query interface for the website. It creates data sets that look like this. I noticed that...
  15. D

    Importing data matching named range

    Hi everyone out there in Excel help land. After a hard day trying and failing to get some-where with some VBA code I was hoping for some advice. My VBA coding ability is intermediate at best and in a previous life I used to get by simply walking across the office to troubleshoot with some...
  16. A

    Import Multiple Text Files from a Folder using VBA

    What I would like to do is fairly straight forward, but I am having difficulty finding an answer that suits my needs. There have been replies to this question in other places, but they have not worked. So this is what I would like to do. Background: I have built a spreadsheet that analyzes data...
  17. L

    VBA code to import specific data from one excel workbook to another excel workbook

    I am trying to code a macro to import selected data from one excel workbook into another excel workbook. I'm using the following code: Sub IMPORT_DATA() Dim wkbCrntWorkBook As Workbook Dim wkbSourceBook As Workbook Dim rngSourceRange As Range Dim rngDestination As Range...
  18. D

    Help with looping import data from web

    Hi All, I am trying to import data from a web page with a standard web address with an incremental number that identifies the web page required (weather data from a web page). However, the macro I have at the moment is not copying in the web page. I think that the issue is that the web address...
  19. A

    Import file data into new tab

    Hi All I would really love it if I could get some help importing data into excel. Basically I would like to click a button and an import screen pops up (browser). When I select the excel file I would like that data to be placed in a separate tab. The file that I import changes every month...
  20. C

    Pulling Excel Data - Origin Sheet Layout Different Than Destination Sheet Layout

    Hello Everyone, I am familiar with pulling cell values from one worksheet to another, however, I am having issues with differing worksheet layouts. Here is my problem: I work as a paralegal and need to keep time for billing purposes. My boss requires we fill out a template and it can only be...

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