date comparison

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    AutoPopulate Records Based on Dates

    I have a budget forecast workbook where I track my upcoming recurring bills along with all my transactions - be it cash, ATM, check, etc. This also includes any deposits. It is basically an electronic check register with a budget forecast function. There are three ways I gather/enter data: 1)...
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    Formula to read "TRUE/FALSE" results from other formulas, issue with blank cells read as "TRUE" results for date comparison formula

    I think I'm over-complicating a series of formulas I wrote to save time for myself. My job is to e-mail the customer each week when Task A or Task B is completed on Projects A-F. The real spreadsheet has dozens of tasks and it's time-consuming to filter column-by-column for new dates, so I'm...
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    Date Column Comparison, Odd One Out

    I am currently scouring and plugging numbers from years prior into a spreadsheet for graphical purposes and as such have numerous date based cells assigned individualized data. Now, the data points I am pulling from aren't exactly what you would call 'consistent' and miss quite a few days here...
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    VBA - date comparison and copy

    This is my first post so please have patience with me. I have a work book with 4 tabs: Pivot Summary, Imported Data, Missed Job Data and Yesterday. I import data from an external source to the Imported Data tab. Then refresh data on a pivot table via the Pivot Summary sheet. On the Pivot...
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    Copy formula paste value

    Hi, I'm pretty new in the VBA World and was hoping somebody could help me with this problem. I have two worksheets: "worksheet1" containing the current data (e.g. today's progress) I want to copy and "worksheet2" containing historical data (e.g. historical progress) in which I would like to...
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    Date Comparison to Highlight Cells

    Hi All, I'm working on a job booking system and I'm looking to create an if statement to highlight cells that have gone past the expected finishing times. In the 'D' collumn I have the date the job is expected to finish as DD/MM/YYYY, and in 'K' collumn I have a similar set up that people...
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    date compare problem

    I need assistance in figuring out how to compare a literal to a cell that actually references another cell. My literal comparison is checking for which day of the week is in a cell. For example, let's say cell address 'A1' contains the date in the following format: 'day, month day, yyyy' format...

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