1. P


  2. P

    Formula to Extract Data

    Pls help me with formula for extracting data according to criteria. I want to extract data from column A to column B, C, D respectivly. Pls note sometime there are 2 or more space in data ABCD1ORDER DETAILCLIENTORDER #DATE2CLIENT : MCDOWEL ORDER # 7259 DATE : 01/07/2024 Thanks in Advance...
  3. I

    Processing data (Transpone?)

    Hi Guys, I would like to process data that is now in large numbers on rows. Some of this information I would like to have in rows below it. Columns A through C contain product names+info and columns D, E and F contain data. The latter data I would like to have below each other, as I indicate...
  4. D

    Multiple conditions

    I am trying to build a spreadsheet that has multiple condition. When I plug in my conditions into conditional formatting, it won't work. 1st condition: I want 3 rows to be filled in blue, with border and vertical lines highlighted, one line no fill/border, then the next 3 rows to be no fill...
  5. T

    part number entered pulls corresponding cost/description

    hello Im trying to build a data base of parts warranty info. what im looking to do is when I select a part number via drop down menu in the 'part number' column, the corresponding description and cost columns in the same sheet are automatically filled in. my image below... the PN# column is a...
  6. T

    How to change or replace multiple cell name in Microsoft Excel chronologically?

    I have provided the screenshot of my excel worksheet. I want to rename the cells in column B chronologically same as Column A but without losing the blank cells. i.e the first "transfer" name cell of column B will be "transfer 1", the second "transfer" name cell of column B will be "transfer 2"...
  7. T

    Pivot/unpivot help

    Hi Using PowerQuery I want to transform the first table into the second so that every 'Number' in a 'Region' shows every 'Location' in that 'Region', with multiple rows per 'Number'. This is just dummy data. I have tried doing this with pivot/unpivot but struggling to get my head around it...
  8. D

    Display/Extract table content into a different table... possibly a Pivot?

    Hi all, So I have a table similar to the below which acts as a matrix, so Req ID 1 is in F1 but could be in any number of Fx, up to about F80. The status of a Req ID can be updated The Team X is the team who is interested/working on the particular Req. Req ID Status F1 F2 F3 F4 F5 1 Agreed...
  9. H

    Create a ticket sales management system

    Hello! So my first problem is as follows; When I make ticket purchases these are given a purchase number from my supplier & a quantity, for example; Purchase number; 34598 QTY; 4 I then use a simple Vlookup formula to filter through which event this ticket is attached to. Once those...
  10. C

    How to get automatic data that will update for foreign users.

    Hello - I’ve been tinkering around with a sheet at work and I’ve been using various sources for getting data into a specific sheet so a group of 50 people can use. The best way I can query my data is through Microsoft exchange and applying filters to a specific email with excel attachments...
  11. R

    Change Data Structure

    Dear All I have a file with 65 different course I'd with status and level as column header and employees details as rows. What I want is to change this horizontal structure to a vertical one. There are a total of 300+ employees. I need the employee details as it is in the rows but repeated for...
  12. S

    Excel Sharepoint Help: Conditional Formatting & Data Autofill

    Hello, I have a spreadsheet on Sharepoint that I'm trying to make work. The purposes: To allow people from our building can add their name and birthdays. To have conditional formatting that automatically highlights all rows containing dates from the current month. To automatically populate...
  13. M

    csv files - data shifting over to the right?

    Hi all, Whenever I open a csv I get this warning message: Furthermore, my data shift's over to the right, there is an example below but the issue can be random - it may add lots of different empty rows and shift a few rows over to the right, or sometimes the data overlays the rows on top of...
  14. A

    VBA Copy data from 1 Excel file to multiple Excel Files.

    Short version: I am trying to change the code below, so worksheet 41460 can be any Excel file in a certain folder: Further explanation: I have more than 100 Excel files in a single folder, all with the same format. Column A contains a unique number. In one document, there might be 10 of these...
  15. Chris_010101

    VBA Code to auto sort specific cells

    Hi I can't XL2BB as my work won't allow it: I need a VBA code on workbook open to sort these three columns (not the total) by days lost > highest to smallest. A small caveat here is that the VBA will need to first unprotect the workbook (with password) before sorting the data and then...
  16. R

    Multiple workbooks and extracting data

    Hello, I have multiple workbooks and they have approximately 25 sheets in each of them. I need to extract same data from each of them. The data is always in the same cell and sheet. I need to extract data to one new workbook. What is the easiest way to do this? EDIT: Also I need to extract...
  17. J

    Vlookup from multiselect data validation list

    Hi guys, I am working on a project for my work which is a form that users can use to help them make decisions etc. I have this code that provides the ability to make multiple selections from a data validation list, so instead of the default excel position of being able to select one option...
  18. K

    Data formatting Question

    Hi all! I am using a data scraper to pull info from the web and an struggling to transform it in a way that's easily read. Right now the csv file comes out like this: Title - data Title - data Title - data And then it repeats in blocks like that. What I want is to move the titles into the...
  19. ibmy

    Find Number Pattern in Data - need 1 Column solution

    Hi Mr Excel, How do find Number Pattern in data which is : 1. Starting a Negative value ( - ) 2. Follow by at least a Zero ( 0 / 00 / 000 / 000..... ) 3. Follow by a Positive value ( + ) 4. End with a Negative value ( - ) Number Pattern : - 0 + - When Number Pattern found, assign "1" at...
  20. G

    Kindly help me solve this Interesting Excel Question....Been stuck at it and cant seem to figure it out

    Context: Pathshala Learning Center (PLC) is a community learning center, has been serving children & youth across 13 villages in the Gular Dogi region (District - Tehri Garhwal, Uttarakhand) since 2016. It has been striving to facilitate an environment of opportunities and holistic learning...

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