1. W

    Auto Refresh Power BI

    I am using an Excel workbook with several tables to create a Power BI Metric package that publishes to an internal SharePoint site. The employee responsible for updating the Excel workbook is not capable (via access or skill) to refresh the Power BI dataset. How can I automatically get the Power...
  2. A

    VBA Entry and Verification Form

    VBA Scripting is NOT my strong suit. (VERY BASIC USER HERE) I have a data set of users due for a PC refresh. My manager wants to get our techs to fill in a data sheet indicating when a user has picked up their refresh, but does not want to give all the details from the dataset to the techs...
  3. A

    Access from XML/XSD

    Hello, does anyone know if there is an easy way to import XML data and relationships into access? I am interested in working on a publicly available dataset (here: but have only been able to import the xml tables - not the...
  4. O

    Edit Queries grayed out - How can I view the source data in Excel and append data to this source?

    I still have access to an intern's account who no longer works here. He created a report in "Service" under his "personal workspace" so there isn't an option to download the *.pbix file. So I ended up going to "Desktop" and I was able to select the same dataset he used in "Service" and I...
  5. S

    Code to Highlight / Un-Highlight Cells

    I have a large spreadsheet that will constantly vary in regards to number of rows. Working on a macro that will highlight (fill) all blank cells in red, then after info is entered in cells it un-highlights (fills). This is the macro I have started & it colors the cells, but after I enter info in...
  6. NewOrderFac33

    VBA Date Filtering Query

    Good afternoon, When I use the following code to filter an Excel database to all rows where the date in the first field is less than or equal to the value in the named range "DeleteOldest" DODCriteriaString = "<=" & Format(Sheets("Database").Range("DeleteOldest").value, "yyyy/mm/dd")...
  7. B

    Pivot table subset showing percentage of complete dataset

    I'm currently working with a dataset which has one dimension(column) with categories a,b,c,d,e, and one dimension(column) with categories 1,2,3,4. I've exported subset 4 and made manual categorization of it, let's call them !,?,#,@. Then i made a pivot table of the subset with categories...
  8. A

    Chart will not update using Macro

    Hi all, I have a chart that is linked to dataset B (20 rows, 4 columns), that is in turn linked to the larger dataset A (252 rows). I have written a simple macro (see below) that increases the topleft value of dataset B with 1, which has an effect similar to scrolling through dataset A (if that...
  9. I

    Vlookup - finding a value in more than just the left hand column

    Hope someone can help with this. I have data arranged like this - ID1 ID2 ID3 Data1 Data2 45 56 89 aa dd 67 bb ee 91 78 cc ff I need to get the data arranged like this - ID ADD1 ADD2 45 aa dd 56 aa dd 67 bb ee 78 cc ff 89 aa...
  10. H

    Microsoft Query > Power BI

    Hi all, Hope all is well Thanks for taking the time to read this. I have recently started with Power BI, previously relying on Microsoft Query to pull data into Excel to manipulate. Looking for any guidance to getting Power BI set up to replace / refresh Microsoft Queries. In principle I...
  11. N

    VLOOKUP on multiple criteria

    Hi, I have a large dataset detailing attendance over time at a leisure centre. At the moment, my data is organised as the calendar week in the top row, with each member’s number of visits in the rows below. Now I would like to restructure my data and organise it as visits in the first month...
  12. A

    Conditional formatting - Multiple Columns, 2 data sets

    Hi everyone, Question about conditional formatting. A have a dataset that is 6 columns of data, and I copy and paste the same 6 columns from a different data source right next to this, and then compare to see if there are differences. It works fine but where it is limited is that it is just...
  13. E

    complicated IF, INDEX, MATCH question

    I have what I *think* is just a complicated IF/INDEX/MATCH problem that I have not quite been able to figure out. Hoping someone here can help. I have two data sets which I am trying to merge. Dataset 1 contains a series of cases defined by a 9-digit serial number, a 4-digit ID number...
  14. E

    Complicated IF/INDEX/MATCH

    I have what I *think* is just a complicated IF/INDEX/MATCH problem that I have not quite been able to figure out. Hoping someone here can help. I have two data sets which I am trying to merge. Dataset 1 contains a series of cases defined by a 9-digit serial number, a 4-digit ID number...
  15. M

    VBA/Macro for saving a range into an array (variant) and use this for defining data for a graph

    Hey forum I am trying to do many things in my program for analysing a dataset. However I have run into some kind of wall. I will need help from you guys. I started of making a lot of code where I have hard coded some ranges into the program. These ranges tells the program where it should find...
  16. T

    Pivot table combining many tables

    Hello Community, I have a given dataset. My duty is to use Pivot table to generate a table indentical to the one in the picture in the right of the file. I have tried but messed things up badly. Please follow this link for the dataset...
  17. F

    VBA: Filter dataset based on listed values column A Sheet2

    This code works fine to remove rows from a dataset that contain the values stored in the Array. In lieu of the Array, can I use a list of data in column A on Sheet2? With the Array, I will have to change it as soon as another variable is required to be deleted the next time the dataset is...
  18. O

    How to extend a dataset

    Hello! I would need to adjust my dataset in excel, exactly as it is exposed here: How can I do this in excel? Many thanks to all of you! Occ
  19. J

    Stacked columns from dataset

    Hi there, New to VBA - have tried a few different bits of code but can't find one that achieves what I need. Trying to transfer a 2-axis dataset into stacked columns, removing zero balances. I want to populate adjacent columns with the headers along each axis. Below / linked image is an...
  20. C

    Setting Named Ranges via VBA

    Hi all I've run into an issue when naming ranges within a vba routine, where the time it takes gets exponentially larger as the number of rows in the data to be named is increased. My dataset is 213 columns wide, i have a standard template which data (varying number of rows) is copied into...

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