1. Jaafar Tribak

    Date Input Mask ( Applying a Watermark to TextBox)

    Hi dear forum, I just thought I would post this little demo here which, just like the thread title reads, it shows an attempt to mimic the watermarks that we sometimes see in some web forms. I was spurred to it by the question asked in this recent thread ... The result I have obtained looks...
  2. P

    Date format issue - dd/mm/yyyy

    Hi! I am desperate. I purposely registered just to ask this question. Hope you can help. I have a shared file in server. I change all date values to dd/mm/yyyy format. But every time another user opens it, the format becomes d/m/yyyy. I prefer dd/mm/yyyy so all numbers are aligned. How do I...
  3. S

    How to convert date

    Hi, I am downloading data from JDE in excel and dates are appearing like as follows, how to change them to normal DD/MM/YYYY ? 118362 119002 119246 119273 119316 <colgroup><col></colgroup><tbody> </tbody>
  4. N

    Extracting Date from string in VBA

    Hi Everyone Having searched a number of threads and not found the answer I am looking for I thought I would again call on your collective expertise to give me a shove in the right direction. What I am trying to achieve is from the cell A5 which = Week ending 06/09/2019 I am extracting the date...
  5. sharky12345

    Scroll to last cell with date

    I have a series of dates in column E and I need to scroll to the last cell which has today as the current date. If it makes a difference, the cells are formatted as "dd/mm/yyyy" Anyone?
  6. R

    [VBA] Date as serial appears in one cell, Americanised date in another.

    Hi all, same kind of issue as a few days ago.. NewIndate = Format(DateValue(InDate.Caption), "dd/mm/yyyy")NewOutdate = Format(DateValue(OutDate.Caption), "dd/mm/yyyy") If NewIndate = "" And NewOutdate = "" Then MsgBox "Please ensure you have entered a date or date range in the Control...
  7. A

    Extract text from text string

    I have a text string that looks like this: RRULE:FREQ=WEEKLY;WKST=MO;UNTIL=20190627;BYDAY=SA,TH I want to extract 1) the text in red which is essentially a date. After extracting it, it should convert into dd/mm/yyyy (06/06/2019) format. 2) the text in blue which are the days Any help is...
  8. T

    Best way to convert text date with VBA

    Hi all, I have a date that is being imported into my spreadsheet and comes as a long text that I want to convert to dd/mm/yyyy An example of how it is imported is this "Monday 3rd Jun, 2:10:40pm" What I want to do is get rid of the time and convert to just dd/mm/yyyy. Is there a way to do...
  9. M

    VBA code to copy and paste between sheets based on the selection criteria being a date

    Hi All, I have a spreadsheet that has several sheets; Sheet 'Calc_Sheet' contains a value in cell E1 which lists the last date of the previous month in the format dd/mm/yyyy and is formatted as a Date field - *dd/mm/yyyy. I have another sheet 'Previous Month' that has all the data of...
  10. I

    Advice to locate bug etc regarding date format in excel items

    Morning, My pc date format is set at dd/mm/yyyy In various worksheets i have codes relating to date. Examples 1,Double click on cell in column A i then see 04/02/2019 as opposed to 02/04/2019 2,On a userform a text box is shown as 05/04/2019 i then transfer data from userform to worksheet. The...
  11. I

    Not sure which code to use

    Hi, I had this in use the other day, TextBox2.Value = Format(CDbl(Date), "dd/mm/yyyy") I was told that the CDbI was not needed so i put this in use. TextBox2.Value = Format(Date, "dd/mm/yyyy") Looking through some of my code i see this pop up in a few places so the thing is do i need to change...
  12. P

    Mixed Date Formats in the same Column

    I have a big spreadsheet, some 750000 rows. In Column C I have dates. Approximately half of the dates in this Column are in dd/mm/yyyy format, the other half in mm/dd/yyyy format, I think. eg. 31/05/2012 then 01/06/2012 (appears as 06/01/2012 in the formula window) Any help to get them ALL...
  13. P

    Change month into date

    Hi all, Kindly require to provide me support so that to create a VBA code, by which should change in col. "A" the format of mm/yyyy into dd/mm/yyyy. e.g. 09/2018 should be 30/09/2018 10/2018 should be 31/10/2018 Thank you all in advance
  14. C

    Using IF to specify which type of cell i want to ignore

    I am currently working on a spreadsheet to show duration between several date/times displayed as DD/MM/YYYY HH:MM. I need to report on the difference between the Request time of a job versus its completion time. The only issue is, not all jobs have a requested time so i have some cells in that...
  15. D

    Force user to enter a valid date

    Hi, I have the below code. Is there a way to amend such that the user is forced to enter a valid date in the dd/mm/yyyy format (With the / included in between); Dim Ans As Date Ans = InputBox("Enter date in format dd/mm/yyyy") Range("A1").Value = Ans Thanks
  16. I

    Date shown is different to its code format

    Evening, I would like the date to populate TextBox1. I have used 2 different codes as shown here but both show mm/dd/yyyy and not dd/mm/yyyy TextBox1.Value = Date TextBox1.Value = Now TextBox1 = Format(TextBox1.Value, "dd/mm/yyyy") Here is the code in use. Private Sub...
  17. S

    Dates Switching from Form to Cell

    I have a form with 2 date fields which have some formatting options in the VBA code. When I put in a date like 10/08/2018 in the form... when it puts the date in to the corresponding cell on submission, it's switching the date to 08/10/2018. I've formatted the cells to dd/mm/yyyy and the...
  18. G

    Canot change format of a cell

    Scratching my head on this; I copied a date from the web 'Jul 3 2018' and when I try to format(excel 2007 PC) it in VBA to dd/mm/yyyy but it doesn't change. I even tried paste special: Selection.PasteSpecial Paste:=xlPasteValuesAndNumberFormats, Operation:= _ xlNone...
  19. G

    Pulling report from SQL

    Hello, i have the following code which runs ( slowly) to pull two reports from an SQL internet database, just seems to run slowly, have had timer on the last few days and it takes between 294 seconds and 684 seconds to complete. my problem is that when i use debug step through it only takes...
  20. D

    convert ASCI date to dd/mm/yyyy

    I've a spreadsheet where the date column is 04-APR-17. By replacing the - with a / and formatting as a date I can only get it to show 4/4/2017 in the formula bar. The field however shows 42829. I need it to be 4/4/2017 (dd/mm/yyyy) All help appreciated

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