1. D

    Power Query Refresh gives old data

    Hi all, I've searched around but can't find any instance where this problem has been solved. I've got some queries set up in Excel (2016) that get stock data for the day from a website. Typically I'll open the workbook and hit refresh all, and the data loads. Today, though, it's loading...
  2. T

    extract block of data delimited by parentheses

    hello, I have a text file with blocks of data defined by parentheses, something similar to ( asas dsdss ) ( wwqee weqqe ) I need to extract the content between the parentheses. the problem is that sometimes the parentheses are nested. any suggestions? Thank you
  3. M

    Combo Chart - linking data to different data points

    I have attempted to attach the mini sheet below with a Data Input table in which I have created. All of the cells in the Standard columns have a drop down list connected to them including the following: Year 1, Year 2, Year 3 etc. The cells in the ticks column is a manual entry...
  4. M

    Sort list by date, expanded selection?

  5. D

    PowerPivot - Measures & Calculations - Reference sum of value for variable in column

    Hello everyone. I'm not good at explaining stuff, but I'll give it a ago, since I'm stuck - I've included pictures, since it's troublesome to describe in text - I hope that's okay :) I have a data-sheet, from which I've created the pivot table shown below, displaying amongst other things...
  6. W

    How to create a input sheet that then allocates to different training courses tabs corresponding to the specific course?

    Hi There, I want to make a excel sheet that can do the following : I want our sales team to enter all the bookings information on sheet and then create a tab for every course, as they enter the bookings in the input sheet it should allocate the bookings to the specific course tab for example...
  7. M

    Multiple selection from a dropdown list into another variable

    Hi. I have been trying to modify and insert this code into an existing macro code. Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) Dim Oldvalue As String Dim Newvalue As String On Error GoTo Exitsub If Target.Address = "$C$5" Then If Target.SpecialCells(xlCellTypeAllValidation) Is Nothing...
  8. A

    Help setting up data

    Hi, this may seem a basic question but I really cannot figure out how, would appreciate some help I’m training to be a business analyst and have a table with 30 leads in column A then B is 01/01/2020 and the corresponding cells are filled to show how many leads we’re getting from each lead...
  9. D

    Get External Data from Web issue

    Hi all, I am trying to collect FInancial data from, using Data - Get External data - From Web, where I simply paste, for example, this link AAPL.OQ - Apple Inc. Financials | Reuters and click Import. However, when I get the data in Excel, I see everything except for the table...
  10. M

    Power Query Get Transform the the in Tabular Format

    Hi, I have a huge data which is converted from another source to excel required to be set in Tabular format with help power query.Headers are already available it should be same as it is, Blank columns and rows to be remove, Data in column which does not have any headers to be create a new...
  11. S

    searching for data in columns with the same argument

    Hello. I am trying to copy/paste data from 2 columns (containing several rows with required data) and transfer the columns to another worksheet in the workbook over a time span of either 23-24-or 25 hrs The problem is that I need to use an argument what is not consistent and I have a macro in...
  12. J

    Macro Help

    Hi all, I need help with an excel macro. I have only started to use macros and as a result have a very basic knowledge and understanding. I was wondering is it possible to create a macro that can be reused even when the raw data coming in changes the position of the cell that the macro was...
  13. C

    Combine lists with similar headers

    I have a spreadsheet with hundreds of lists that each have a header and vary in length. The headers all follow a similar format (ABCD 123AB) and I want all columns for which the headers share the first 8 characters (including the space) to be combined into a single column with the header being...
  14. B

    Need to have many passwords for same excels and used to enter data and accept data.

    One person should enter the data with his password, and his name should come in "issued by" and other person should accept the data with his password and his name should come in "accepted by". Till he accepts, it has to be in different colour. if he rejects it, the data shouldnt disappear, it...
  15. E

    how to separate HTML tables from one cell into multiple cells?

    Hi, I have a complicated situation with an unwieldy amount of data. The situation is I have data from my website in excel, each row is a profile (around 100k profiles), that all biographical data is crammed into one data field (or in this case, a cell, since in Excel) in HTML format. The HTML...
  16. S

    HELP with data delimiters

    Hi, I have long list of files in .dat format that I want to convert them into excel format. The files have bunch of data separated by delimiters and I need them to be separated by columns in excel. I know the excel trick where I can import the data in excel/or open with excel and use the...
  17. G

    Alternate method to store data for use in any sub - Arrays don't work for this

    My original idea was to load an array (4D) with lots of data then call up the array as a variable and have it spit out the values that I want when I need them in other subs and/or in other modules. I haven't had any luck by searching the web, posting here or etc. The best advice I got was...
  18. Saher Naji

    Auto-Fill values (2)

    Hello O great and smart people actually I posted a similar thread before some days, and Mr. @alansidman graciously did a great help and his code is working very well, 100% and this is the post link for the solved problem:
  19. K

    Pull Prices from sheet to another

    Hi all, I have a Price list on a data sheet where if the quantity to order is between 1-5 then theirs is a fixed price. Is there a macro where once for example 2 qty is selected the price for 1-5 is pulled into the quote sheet?
  20. B

    Place several groups of cells beneath each other

    Hi I have to make a summary of the different times it takes to add a certain product. Right now all the values I have are sorted by date and every date has all the steps. () I would like to put all the steps that are the same underneath each other so I can make a scatter plot. Is it possible...

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