data input

  1. H

    How to enter a date that then hyperlinks to the sheet with corresponding date

    Hello, I have received some great advice on here before and I'm hoping someone can help me again. I'm looking to enter a date in cell G2 on sheet 1 that then looks for a matching date within cell F2 on all the other sheets within the same workbook (each day of the month has it's own sheet) and...
  2. E

    Keystrokes for website that does not allow paste

    Hello, Any help to speed up my work with a very outdated website is very appreciated! I currently am manually typing thousands of data inputs out to 6 decimals into an EXTREMELY outdated system that I have no control over. Each project requires 10 inputs into the form. You can not tab...
  3. T

    Data Input - Same Cell Across Multiple Sheets

    MrExcel Forum, I have a question I was hoping someone here could help me answer. Is there a way for me to input data into the same cell across different workbooks, similar to how you would for selecting multiple sheets and adding a value in a cell (i.e., typing 5 in selected cell A2, on sheet...
  4. J

    Creating an "in-between" value in an If formula

    Hello Everyone, Hope you are all doing well. Happy Friday! I have a question about values in an IF formula. Im trying to write an IF formula that will recognize a number between 0 and 1. When this number is inputted the formula will be TRUE, otherwise it will be FALSE. Here is my example...
  5. J

    Creating a "valid" or a "invalid" list for accurate data input

    Hello everyone, Hope everyone is doing well. I am trying to design a spreadsheet that will be used to record information from invoices. One column in this spreadsheet will be used to record the store number that the invoice originated from. This number has to match the invoice or else...
  6. S

    Inputing data of multiple rows/columns from one sheet into a database on different sheet on same workbook

    To start, I am very unexperienced in VBA. I have an excel workbook with two sheets "Input" and "Database" I need to create a code so that I have a command button on the "Input" sheet that will transfer the data that will be inserted into a "table"(just a 24 row by 13 column section) as shown...
  7. C

    Creating a list of data using a command button

    Hi everyone, really hoping you can help me on this one. I'm creating a new Time in Motion sheet for my team, and I want to programme a Command Button so that when it's clicked on Sheet 1 it prompts for a reference number to be input, then that reference number is fed into (say) column D on...
  8. F

    Constant flow of data and need a timer

    Hi all :) I am having real fun here,, I have a constant flow of data that is coming from a different program that inputs its results into a cell in excel. What I am trying to do is set up excel to move down to the next cell at a set period, say every 15 mins, so that the data stored is in...
  9. B

    tracking groups called and data

    Hello, my name is Dan I work for a church that calls groups of persons for a food bank I want a simple one cell input i.e. type in group # or use drop-down then that number that is input is added to next blank cell either row or column i.e. I type "4" into cell a1 (or select from...
  10. S

    How to print only rows with non zero values

    :-?I have a spreadsheet that is setup as a master template to accommodate 105 rows of data input. How can I make it display and print only the rows that non zero values have been entered. The final print needs to contain rows A1:A12 and A118:A129 along with A13:A117 containing non zero values...
  11. J

    Updating charts automatically when you input new data

    I was wondering if anyone can help me, I am creating a number of charts that need to be updated annually. I am looking to make this as user friendly as possible and would like to find a way to input data into the original data source (worksheet) and for the chart to update automatically. i.e...

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