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  1. C

    Macro with different cell ranges everyday

    Hi. Probably a macro beginners question. Apologies and thanks in advance. So everyday I download "report A", the cells range are different because things get bought/sold. Ex: A3:L900 and the next day is A3:L1000. *Simple example: Day 1: Macro starts recording on a sheet with data range A3:L900 -...
  2. M

    How to make data range from 1 to 17 million in 400 excel column?

    Dear all I would like to make range data like this, 1-100 100-199 200- ..... it is just an example. However, I would like to make data range from 1-17.000.000 in 400 column. It will be difficult if I make it manually. I would like to make it using Excel. Does anyone know how to make that? I...
  3. D

    Formula to add sums to data range in Excel

    Hi Would you be able to assist me with dates in excel sheet ? I need to creates formula in the grey filled cells. It is to monitor cash flow and when money is due in. Based on the work dates column A&B I need formula in columns P,R,T etc through to BF to show the sums which are portioned to the...
  4. F

    Pivot Table - Dynamic Data Source range change via VBA

    Hi all, Currently, I am working on the project with 7 different pivot tables stored on 7 seperate work sheets and the main sheet where i keep data extract. So I decided to use VBA that every time when I update my data extract to automate this process with the help of macros and VBA. I could...
  5. D

    New Group of Rows to a Table

    Hello, I have a table inside my excel document. The table is pretty large, and has bounds/data range of ($J$1:$BN$3073). I am trying to record/write a macro that will 1. Find the end/bottom of this table 2. Copy the 12 rows that are at the bottom of the table 3. Paste/insert...
  6. J

    VBA to pull data from closed excel workbooks to Master within sub folder structures

    Hi, I have been searching for a solution to this issue for quite some time with no luck, some findings get me a portion of the way but not quite what I need. I do not have any VBA experience but I am very competent with formula writing. I need to pull data ranges from closed, excel sheets...
  7. T

    Format of "data range" area not as a table

    Hi, I have trouble with format of the data area from external data import. I do properly the connection to the external data and I proceed up to regular point (pasting the data into excel sheet), where I can choose to format the data as a table or pivot table or pivot chart. But I do not want...
  8. M

    Creating a chart: Chart Data Range v. Series1, Series2, Series3 data ranges?

    When selecting Source Data for a chart in Excel there's a "Chart Data Range" field. But in the "Legend Entries (Series)" there are also one or more series ranges. What is the point of the "Chart Data Range" if you have to explicitly define the series ranges anyway? If there are some columns in...
  9. M

    VBA code to read the value of a RANGE NAME and use it as Validation

    Hi Gurus, I have a requirement where I need to add a macros button to execute a VBA code that will read the string value from a "cell" that contains a "data validation list" with three options ( No Revision, Revision 1, Revision 2) and based on the option selected for that cell from the...
  10. J

    Target Range

    Hello I will first explain how this process works and then ask my question. OK, the serial number is entered via a scanner. The part is then hooked up to a test meter and 8 values are taken from various areas, and the information is entered by hand. When a name is entered in to the last box the...
  11. B

    Make Data Range & Graph Via Dynamic Data & Manual Filter

    Hello, I am trying to make both a graph (probably line(multiple lines) or bar) and data range (ie row 1 is independent var (time in months), columns are dependent then just proceed) of a set of data that is overall statistics from other data. My data is able to filtered based on a single...
  12. F

    Chart creation based on selected data

    While trying to put together a few basic functions, I am having difficulty with conflicting approaches. I would like to create Macros/buttons that create charts based on high lighted data, placing them in certain location/sheets etc. Hence an excel sheet with multiple lists of data, user...
  13. J

    How am I able to make excel range from min to max year

    So i have sets of data ranging from a certain year. What I want to do is run a yearly column from min to the max, with the sum of the rainfall next to that. It looks like below <colgroup><col span="8"><col><col><col span="3"></colgroup><tbody> 1893 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 1894 439.6 106.8...
  14. R

    Using a checkbox to change data range for a bar chart

    This might be a workaround for my problem in getting the last value in a bar chart to toggle between being displayed and not displayed. The bars on the x-axis represent the 4 previous quarterly averages, a 12 month average, and a summary average that is manually entered on the same datasheet...
  15. E

    VBA to merge range of cells

    Hi there, If I have a list of cells, is there any way that Excel VBA can make this into a range? i.e. if I have "B6, B7, B8, B10, C6, C7, C8, C10" it would shrink it down to "B6:C8, B10:C10" Anyone got any ideas? Cheers, Eoin
  16. I

    Add Local Data Range To Series Value Of Chart (Excel 2007)

    Dear master, I want to ask about excel problem. How to add local scope of data to series value? This is my step how to create local data range Clik "formulas" tab >> clik data manager I fill name, fill refers to with =OFFSET(Template1!$B$3,Template!$M$5,0,10,1) Then i choose Sheet1 scope...
  17. P

    Find last cell with data entered and combine with first cell (date range)

    I tried searching through the forum for a problem/solution already posted similar to mine and while I found a few, the solutions posted either give me an error or don't return the value I need. So, specifically, I'm looking to combine the first and last dates to form a date range in a separate...
  18. S

    Automatically fill in a value if the column number is between several stated number ranges.

    I am trying to make a large spread sheet that will automatically fill in the 1's under the number if it appears between the start-stop columns; as shown in the example. It will have many start stop columns filed in, for hundreds of numbers. I can get it to work for the number if it is...
  19. J

    COUNTIFS query

    Hi I have a worksheet that I am trying to count 2 criteria and thought I could use COUNTIFS. The worksheet is set up as such A B C D 1 Blue Joe Dave Jeff 2 Green Jeff Dave Bob 3 Blue Steve Pete Dave I want to find the occurances of when...
  20. U

    Extending A Table Range

    This should be so simple that I am embarrassed to ask for help. I imported my data and I have a macro that updates the data. Nothing new until new items were added, creating new rows at the bottom and now the Table Format does not include these rows. There are so many formats available that I...

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