data table

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    Stop AutoFillFormulas in Specific Data Table Column

    Hi - is there a way to get the "AutoFillFormulas" property to be turned off for a specific column(s) in a Data Table? My table is called "Cash_Analysis_Revised" and I want the formulas to stop auto-filling just for that specific column. I tried the macro below, but I get the 438 error shown.
  2. B

    Right align numbers in Bar Graph data table chart in excel?

    how can I right align numbers in data table chart of graph, I'm not finding any option on excel
  3. C

    Chart Data table content need deletion

    Hi, Could you please help me delete the pivot data highlighted from the chart only?AB3Row LabelsAverage of % DIFF B/W M&F4470,16%5F0,43%6130,43%7M-0,43%86-0,43%9Grand Total0,16%
  4. M

    Hyperlinks in data table

    Hello, I have two sheets, first of them has a data table with the income of a list of 14 companies during 2018 and 2019. The other sheet I've a data table with a list of these companies and next to the name an hiperlink. When it's selected, it transports you to the cell located in the row of...
  5. Y

    Replacing Data Table with a dynamic array

    Up until the arrival of dynamic arrays to Excel I ran Monte Carlo simulations using the DATA TABLE as in range D2:D11 in the example below. Notice that each cell in that range is an independent trial of the computation in D2. Now, if I want to change the number of trials, I have to retype the...
  6. S

    Pulling list of Unique Names from Refresh-able Table between Date Range (Or Month Number)

    Hello! Thanks for any help in advance: I'm attempting to create a "dynamic invoice" of sorts, with names being pulled from a "refresh-able" table. By that term, I mean an excel table that (I'm assuming) is pulling from an SQL query and just needs the "refresh all" button on the Data tab to be...
  7. J

    Data Tables & Goal Seeker

    Hi All, First time poster here and looking for help on what I believe may lie with data tables / goal seek. My spreadsheet currently has many formulas but can be simplified to: Margin = (Price - Costs) / Price I am looking to answer a question: ‘What would my price have to be if costs...
  8. S

    Pivot Table Help - Is this even possible???

    I have a large data set and I am hoping to create a pivot table off of it. My concern is that I don't think it is possible to do how I am envisioning it. I keep getting a big red "X" and denied sound in my head when I think about how to create this pivot table. My data table has multiple...
  9. L

    Data Table - 3 row input cells

    Hello All, I have a scenario I want to run where I am doing three different improvements to a property, each of which are increasing returns. I want to show the returns assuming none of the improvements are done. I have figured out how to show it given one variable {=TABLE(#UnitsReno...
  10. R

    Store and Call Data in a Macro

    Hi all...I have a bunch of data in a table, and I am trying to write a custom function to call that data based on the function inputs. Here is an example of the data: <tbody> </tbody> <tbody> Motor HP RPM Alpha Beta Gamma EE 5 3600 .93 .03 .30 EE 7.5 3600 .98 .1 .2 EE 10 3600 .86 .25...
  11. R

    Problem in working with Data tables in Excel 2016

    Hello, i am facing a peculiar problem. I was doing a sensitivity analysis through data table and putting the IRR value as a reference for the data table to calculate values. For this I am using the cell reference of the cell in which I have calculated the IRR value of the project. And...
  12. T

    Loop Updates

    Hi All, I am looking to use a loop to update a name within a cell if that name changes and this is the logic behind how i see this working. E.g. Sheet 1 cell E4 = New name Sheet 1 cell M45 = Old Name then if New name <> old name Find old name in sheet 2 (column b, data...
  13. P

    Using VBA to enter data into a cell

    Can I use VBA to write a code that would take a data set on one worksheet and enter one of the values into a formula cell on another worksheet - then takes the output of the formula cell and pastes it onto another worksheet - Repeat this process down the data set. Not sure if that makes senses...
  14. T

    Data table with different data input

    I have created a data table used to show contribution margins at different fee levels. The numbers for the contribution margin calculation comes from different worksheets depending on the choice you make in a drop-down menu. I have the correct calculations in my data table, but when I choose...
  15. A

    Monthly Timesheet Tracking With Multiple Jobs a Day - Dropdown Question

    Hi Everybody! I'm trying to create a spreadsheet for tracking time information. I've gotten what I think is a good start by using this template ( and flowing the information to a pivot table. Right now my entry areas hold a month's...
  16. J

    4- way Data Table

    Hi, I’m looking to create a data table that involves 4 variables. The input variables are: Platinum, Palladium, Rhodium & USD/ZAR. The output is a financial metric EV/EBITDA. I can create two way data tables, but I want to create a data table with all variables included. Is that possible?
  17. B

    Multiple Date Trouble

    Hey All, I have two data tables linked by Sale number. Let's say the data looks like this: <tbody> Sale Number Sale Date 12345 01/01/2016 23456 02/02/2016 34567 03/03/2016 45678 04/04/2016 </tbody> <tbody> Sale Number Change Date 12345 01/02/2016 12345 01/08/2016 12345...
  18. E

    Design suggestions for dynamic data table design for portfolio evaluation model

    Hello All, I'm developing a tool to be used as a weighted-average portfolio evaluation scorecard on which I could use some design advice. I've enclosed screen captures [will upload later] of a sample model that illustrates the tool design. Overview: I have a data entry worksheet and multiple...
  19. C

    Count "All" occurrences of a category from a drop down list

    Good morning I have previously received some great assistance for a problem I had using the Countifs function from Joris, a board regular. I wish to expand on this formula to be able to achieve a new level of functionality for a project I'm working on. I currently have the below data on one...
  20. N

    Data Table Refresh Button

    I'm working on creating some data tables in an excel worksheet. I know that pressing F9 can refresh data tables but other people are going to be using this sheet and I am trying to make it as simple and obvious as possible that the data tables will need to be refreshed. I'd like to put a button...

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