1. N

    Data Transform, Problem with delimiter

    Hello Community, I encounter one problem with excel. When I export table from csv I have a delimiter semicolon, but it doesn't work. I found solution. If I would go to Power Query Editor - Split Column by delimiter and then change Delimiter from % to ; it will work, but how to change it...
  2. R

    Text Between Two Delimiters?

    Hello, I have a mess of a formula that I'm having trouble figuring out where I'm missing arguments. I also wonder if this is the best/easiest way to accomplish this. I want to return the text between two delimiters, the first "~", and then "^_^". In the below sample Data, I want to it to return...
  3. M

    Extracting text string from cell with no delimiters

    Hi See sample data: ABCDEFGHIJKL1Product CodeOrderOrdered PartsIntended...
  4. V

    Unicode delimiter vb6

    Hello everyone, although is not visual basic 6 forum here, i am sure i can find solution for my problem. I saw similar thread there, but for some reason that method doesnt work for me(maybe im doing something wrong im not sure). It's about that i wrote data arrays at the end of the exe with...
  5. A

    Macro to export pipe seperated data ( Skip rows )

    Can anyone help me adjust my macro. I just need it so that any rows with Value 'Q' in Column A are skipped and not exported to the pipe seperated sheet ? Thanks. Alex Public Sub CharacterSV() Const DELIMITER As String = "|" Dim myRecord As Range Dim myField As...
  6. L

    Split by delimiter question

    I have looked at other questions but haven't quite found the answer I need. I have a column with data in it split by delimiter ; 1;4;10;23; etc.. each row could have anything from 1 to 26 items in that column all split by delimiter I have 26 columns set up to take the data one column...
  7. S

    VBA to Automate the Delimiter

    I'm attempting to find a solution to automate the delimiter and I've scoured the forums and internet to no resolve and was hoping I may be able to find an answer here. Right now I am having excel generate a barcode in the example format of "11D*122*1", each identifying number is split by the...
  8. E

    Excel Question: Line Split / delimiter on an empty row

    0 Example : I have a single cell (yes, single cell) that contains all this information. +---------+ | ghijkl | | aededd | | | | ededed | | ededfe | | | | efefeef | | efefeff | +---------+ Is there anyway I can split this into 3 cells ? +---------+...
  9. J

    Splitting a cell by delimiter with formula. Warning: 312 splits needed for this.

    Hi! I can't seem to find a way to split cells in Excel using formulas (I need it to be dynamic, so I can't use the built-in splitter). What I have is up to 8 rows and 39 columns put into one cell. It's easy enough to get them spread out when I get them split up, but I can't split them. I can't...
  10. Belair58

    Graphing from a $ delimited txt file

    Hello, I'm outputting a delimited txt file using $ as my delimiter from SQL server. This file will be output once every 5 minutes. I'm wanting to graph this data on a continuous basis. I'm trying to link it through Data / From Text/CSV, but it doesn't give me the option to choose the delimiter...
  11. Hawks18

    Custom List for Sort Order - Using Sorted Values w/ Commas

    So, I've got a unique scenario that I can't figure out and doesn't seem to have been solved elsewhere yet. Excel allows users to create "Custom List" data for sorting cells - unfortunately, these lists are inherently delimited via commas and it seems to be non-negotiable. Ordinarily, it...
  12. B

    Leaving empty cells if output is blank with a macro

    I have the following macro. Everything is ok with it, I just need to leave empty cell if there is no output (no values/numbers). Is it possible to do this? Can I get some help, please? Thanks. In the current code, if there is an output in the cell (eg 6), thats ok. but if there is no output...
  13. M

    Delete entire row if Colunm contains number between two values

    I have a table with product codes in Column H. I run the macro below to delete rows with product codes that I do not want to track. This bit of code uses and array to delete rows that are not in the array. It works without problems. Dim FirstRow As Long Dim LastRow As Long Dim...
  14. S

    Extract Numbers from Formula to Columns

    What formula will extract numbers from a formula using any operator as the delimiter? For example: <tbody> Invoice Amount Product 1 Product 2 Product 3 =4384+89463+9876 4384 89463 9876 </tbody> The invoice amount has a formula that is auto populated from our system and I want to...
  15. D

    how to use split function with unicode delimiter

    Hi, I have an excel sheet with comma separated Arabic values. The Arabic comma is Unicode U+060C , how would I specify a unicode delimiter in the VBA Split function? Thanks David
  16. H

    Copy rows based on a delimiter in each column

    I have a requirement as below: Each row might have multiple data (comma seperated). Based on comma as delimiter, I want to have those many rows inserted below and each row should have one color and one data combination. Can someone please help me on this. In the below example,where Red has 3...
  17. F

    how to extract data between first and 2nd last delimiter.

    Hi All, I would like to know if there is an excel formula to extract data in the middle between first and 2nd last delimiter. I have a sample data as below. device_hostname1_rootvg_lun1_1_vol device_hostname1_vgDBapp_lun397_1_vol device_hostname1_vgDBbkp_lun398_1_vol...
  18. Dr. Demento

    Edit character AFTER delimiter and then delete delimiter

    I'm trying to adapt a function that currently uses Range.Characters and replace it with something that can be done in array. I had some ideas but it doesn't appear they were feasible. I did have one thought that I think is doable but I need some direction. I pose my myriad of questions here...
  19. I

    Text to column by multiple delimiter characters?

    Is there a way to split text to column using multiple delimiter characters?
  20. bencar

    General Formatted Numbers Refuse to Format into Dates

    I got dates on excel in general format form. I want to format them to actual dates. I tried formatting them as dates but they stay the same so it doesnt work. I read about delimiter but I tried it and that doesnt work either or maybe I'm not doing it right. ANyway here are the dates: 31.03.14...

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