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  1. smide

    Subtract dates

    Hello. In cell A1 I have current date created with formula =today() eg. 3-Oct-2019. In the same column starting from cell A3 (A3:A600) I have dates and time in format - hh:mm (example. 04.10.2019 - 21:00). All those cells (A3:A600) are text cells. I need to subtract all those...
  2. J

    Formula to count number of patients within certain timeframes

    Hello Excel gurus! I need help figuring out a formula to calculate thenumber of patients existing within certain timeframes. Our goal is to determine how many nurses weshould schedule during 3 shifts: NOC (graveyard), AM, and PM. Any ideas? I’ve been pulling my hair out on this one. Failed...
  3. R

    Checking whether a date and time is in a cell rather than just a date

    Hi Is there some vba code that can check whether a cell has a Date and Time or just a Date? So 01/04/2019 is good, but 01/04/2019 05:20 should flag up to say "No". Thanks
  4. M

    Filter for all dates except this month

    Hi, Can anybody please help me edit my clumsy coding please? I am trying to apply a filter that selects any date apart from dates within the last month. So if I use today for an example the filter will filter for all dates before and including 30/10/2018 because today's date is 30/11/2018. So...
  5. A

    Convert date and time to unix timestamps

    Hi, I maybe overlooking clues I can see on the internet but I am still having trouble converting date and time (day-month-year-mins, sample below) into unix timestamps. Would be most grateful for help please. Alfie101 <colgroup><col></colgroup><tbody> 20/4/2017 30 20/4/2017 32 20/4/2017 39...
  6. R

    Increment Cell Number based on Date & Time

    I have tried everything out there from google search to youtube videos but cannot find anything to help me get to the below example. Does anyone have a formula that would work? The top set is based on the date and time in column b. The bottoms set is based on the date in column b and the time in...
  7. B

    Trying to format a cell to Date/Time.

    Hello, I'm trying to set up Cell "B1" to pull the date and time from cell "A1" and then Format it to the Date/Time format. Cell "B1" pulls the information from "A1" using the formula below. When I try to change the format to Date/Time Cell "B1" is not effected. <tbody> A B 1...
  8. O

    Static Date and Time Stamp Help VBA

    I'm currently trying to add a date stamp (column A) and time stamp (Column B) after inputting data into column D for the first time (i.e. no updates in time or date after the first entry of a specific row in column D). The input, date and time should be on the same row. I've hunted around and...
  9. Manolocs

    meal allowance

    Hi, Little bit workload but I need to figure out a calculation for this meal allowances with formulas: A truck company pays their drivers a meal allowance but only when they are not driving and out of the base, the allowances are: 1- Breakfast 20USD from 7:30 to 9:30 2- Lunch = 40 USD from...
  10. L

    Displaying age (but not displaying zero values )

    Hi there, I want to display the age of animals based on the date they were born relative to the current date. That part I think I can figure out. However, I want to display it in a way that if the number for the year or the month is zero, it would not appear in the cell For example, a dog that...
  11. S

    Date calculation help

    Hi Everybody, I work for a company that has a lot of projects with a deadlines, usually we prepare for our projects 110 days in advance, so if the project is due to be finished on 01/07/2017, we need to start planning 13/03/2017, so we just substract the 110 days from the date and get our date...
  12. Z

    Stamp Date Modified After Record in Form is Modified

    I am using Access 2013 and have tried everything to get this to work. I just want a record to be stamped with a modified date after any part of the record is changed. I cannot figure out why this isn't working. I created a new field called Modified On with Date/Time format in table1. I then...
  13. C

    Attendance Tracker four month running total. Help!

    Hi guys, I have a question that has been on brain for the last couple of hours.... I am working on an attendance tracker and each month of the year has its own sheet in the same workbook. Then I have an overall sheet. On the overall sheet I would like a column for to find out how many points...
  14. M

    Converting a string formatted date and time to readable values using vba

    Hello All, I have a datasheet in form of Excel table with different columns of data where I want to convert the first column (Time) including date and time information in each cell from string format to readable date and time format using VBA. Time 30.11.2016 14:20:44 30.11.2016 14:20:45...
  15. V

    Stop formula from calculating if criteria is meet and keep the last data of formula calc.

    Hi i have this formula in my cell =FILTERXML(WEBSERVICE(""&AE1121&"&mode=xml&units=metric&cnt=14appid=bd82977b86bf27fb59a04b61b657fb6f");"/weatherdata/forecast/time[@day='"&TEXT(N1119;"YYYY-MM-DD")&"']/"&AC1126&"/@"&AD1126) I want to stop...
  16. V

    VBA Help

    I cannot seem to find information about what i need a VBA code to do. If anyone can help me, that would be greatly appreciated. I have this spreadsheet to log the customers that recieve service, date of service, amount they owe, and if i recieved payment or not. (Income sheet) Date...
  17. V

    VBA Code help

    I cannot seem to find information about what i need a VBA code to do. If anyone can help me, that would be greatly appreciated. I have this spreadsheet to log the customers that recieve service, date of service, amount they owe, and if i recieved payment or not. (Income sheet) <tbody> Date...
  18. H

    Converting dates to numbers

    Hi everyone, First time poster here, appreciate any and all help. I have an excel document that continues to convert dates to numbers, and I have no idea why. For example, 2/2/14 changes automatically to 41672 and 4/4/14 changes automatically to 41733 (left adjusted in the cell). The cells...
  19. T


    Hey, I'm needing to create a workbook for the scheduling department within my company. The scheduling department needs to make courtesy phone calls to all our customers. A call needs to be made weekly to customers keeping them aware of the progress with their order. If possible, I would like...
  20. K

    Date Formatting (e.g. 050914) into excel formula

    Hi, How would you get a vba defined string e.g. "050914" to be ouput in a cell as "05/09/2014" (or just "05/09/14") It must be classed as an actual date, not just a string in the cell for sorting and ordering etc. Thanks in advance.

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