date ranges

  1. M

    Trouble building multiple constraint filter in excel

    Hello everyone. Awesome forum! Hope everyone is having a wonderful Thursday. I was wondering if any of you could help me with this problem I have been having in excel. I am creating a filter function based off of raw data to give me data from that raw data given two date constraints and two...
  2. H

    Date Lookup Return row

    I am in need of vb code that takes date imputed into cell and returns the row number associated with date range. example below Enter Date of 2/14/2019 and code would return Row number as 3 ( for 2/1/2019 thru 2/28/2019 ) <tbody> Start Date End Date Enter Date: 2/14/2019 1/1/2019...
  3. M

    Within a date range

    Hello, I want to find out in a range of dates which dates are within 5 days of each other. Thanks for your help.
  4. T

    Lookup from multiple criteria, including potential partial matches

    Hi Everybody, Hoping somebody is able to help me with this formula. We have multiple departments and project codes so the actual file is much more comprehensive. I've scaled back for the sake of this example. Currently the formula below looks up the project code and the date and compares...
  5. C

    Comparing two range of dates

    Hey everyone, So I have a bit of a conundrum with a code I've been working on. So currently I have this code running: Option Explicit Public SelectItem3 As String, pos3 As Long Private Sub AddDate() Dim b As Object, RowNumber As Integer Set b = ActiveSheet.Buttons(Application.Caller)...
  6. P

    Creating sumif statements to include/exclude a month within a date range

    Hello - I am hoping someone can help me create a sumif statement looks a month, compares the month to a date range and pulls back amounts if the month falls within that range. For example, I have a large list of transactions (see table). I would like to have a months as columns (Dec 15, Jan16...
  7. J

    sumif and moving date ranges

    Hi All Hoping I can explain this fully and someone can help me. I have a weekly report that I use to sum up the hours agents work to report back to them. The amount of agents has since doubled and I can no longer manually check. What I want to do is sum the hours the agents work from the...
  8. H

    Return a Value from Multiple Criteria eg between 2 dates

    I have two tables on separate sheets. One table needs to return the value of the product purchased for a specific date. I am trying to use the formula =INDEX(Sheet1!$a$2:$d$5,MATCH(B2,Sheet1!$b$2:$b$5,0),2) but I think it is only a criteri for the customer and none for the date. Can you help...
  9. O

    Cell value that changes depending on the current date.

    Hi there, I am preparing a budgeting document and for one of the items I require the value in a cell to change depending on what day of the month it is: For example, if the budget for something is £3500, I want cell J13 to show: 3500/4 if the current date is the 1st-7th of the month...
  10. S

    Help.. Count of records with "Yes" value from a range where date reange on same page is between 2 cell dates on another page.+

    Hi, I'm trying to count the following: 'Master Log'! g13:fox13 = "Yes" and 'Master Log'! G6:Fox6 >= Analysis!A8 and 'Master Log'! G6:Fox6 <= Analysis!C8 (These are all date fields) What should the correct formula format be for getting the count? Let me know if more information is needed...
  11. P

    How to use If and AND statements for date ranges

    I've set up an IF statement to check a cell between two dates using AND but for some reason it's not giving the correct result when the date entered is before the date that I am checking it against. It returns a zero result. Any ideas where I'm going wrong in the formula...
  12. S

    Establish quarter with changing dates

    Interested in establishing monthly totals based on power bill dates. The dates are not uniform. For example, date rages could be 1/17 through 2/17, this data should fall under the month of January. I am using the =CHOOSE(Month.. but unsure how to input that days above the 16 should round up to...
  13. B

    Does a specific date fall within a date range in a table of multiple date ranges?

    I have a table listing multiple date ranges with two columns: "Start" and "End". These date ranges never overlap, except maybe the end date of one record with the start date of the next record. I need to transform these data into a table listing every day of the year in one column, and whether...
  14. D

    Using lookup and date ranges

    Hopefully this is quite a simple one In Cell A1 i have a date in cells d1 :e10 I have a table of date ranges and in f1:f10 I have a number eg What I would like is a formula to find which range the date in A1 falls within and then return the number that corresponds in column F. I would be...
  15. S

    Formula needs for duplicate values with overlapping date ranges

    Hi, I currently have a list of colleagues who have hired cars. I have their collegaue numbers in column A. I then have the start date of the car hire in column B and the end date of the car hire in column C. I need to highlight colleagues who have had more then 1 car hire within the same date...
  16. E

    Calculating number of days when you don't have an end date

    I need to determine how many days during a month a person was in our program. For instance, if someone is in the program from 1/1/2013 to 4/5/2013, then he/she was here 31 days in January, 28 in February, 30 in March, and 5 in April. The issue I’m running into is that some people do not have...
  17. R

    Auto-fill using a date range formula

    I have a spreadsheet showing a variety of inventory items (rows) and each item’s stock count for each week (columns). The spreadsheet should looks like this: Each week’s date range spans 5 days (Monday – Friday). I would like to keep the most recent week as the left most column. Each week...
  18. S

    find date is between date ranges

    Hi. i would like to find the date between the date ranges. the date is in cell A1, the Start Date is in cell B1:B100 and End Date is in C1:C100. how do i use excel if the date within the ranges then it will return a value example, i want to search date 18.03.2012 between 01.03.2011 to...
  19. J

    Count Unique Invoices, and find date range

    I have a spreadsheet(Detail) with thousands of rows. Column(A) has the Date of the Invoice, Column(B) Invoice number, Column(C) Client Name, Column(D) Product number, Column(E) Quantities of each product, Column(F) Total Amount. There are multiple entries for some invoices, sometimes as few as...
  20. H

    Sum between two date ranges, and account number.

    I need some help. I have an Excel workbook in which one spreadsheet "Budget Expenses" contains invoices that were paid and are entered as they are received (in no specific date order). The spreadsheet also contains the amount paid, and the account number it came out of. For example: On...

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