date and day

  1. S

    Time Zones and Dates in Excel

    Hi, I need to convert EST to GMT time including day and date. For example A B C D E Date Day EST EST GMT Day GMT 01/11/2023 Wednesday 21:00 01:00 I would like this to show it would be Thursday. Column A and column C are manual inputs I have formulas in B and D that are working...
  2. G

    Help! Need to calculate the next instance (date) of a variable weekday beyond a fixed date

    Hi. I've never used Excel to calculate dates before. I have a basic grasp of some date related functions but not enough to be able to solve the following problem. I'm hoping someone with more knowledge than I have will be able give me some help. Basically, I need to display the next (date)...
  3. S

    Unexpected value returned with NETWORKDAYS function

    Hello, I am new to this forum and hope someone can help me to understand how the Networkdays result is being calculated in my project. I have created a calendar that uses the date function to store and display the day only value in a pictorial calendar. Here is the start date - April 29...
  4. R

    ***robotics date macro - 1***

    Hi, I need a macro/vba code which can calculate the Age calculation. I mean it must calculate current date minus the different pay date in column d to column c. As i have to do it manaually on daily basis so i want to do it automatically the moment i paste the new pay dates in column d. Please...
  5. B

    getting day number out of date text

    COLUMN A: <colgroup><col></colgroup><tbody> Row1: 1/30/2015 Row2: 12/7/2015 </tbody> Row3: 3/15/2016 Looking to have formula return: COLUMN B: Row1: 30 Row2: 7 Row3: 15 Thank you!!!
  6. B

    Lookup Function help

    I'm working on a better way to do attendance at our company, I'll try to explain this as best as I can, I'm hoping someone can give me some direction! I have a master list of all of our current employees. (Fig.A) At the end of the week I run a report that lists every shift that was worked...
  7. F

    Max date

    Hi I have source data into sheet1 like: <tbody> ColumnA ColumnB Audi 01/01/2015 Audi 30/03/2015 Bmw 06/06/2015 Audi 15/07/2015 Bmw 02/02/2015 </tbody> Into sheet2 I have unique list of values from columnA: <tbody> ColumnA ColumnB Audi 15/07/2015 Bmw 06/06/2015 </tbody> How to...
  8. S

    Date of Next month in Excel

    Hi Everyone, i am looking for a formula which works as below mentioned example:- if i write any random date of specific month in Cell "A1", the cell "A2" should return the value as 5th day of next month. For example, if i write any dates of March 2015 in "A1", then "A2" value should be 5th...
  9. B

    How do I format the color of a cell based on the criteria of the cell to the right of it?

    I am trying to write a macro, which, when a date value is entered into one cell, 10 days after that date it will change the color of the cell to the right of it a shade of red. This is what I have so far, but it's not working. Can anyone point out what I am doing wrong? Thank you!!! Sub...
  10. I

    Compare date, if Sat, Sun or Mon, subtract 3

    I have a date in a spreadsheet in cell H3. If that date falls on a Saturday, Sunday or Monday, I would like excel to return a date in I3 that reflects three days earlier. So if H3 is a Monday, I need it to show Friday. If it is a Sunday, it needs to return a Thursday and if it is a Saturday...
  11. S

    How to Find a Date in a Row

    Hello Everybody, In another post I received help from @Rihabr & @Scott on how to find text in a specific range. ( Currently, I am working on an excel sheet where I have to search for a specific 'Date' in row...
  12. L

    Change date format to "Day of the week, Month Day, Year" on Excel or Google Spreadsheet

    My boss has asked me to figure out how to input the date "5/8/14" and get "Thursday, May 8, 2014". She somehow did this before where she could simply drag it down and it would fill in the correct day of the week using google spreadsheets or excel but I cannot figure it out. Does anyone know how...
  13. L

    Conditional Format specific Date(s) Not year

    I'm looking for a Conditional Format formula the looks in Column F (list of dates) for 3 dates (4/1, 6/1, 9/1) and then apply's a red top border color to the whole row. The range I'm working in is =$A$31:$BH$395 Column F's CELL Dates are displaying in "14-Mar" format. The dates are entered like...
  14. I

    Find and count days matching particular weekday, particular month and particular year from within a list of random dates

    Hi, I have a random list of dates from multiple years in column A:A. I would like to count how many of those random dates are eg. Saturdays in November 2013 or Mondays in October 2012. Any ideas? Thanks in advance for your time and help.
  15. ReLISTO

    Prorate Rent

    Hello. Help needed... I am trying to create a formula to determine the amount of rent due for not only the start of the lease but for the full term of the lease itself.. For the following problems I would like to have a formula that could be utilized over and over again. Lease Starts On...
  16. B

    Problems with showing the correct number of days in a month?! HELP!!!!

    Sometimes there are 28/29/30/31 days in a month in a year, right?! What's the simplest ways to meet the following task? 1. The Year or/and month can be change 2. Once the date is change the Week of days in different(Mon, Tue...) would also be changed correctly 3. Show correctly if there are...
  17. N

    Schedule with time sheet and budget all in one, but date and day not working

    hello i am building a monthly schedule with calcs weekly and monthly, i am using the below calculation. AL2 is the date 26/11/12 (always the 26th of the month) cell calcs= a2 =TEXT(E3,"ddd") .... E3=DATE(YEAR(AL2),MONTH(AL2),DAY(AL2)) .... e4=TEXT(E3,"dd") I need the sheet to show; the...
  18. G

    Using a Date in a statement with &

    Hello All, I have a cell that states "INVENTORY (8/8/12)" (Cell A15). Each day I need to update that cell with the new day. In another cell (Cell D7), I have the date written. I would like to change the date one time in the cell D7 and have cell A15 automatically say the same thing. I do not...
  19. W

    add last day of month to mm/yr column

    I have about 200 column of US dates that I need to insert ending days in the month for (30th/31st/28th). Unsure of how I should go about it...if,then, etc. <TABLE style="WIDTH: 33pt; BORDER-COLLAPSE: collapse" border=0 cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width=44><COLGROUP><COL style="WIDTH: 33pt...
  20. Z

    Conditional Formatting

    I am trying to figure out how to set up a conditional formatting formula that will highlight values in a column if they are 179 days past TODAY(). I figured out how to do it for each individual column but there are 400+ entries and I assume a conditional formula will be the easiest route.

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