1. R

    VBA to fill formula

    Hi all! I am in need of code that will fill in the below formula in E7:E5000 with a deactivate event. =IFERROR(INDEX(Instruments!$C$3:$C$40,MATCH(B7,Instruments!$B$3:$B$40,0)),0) Thank you!
  2. D

    Deactivate connectors from shapes

    Hi all :) Does anyone know a VBA code that would allow me to deactivate connectors from shapes. Here see an example Because what I would like is to turn the shapes at 180 degrees without moving the connectors. That's why I'm...
  3. S

    BeforeClose on a window?

    I have a board display using multiple windows within Excel spread across multiple monitors. During various events windows popup to show other information and when de-activated, the window is closed. This works like a charm until someone closes the window to deactivate it, in which instance the...
  4. T

    Row deactivate event

    Is there a rows deactivate event? When my users insert a row, I want to prevent them from moving to another row until the cell in the column A of the newly inserted contains a value. Thanks
  5. R

    Can an active page be deactivated?

    Hi all! In a worksheet where there are several pages active in Page Break View, is it possible to deactivate any of them even though there is information on them? Thank you! Russ
  6. C

    worksheet deactivate not working

    Hi I am trying to run this code to delete constants from column I when i leave a sheet. Private Sub Worksheet_Deactivate() Columns("I:I").Select Selection.SpecialCells(xlCellTypeConstants, 2).Select Selection.ClearContents End Sub The code runs fine using a button but if...
  7. gheyman

    Worksheet Deactivate Question

    I want to run a check before the user leaves the tab. Private Sub Worksheet_Deactivate() ' Range("D1").Select ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "=SUMIF(C[1],""parent"",C[9])" Range("D1").Select ' If Application.Range("D1") > 0 Then MsgBox "You or Someone has entered estimated...
  8. M

    Activate or Deactivate Object(This workbook) Macros

    Hello Guys Is there any module macros to activate and deactivate the macros in excel objects(Thisworkbook or sheet)? Private Sub Worksheet_SelectionChange(ByVal Target As Range) ActiveSheet.Range(Cells(ActiveCell.Row, 3), Cells(ActiveCell.Row, 25)).Select End Sub
  9. K

    Deactivate a Form Button or a Form OptionButton in Excel 2016?

    How can I deactivate a Form Button or a Form OptionButton in excel 2016? I have did many research on this, but everyone's solutions are either based on older versions of excel or on ActiveX... Right now, in order to simulate an object (and it's code) deactivation, I'm simply assigning them an...
  10. L

    Paste formatting on hidden sheet and deselect "paste" range without activating sheet?

    All, I've searched the interwebs and all signs seem to indicate that there's no way to remove the selection range on a hidden sheet if you copy and paste formatting only unless you activate the sheet, but I'm hoping maybe there's just some clever method I've missed. Here's what I'm doing: I'm...
  11. C

    !!!!! Tricky ----> Excel Dropdown menu function (super tricky!!!!)

    Hi experts, I have a sheets that contains drop down menus in every cell in column K that contain #s 1-8 . If I choose a number in the drop down menu I would like the flowing dd menus deactivate or disappear. Let's say I chose 3 in dd menu in K1 the dd menus in K2 and K3 are getting deactivated...
  12. J

    Code to Unhide All Columns Upon Deactivate Tab (when I change from tab 1 to tab 2, unhide tab 1 columns)

    Summary: I need to perform an action (unhide all columns) whenever I switch to a different worksheet. Detail: I have a file with 2 tabs (worksheets). Tab 1 contains daily data, and when people are done with the current week they group and hide the columns for that week. This allows them to...
  13. W

    Macro code to run "Deactivatesheet" macro except when the target = Specific sheet

    Heya, I'm certain there is a code for this but can't really seem to find it when looking, I'd like some sort of IF function at the top of my "Deactivate" macro that says If target = [Sheet Name] then 'Do "sweet FA" Else 'My macro Here End If Could anyone enlighten me on this, keep...
  14. D

    VBA: Save and Close vs Deactivate

    I have created a special worksheet template for filing new customer RFQs. When the required information is filled in, a submit button appears. When the button is pressed the document opens the log file, copies some info into it, and then saves and closes both programs. The problem is I have...
  15. R

    Deactivate option button and cell

    Hi friends, What I need to do is, - If fruits is selected in question 1, then automatically OptionButton3, OptionButton4 & OptionButton5 should get activated and OptionButton6, OptionButton7 and cell E9 should get deactivated (means user should be restricted to use them)...
  16. C

    Deactivating Windows Shortcuts

    Application requires users to enter data through a UserForm. Think of it as a Kiosk where the user can have a variety of computer skills. I'm trying to make it "bulletproof". My issue is with Windows shortcuts, like "Win + down arrow" which minimizes the application. Is there a way to...
  17. B

    Worksheet Doesn't Activate

    Excel 2003 VBA This is very strange asI am having 2 issues that may or may not be connected or indictative of an underlying issue: 1) I have a number of sheets each with code, some the same, some different, that are attached to the activate event. They tend to turn off...
  18. E

    How to run a Macro on Deactivating Sheet?

    I have a simple Macro I run on my sheets. I want it to run each time I Deactivate a Sheet but I don't know how to make it happen. Can anyone help? Here is the code **************** Sub Refresh_Page() ' ' Refresh_Page Macro ' ' Range("Q8:s8").Select Selection.AutoFill...
  19. B

    Stop combobox_click code running when the code changes the value

    Hi, I have several combo boxes with varible lists of data; modifiying combobox1 causes the list in combobox2 to be updated. The problem I have is that when the code from combobox1 updates combobox2 I finish with the line below (this line just makes the combobox2.value equal the first value in...
  20. O

    Detect user moving to another worksheet / screen updating

    In Excel 2002, I'm looking for a way to detect when a user has tried to move off a current sheet and if so trap that event to run code before the user is taken to that next sheet. I've tried using the deactivate event and it seems to display the next sheet before firing the deactivate event...

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