1. C

    Running VBA Code from Excel to delete a Rich Text Format from a Word Document Dependent on A Dropdown Box in Excel

    Hi all, I am working on a project that uses a form I have created in Excel to populate Rich Text Formats in a word document in order to streamline report generations. I have almost completed the project but I have ran into a problem I can't seem to figure out. I am fairly new to the VBA...
  2. J

    Dependent data validation question

    Hi all, i feel like i've watched a million youtube videos and read a million articles and they all seem sooo similar to what i'm trying to accomplish, but i just can't quite get there... Here's the situation; Excel 2016, will be a shared workbook so no tables allowed, workbooks will likely have...
  3. A

    Dependant Drop Down lists without a macros - how to reduce the file size

    Hello I've created a dependant drop down list in Excel to aid user entry but the size of the file is worrying. Empty it is 300KB, when I add my data in (around 6,000 rows) it goes up to 600KB. I could get around 100 responses (via email) that I would then need to attach to the relevant record...
  4. D

    HELP with INDIRECT formula

    Hello Can anyone support me and figure out why the formula below is not working? What I want is for the formula to work, dependant on what value is entered in cell O2 on a worksheet =MODE(INDIRECT("C"&ROW()-o2)&":"&INDIRECT("C"&ROW()-1))
  5. G

    Unhide specified number of rows

    Hi, I am very new to VBA, so please be gentle. I am looking for some code that will unhide a specified number of rows, dependant on a Cell value. For Example, If "B2" states 2, then 2 rows will become unhidden, starting from row 2 inclusive (2:3). If "B2" states 5, then 5 rows will become...
  6. G

    dropdown list with criteria

    Hello, currently i am using the following recorded code to create a dropdown list Columns("ab:ab").Select With Selection.Validation .Delete .Add Type:=xlValidateList, AlertStyle:=xlValidAlertStop, Operator:= _ xlBetween, Formula1:="='SQ Hierarchy'!$A:$A"...
  7. B

    Copy certain cells dependant on cell value

    Good afternoon, Can you please help. I have a infrastructure fault spreadsheet, which shows all faults in my building. It has 2 tabs one named Fault and one named EWP. Within the fault tab, there is a column W which states if a job is over due "X" or complete "Y". In What I am after is to copy...
  8. E

    Data Validations Dependant Lists

    Hi, Could I possibly ask for some help on Data validation dependant lists I am trying to set up a dynamic dependant drop down list, but because my headers will change due to formula's elsewhere on the sheet, (lists outstanding orders) is there a way to still have the dependant drop down lists...
  9. sharky12345

    Custom Ribbon Items dependant on User

    Guys, Firstly, wasn't sure if this needed to be posted here or the general forum, so apologies if it's the wrong one but as it's related to Excel I guessed here would be ok.... I've been using the Custom UI Editor to add my own Ribbon menu items - this has been successful but now I need to...
  10. J

    Formula with tolerance & conditional formatting

    I am trying to add a formula which looks at 2 results, also a set tolerance. Should the second result be within tolerance of the first result then the cell would need to be formatted green or red dependant on within/outside tolerance. eg 1 result 1 - 15.96 result 2 - 15.92 Tolerance - 0.1 eg 2...
  11. N

    Goal seek Two dependant target values by two dependant input cells

    I have searched extensively for the above, but i cannot find a solution that is iterative and that satisfies the conditions. I have a value, x, in cell A1 and a value, y, in cell A2. Then i have a value, k1, in cell A3, and a value, k2 in cell A4. I want to change the value of x and y, to...
  12. T

    VBA rename sheet based on calculated cell value

    I already have VBA code using a "Worksheet_Change" event that works successfully to rename specific sheets in an Excel workbook once a value from a dependant dropdown list on the cover page "Sheet1" is selected. On the same sheet1 in a separate range "Y120:Y127" a formula concatenates the...
  13. sharky12345

    Use formula to change cell value dependant on another

    I've got this formula which updates a cell dependant on another - it shows either true or false dependant on the other value; What I'm trying to do is add a condition that will show 'true' if J26 is 'NTE' but I can't get it to work. The formula was on a worksheet sent to me, so not something...
  14. M

    Cell with list validation only required based on another cell

    I have a range (A1:A100) which has list validation requiring either R,L or T as the list. Blanks are not ignored here. I have another range (B1:B100) which has list validation requiring Bass,Bliab,Bequ,Prev,Pbas,Pexp,Pinc,Unex as the list. Blanks are ignored here. I would like to set it up...
  15. P

    VBA message box code - help needed

    Hi, i am trying to write some code in VBA that says when a button is click check if cell L49 is populated with the value yes then Cells L52,L55,L58 will each needs to be populated, if they are empty I need a message box to appear, if the Cell L49 doesn't say yes the script can end at that...
  16. C

    combo box dependant userform submit button

    I have this code: Private Sub sbmt_Click() Dim irow As Long Dim wb As Workbook Dim ws As Worksheet If NHdata.nhNme.Value = "JOHN" Then Set wb = Workbooks.Open("L:\NAMES\JOHN\JOHN.xlsm") Set ws = Worksheets("Data") ElseIf NHdata.nhnNme.Value = "GRANT" Then Set wb =...
  17. S

    VBA Macro that Shows and Hides Rows depending on User Input

    Good Morning All, I'm trying to write a macro that shows and hides rows on the click of a button. I have rows 33 - 51 - of which certain groupings need to show when a specific user input is detected. I was trying to make so that the selection was converted to a number (1/2/3/0) with formulas...
  18. David Kemp

    Count depending on instance?

    <tbody> Tony Yes Tony Yes Frank No Frank Yes Frank Yes Tony No Tony Yes Kate No Kate No </tbody> Hi everyone, I want to count how many times yes has occurred once for each person. For example, Tony has 3 yes's, Frank has 2, Kate none. I want another cell to...
  19. N

    Combining dynamic dependant drop down lists in a single result

    Hi, I'm not an expert in Excel, but I need to make a sheet to facilitate my work. I will describe the situation, so you guys maybe will see a different solution for my problem. I have a spreadsheet where I have different inputs, and new arriving every week (let's call it #Input1). I have a...
  20. O

    Filter combo box based on cell value (or another combo box, or list, or anything else)

    Hi Guys, I have searched and not found the answer to this because my sheet has to use comboboxes and CANNOT use data validation - too much else is dependent on the combobox at the heart of this (plus the information in the comboboxes are set not to print out - it would ruin the form if they...

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