data validation

  1. U

    VBA, Formula, or Data Validation Excel form

    Hi, i am working on a new employee performance evaluation form. Managers will fill the form for each of their employees semi-annually (attached). Each employee should have a minimum of 5 objectives and a maximum of 10 per each 6-month period. In the old evaluation form, each objective had a...
  2. D

    Enter specific formulated data - numbers & letters with dashes

    I am working on a shared spreadsheet for tracking and I need users to ONLY be able to enter a value that is LLNNNNN-NN (letters and numbers) and in another column (different data) LNNNNNNN-NN. Both are combos of letters and numbers but I need users to only be able to enter it in these ways. For...
  3. K

    Data Validation Based or using Index Match

    Hello Everyone, I am working on a project using MS Excel 2021 data is organised as tables and stuck at these two problems as follow: 1. I need a setup the data validation will check the entered quantity in the "Qty" column of the "Invoice Detail" sheet against both the...
  4. J

    Vlookup from multiselect data validation list

    Hi guys, I am working on a project for my work which is a form that users can use to help them make decisions etc. I have this code that provides the ability to make multiple selections from a data validation list, so instead of the default excel position of being able to select one option...
  5. N

    Formula in a Custom Data Validation is not working when a criteria cell is Blank

    A user enters: 1) The Start date of the month in Cell B1 2) The joining date (in case of a new employee) in Cell B2 3) Number of days worked in the current month in Cell B3 which has a custom data validation check as follows...
  6. SkywardPalm

    Trying to write data validation for if there is a certain value in AC column, a dropdown (that's based on a certain range) appears in AD column

    Anything I try gives me the error "the list source must be a delimited list, or reference to single row or column" What I have now is something like =IFERROR(CHOOSE(IF($AC1="Update Location",1,IF($AC1="Update Source",2)),SUMMARY!$B$17:$B$226,Master!$X$2:$X$1048576),"") where if Update...
  7. E

    Help with "OR" in data validation

    I am running Excel 365. I have two named tables, one is called "Inquiry" and the second is called "JO." This is a customer service type database, where first we get an Inquiry, which we log in the Inquiry table in the column named "Inquiry Number." At some point, a decision is made on what to...
  8. K

    Data validation (list) from name of array constant

    I want to add an array constant as name. Then I wish to use that name in data validation list. Does anyone have solution for this?
  9. A

    Run-time Error '50290' on Worksheet Change Macro

    On one PC I have the following code fails and raises the '50290' run-time error. The model range is a data validation dropdown list on the same worksheet. If I remove the data validation, it works. What is causing the list to hang the process on this one PC? This script previously worked for...
  10. K

    Data validation - prevent duplicates

    Hi I have a dropdown list I created using the data validation option based on list I have in another sheet. I was wondering if I could also prevent users from selecting a duplicate value from the dropdown list within the same cells.
  11. N

    Data Validation list combinations and outcomes

    Hi I have 4 lists and I would like to use data validation selecting from these 4 lists to give me one of 4 possible text outputs as below What is the best way to do this please - do i need to list out all the possible combinations and my desired outcome for each somewhere on the sheet or is...
  12. D

    Populate dropdown list of values from table based on cell value

    Hello, I've searched this forum and many examples on google of a formula or data validation list formula that might accomplish my needs to no avail. I'm looking to populate a dropdown box's list of values from a table on another sheet that matches a cell value. I've seen many examples of the...
  13. B

    Data validation with condition

    Hello, I'm trying to do something that i'm honestly not confident that can work as I imagine. Lets assume that I have cell A1, where I can have "Sunday" or "Weekday" In cell C1, tha data will depend on what is in cell A1, So, if I have "Sunday" in cell A1, I want cell C1 to be empty, but if...
  14. F

    two Conditional formatting

    allow to enter value in cell, only if 1. data contain 1 time "x" value between two numeric value . & both numeric values should not be more than 99, e.g 34x45.5, (allow)...... 21x56.44 (allow) 23c45.5, (not allow). 23 x 45.5 (any space not allow) 101x22 (numeric more than 99 not allow)
  15. V

    Data Validation for Alphanumeric and Hyphens (dashes) for a column

    Hello, I'm trying to add Data Validation to 50 cells in a column that will only accept: Alphanumeric Hyphens (dashes) No restrictions for length. I did find some examples, but they are all for a single cell. If I try to change it to a range it breaks and won't let me save. I tried this...
  16. J

    Number Range Starting at 1

    What would be the FORMULA to list the numbers between the value of a cell and 1? Basically finding all whole numbers between 1 and the value of the cell. Example (Source) A1 = 4 (Result) B1 = 1 / B2 = 2 / B3 = 3 / B4 = 4 / etc. Purpose, I want to enter a number into a cell (A1), and create a...
  17. R

    Change table data based on multiple dependent drop-down selections

    Hi, I have a data table of financial securities, each item(row) corresponding to a certain country/region of issuance. I would like to have that table filtered automatically to show only those securities issued from a specific country and region selected from a dependent drop-down list...
  18. I

    How to allow multiple options to select in a cell?

    Hi, there are many rows in my worksheet. For all cells in one column of this worksheet, I want that user can enter multiple options from a list. How can that be done? For e.g. I have 10 rows, and each cell from A1 to A10 represents a person. Then, there is a list of items that a person can...
  19. M

    Dynamic dropdown from Table

    I have the following table: Brand Type ProductName Brand A 100 Product_01 Brand A 100 Product_02 Brand A 200 Product_03 Brand A 200 Product_04 Brand A 300 Product_05 Brand A 300 Product_06 Brand B 100 Product_07 Brand B 100 Product_08 Brand B 200 Product_09 Brand B 200...
  20. V

    UNIQUE in Named Range for Data Validation

    I am trying to make a Data Validation list from one of my tables, but I can't seem to get the UNIQUE function to work in the Name Manager. If I create a new Name called "Sports" and use the formula =tblGear[Sport], it works just fine. However, I want the unique values from there. I don't want it...

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