1. A

    Segregation of Data and Functions in C++ and C

    Hello Everyone, I am learning C++ programming and working on a project. I want to know which programing language separates the function and data between C and C++ programming. According to this source, In The case of C++, the data and functions stay encapsulated in an object’s form but not an...
  2. A

    Copying row of data from table into other sheet if cell matches criteria VBA

    Good afternoon, I have this table of data, and i would like to be able to copy each row of data into another sheet depending on the country name. So if the country is Belgium for example, it would automatically go through the whole table (if data is added in the future) and take all the rows...
  3. R

    Format copying not working

    This is my full code Sub StripData() Call InsertData Call FormatData 'Call DragData End Sub Sub InsertData() Dim myWb As Workbook Dim myRowsToCopy As Range Set wbtemplate = Workbooks("Template.xlsm").Worksheets("Raw") Set formatrange = Range("B2:CE2") Set formularange = Range("AK2:CE2")...
  4. Jyggalag

    PowerPivot / Power Query & Pivot Table??

    Dear all, I have currently made a pivot table, which I am linking to some Power Query data. The data in the power query comes from a folder where I import files from a website, so these files will ALWAYS have the same file name, sheet name and column names. However, the data under their...
  5. Jyggalag

    Power Query question (never used before!)

    Hi all, I am considering to use power query to get data for my pivot table. However, I am EXTREMELY new to both pivot tables and power query. I want to import data into this pivot table (not using power query below): I have the source data saved here: So questionnaire data file 1 is week...
  6. X

    HELP - Dashboard Objects are Randomly Resizing on a Data Refresh!

    Hey everyone, I don't use Excel a lot, so I am quite proud with what I have come up with. Wish I could share it but it has all my financial data and crypto holdings to create a dashboard. Power queries, just trying to solve a different issue at the moment with VBA, the lot! Besides the...
  7. M

    Looking for a sorting formula

    I have the following table ABCDEF2IntervalFHFCDYWYYR332FH 50FC 10DY 15WY 20YR3250101520 Cell A3 has numerous values which i would like to extract and put into the correct column. I am looking for a formula (no macros or VBA) to input into each column (B-F) which will look at column A and...
  8. A

    import data from web like color, name and model

    hello everyone ... i have learned a lot about excel from u now i am looking for a small help :( i have a sheet foll of products name and i need to find its specification such as, name, color, model number (if any), brand name for example: i have a product with its code in Column 1 called...
  9. 9

    How to find missing sheet

    Hi, I'm currently looking at this excel sheet which allows you to choose a project and prints the booking reference. I do not understand how the booking reference is found as it is received from a sheet called Data as shown, this is not installed on my system nor in any of the sheets in this...
  10. ibmy

    SUM/COUNT of value 1 at the end of set

    Hi, Data contain just 2 value which are 1 and 0. AB1DataResult20311405061718139010111121201301411150160170 Thanks advance.
  11. N

    combine two formulas?

    I am trying to combine two formulas in excel, one to determine if a vendor is one of two options (the vendor number starts with M or not) and the other formula is to count the number of cells that are not blank. I basically need to count if a cell has data and then separate this into one of two...
  12. L

    My data should have 6 standard headers, but sometimes these are missing, can a VBA code loop, and insert blank lines, where these should be?

    I was hoping someone would be genius enough to help with this, I would be very grateful. In Colum C of my data (les that 50 rows)- there are usually 6 items for each record. These are: BOOK CA OVER SPEC DIR TOTAL Sometimes, SPEC or DIR may be missing from a record- I would like a blank row...
  13. S

    Calculating figures based on dropdown selection help

    Hi Everyone, I am having real problems calculating values based on certain drop down selections I make. For example, for my business I am trying to calculate the spend per year by selecting a drop down and choosing the year I want to be calculated. I already have the spend data for all the...
  14. SkyGod

    Copying Data From Irregular Template

    Hello There, I need some help to done my working. I have done some part of the coding. Can someone help me about it please.? I cant make continue. like I'm stucked. I have explained in the Main workbook what I want to do. Basically transfer datas from "data book" to "Main book". The problem is...
  15. E

    Sort 15min (96) entries per day in single row

    Hello, This is a data sorting question. Sort 15min (96) entries per day in single row. This way each row has single date with a column for each 15 minute interval of every day instead of 96 rows of the same date end to end and only a single column of data entry. Restated; Currently, Column A =...
  16. X

    How to Lock Table Header Reference?

    I am a pro with excel when it comes to keyboard shortcuts, otherwise I rank as a hobbyist. My current confidential project requires fluidity and needs to be dynamic. The current problem I have run into is that I have two tables on two separate sheets. One is a data entry sheet while the other...
  17. M

    VBA macro: Iterating through all sheets, copying data range based on condition to master sheet

    Context: I am trying to set up a library of plants in Excel that I can select and see their state throughout the year, so I know what plants to add to make a good-looking garden. The moment I press the button, that I included in the Master sheet, I want the Master sheet to show the plants I...
  18. R

    Lines on graph updates but x axis doesn't

    I have an excel file containing share prices, and graphs to show how the shar price moves each month. When I drag down the data for the date and share prices for the last 30 days, it updates the line on the graph to show the movement, but the date on the x axis doesn't change. So last month, I...
  19. J

    excel vba clear cell value with if contain specific cell value

    Good evening everyone, I'm looking for some code in vba that can find specified dates in a line, if the date is not the same I need to delete the 3 columns, I want to leave only dates in the line that correspond to date1 and date 2 as in the example before later
  20. D

    Combining Data from Multiple Rows

    Good Morning, I am looking for a solution to quickly help fill rows based on their shared Value in Column D I have several group id (Column D) that I need to have go from this ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWX1id_numlast_namefirst_nameGroupIDmobile_phoneemail_addressRoom 1 IDRoom 1 LRoom 1...
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