dependant combo box

  1. R

    Dependant combo box (country and city case)

    Hello, I need help in a very simple schema in a userform. What i need to do is to set up 2 comboboxes, the first one shows the countries, and the second one shows the cities of the countries above. (I want the correct cities to show up when i select the country above) I have just 2 countries...
  2. C

    VBA User Form Combo Boxes Dependent on a category

    Not sure if I use a list box or combo box but I want a macro to call a userform which has a list of the categories in this table. It places the major category in a cell, then another message comes up asking for the item which is dependent on the category. Say for example, if the user selects...
  3. R

    Combo Box Value depend on checkbox and TextBox - USERFORM

    Hello Everyone, I have a userform in which i made two combo box, below are the name's ComFruits_Change() ComVeg_Change() Both combo box having informations like below: Private Sub UserForm_Initialize() ComFruits.AddItem "Apple 1" ComFruits.AddItem "Apple 2 "...
  4. T

    Updating database using userform dependent combobox selection (VBA)

    Hi all, I am new to post on this forum, but I have referred to this site on various occasions. Am also a VBA illiterate but I have some how made my Userform work. So here's my question. How can I update the database using the form which has dependent combo box selection? - I have created...
  5. H

    Validation Dependent List

    Hi Team, I am looking for depended list in excel validation, can anyone please assist me on this...what formula should I use in validation list... Input: <colgroup><col style="width:48pt" span="2" width="64"> </colgroup><tbody> Grade Products A Aproduct B...
  6. G

    Dependant comboBoxes in UserForm

    Ok wonderful people. I have a sheet where I'm keeping track of ticket sales. There are a large number, and wide variety. They fall into 3 categories, H, T, and D. The userform has a number of text boxes and combo boxes. One of which, I'd like to have dependent on the one before it. It saves...
  7. V

    To dynamically display Text based on dependent combo box selection on a Button click

    Dear Experts, Am looking forward to get clarified on a excel vba macros code. Below is my actual requirement, 1. I will have 3 combobox (Which everything is inter dependent --- Combobox2 is dependent on Combobox1, Combobox3 is dependent on Combobox2) 2. I will have a textbox created at the...
  8. B

    Combo Box Dependent Drop Down

    I know the easiest way to do a dependent drop down is with Data Validation. However, the options in my lists are too long to use this (unfortunately, I cannot make them shorter.) I need to be able to create a 2 dependent drop downs (total 3 that cascade depending on the selection.) I was...
  9. V

    Clear Dependent ComboBox

    Hi, I have created a userform with 3 dependant combobox and they work fine except when user changes value of the box. They pop up with error "Invalid Input Value”. "TeamComboBox" is 1st selection Box that determines value for "ThreadComboBox" and similarly "ThreadComboBox" determine value for...
  10. S

    How to link or pair individual values in two different combo box in a user form using VBA code??

    Dear Experts, I am struck up here again. I thought some one else may have the same requirement so Im posting here for your help.I am using Excel 2007. I have a user form to create a data base of values. There are 4 combo boxes in my user form. Situation: Let us consider them as Combobox1 to...
  11. O

    Filter combo box based on cell value (or another combo box, or list, or anything else)

    Hi Guys, I have searched and not found the answer to this because my sheet has to use comboboxes and CANNOT use data validation - too much else is dependent on the combobox at the heart of this (plus the information in the comboboxes are set not to print out - it would ruin the form if they...
  12. D

    Cascading Comboboxes from Control Toolbox

    Hi I've spent ages trawling the net looking for an answer to this but am not having any luck pinpointing exactly what I want. I want to set up 2 combo boxes - the list displayed in the second being dependant on the item selected in the first. The first combo box refers to a dynamic range...

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