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  1. S

    Removed Blanks in Data Validation - Office 365

    Hi, As the title says I'd like to remove blanks in a data validation list, I've followed the article below but the way Office 365 works is after effectively changing the formula below it expands out the cell for the full list, this means when I reference the cell in name manager the cells are...
  2. X

    Can’t skip cells, no dupes, no formulas

    Hi, I have a list of 20 names in column B. Everyday I need to select 6-8 of these names and have them appear in col J without skipping cells, without duplicates and without using a formula in J. If cells get skipped it will break the formula on another sheet that is the purpose of the workbook...
  3. D

    Medical Procedure Database

    Please excuse any wrong terms I may use when attempting to ask my question - I'm new to the community :) My goal is to set up an excel spreadsheet that can serve as a database from where I can pull information, in any combination, to perform research, evaluate procedures, etc. Many of these...
  4. M

    Validation dependent lists

    Hello everyone, This is my first post here. I've been working with Excel for quite a few years now but now stumbled upon this challenge, for which I can't seem to find a solution. If it's even supported in Excel 2016. Please note I'm not using Office 365 so I can't use all function that Office...
  5. J


    Hi i am used to using data validation. Recently I was typing a formula and it seemed as it was too long due that I was unable to keep writting it. The following formula is : =IF(AND(A32="BIO ORIENTADO ";A35="BAJA");'BASE DE DATOS'!$AA$2:$AA$5;IF(AND(A32="BIO ORIENTADO ";A35="ALTA ");'BASE DE...
  6. M

    Userform textbox validation - private sub doesn't fire on tab exit

    Hello, I have a problem that probably won't matter at all but it is bothering me and I'm hoping someone can help. I"m a novice at VBA, but understand enough to adapt what I find and make it work for me, I'm thankful for any help I get both with my VBA education and the...
  7. S

    Conditional Data Validation

    Hi, This is a slightly different type of conditional data validation request, is it possible use an IF statement where only if it's met a data validation box will appear showing a named range. For example if A1=Yes, A2 is a data validation of named range, x, otherwise it's just a normal cell...
  8. G

    Data Validation to not show blanks at the end

    I have below formula, when I click ok after entering the formula into that data validation source, it shows the formula as the options and not the values that should be there. Not sure if anyone else has had an issue like this. Any help would be greatly appreciated. =OFFSET(Data...
  9. B

    VBA email based on cell value (cell value is email selected from drop down)

    Hi all - I've been trying to get this to work for several days now. On my first sheet (a data entry form) my email macros work great. On my second sheet I'm attempting to select an email from a drop down list (in one of two columns) and have an email sent to the email selected from the drop...
  10. D

    Data validation in another way.

    I have an Excel sheet that has a list of problems, the resolution to those problems, and the status of completion. Column G is where the users are to enter the needed resolution to the problem. Column H is where the users indicate the status (with only three options): * Not started * In...
  11. P

    Using Table Headers as ranges in Data Validation

    Hi Members, I have a table named "Books". My table is very simple with 3 columns. Book.ID, Book.Name, Book.Author All i want to do is to avoid duplicate values in Book.ID column of a table using data validation. I simply used the formula "=COUNTIF(Books[Book.ID],Books[@[Book.ID]])=1". But it...
  12. M

    Prevent entry in cell i cell is not blank

    Hey Is it possible to use Data Validation to prevent someone from overwriting text in cell if there is already text in it? So that the cell has to be cleared before you can type in something new? I've tried =NOT(ISBLANK(A1)) and a few other formulas, but none worked. Regards Mads
  13. D

    Data Validation VBA Input Message

    Hello, I have a large batch of data. There are 5 different types of data. Every 5 rows, there is a new set of data. I am trying to implement Data Validation Input Messages so that when a user is on a certain cell, they will know what type of data is being referenced. Not sure if that makes...
  14. G

    VBA for validating data

    I have this excel document that dates are entered in cells F12 and G12 to the last row, data validation works when someone enters the data, but the dates don't change. I would like to know if there is a vba I could use to validate those dates and have a message box that shows where the errors...
  15. B

    Composite Primary kay in Excel

    Hello Team, I need to develop a custom primary key in Excel, i.e. based on multiple columns data, it should be a unique combination and none of the cells data can be NULL. For example, data in Column A, B, C, D form an unique pair. So I need to restrict a user to enter duplicate entry for...
  16. tlc53

    Data validation - state characters allowed

    Hi there, Due to other formula's relating to the cell containing this data validation, I need to amend it slightly. It currently looks like this; =OR(AND(ISNUMBER(B13),LEN(B13)=3),AND(ISNUMBER(LEFT(B13,3)+0),ISNUMBER(RIGHT(B13,3)+0),ISNUMBER(SEARCH("/",B13)),LEN(B13)=7)) I would like to...
  17. V

    Data validation to prompt alpha numeric sequence

    Hello Is it possible to have a cell populate an alpha numeric sequence based on the selection from a data validation list? For example I was hoping to be able achieve - if someone selects “Design” from the drop down, this would cause the next cell to populate “DR134” and so on sequentially...
  18. D

    Data Validation - custom date format dd-mm-yy

    Hi, I'm trying to add a date validation for a cell (or column of cells) containing a custom date format of dd-mm-yy I need to keep the data in format of dd-mm-yy because it's copied and used in an SQL Insert statement which needs the date in that format. I'm trying to add a validation so that...
  19. D

    Data Validation formula

    Hi, I'm trying to concatenate 2 custom formulas to use in data validation. I need to restrict: 1) text length (numbers or alpha) greater than 20 characters 2) The use of ' (apostrophe) and * (Asterix) I have: =IF(OR(LEN(A1)>18),FIND("*",A1)) but this wont allow any data to be typed in at all...
  20. L

    Worksheet trigger works one-time

    Hi all, I'm trying to use worksheet triggers to run a macro but it only works one time and then never again. Example: If write a worksheet trigger to hide rows if a cell displays 'Yes' (list data validation), it will work the first time after the workbook was open. After it has worked that one...

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