1. R

    Allow Access to Hidden Sheets

    Greeting, I need to create a workbook which only has the first sheet visible to force the user to go through a process. On the first sheet I'm using the HYPERLINK function in conjunction with a VLOOKUP to create a variable hyperlink to multiple possible destination within the same workbook...
  2. R

    Moving data to new table with slightly different headings

    Hi, I am in the process of moving data from one platform to another. The source data contains some 8-9k rows with 20 colums. The destination will have the same amount of rows (I expect max 500 to be dropped as they are outdated). However, the fields (colums) in the destination are slightly...
  3. L

    Copy several cell values into another workbook based of the criteria

    Hello, Everyone Recently i want develop one code which it solve my problem for my excel book this code is about copy several cell values on one workbook to another workbook base of the criteria of cell there are two workbook here 1. source workbook name is Source and the worksheet name...
  4. K

    VBA Excel Code for User Select Paste Destination

    Hi. I have a source worksheet with 8 separate datasets. I want the user to be able to indicate which of the 8 datasets they want to copy/paste from this source worksheet into the destination worksheet. I can write a macro that will allow the user to indicate one, several or all eight of the...
  5. P

    Search for a value with two criterias

    Hello all! I have a project with a client and I would like a slick solution instead of what I usually come up with, which is bulky and slow. I am calculating a shipping price, where i have the zone and weight of the container. This held together with destination country should give me the...
  6. T

    Copy VBA Code From One Workbook To Another ?

    Hi all, does anyone know how to copy VBA code from one workbook to another using VBA code and then for that code to run in the destination workbook? The reason I need to do this is if the code is ran from the source workbook what its doing to the dates is quite bizarre however when its ran in...
  7. E

    VBA Index Match doesn't allow spaces?

    Context: I am trying to automate a task through a macro. I have a source file and a destination file and dumping in specific data from the source file onto the destination file. However, since the source file has a different table layout, I created a hidden sheet in the destination file to hold...
  8. P

    Add Data to table

    Hi. I am trying to add data from one worksheet to a table in another worksheet. I have so far come up with the following code, but this is causing the data to sit underneath the table, rather than be added to the next empty row. Can someone please help to guide me as to how I identify the...
  9. J

    Copy Select Cells in For Each loop - VBA

    I have macro that loops though a WS to find a value of Late in Column W. I copy that row to a new Sheet currently Called Destination Cells. Currently when the word "Late" is found the action is to copy the entire row to the Destination sheet. For this report I only need 6-8 Columns to be...
  10. H

    Format cell to be a hyperlink

    I have a cell which is referencing a cell in another worksheet, which contains an email address. The source cell formats properly as a hyperlink, but the destination (?) cell does not format as a hyperlink. Is it poissible to have the destination cell be formatted as a hyperlink?
  11. M

    Master Tracker - Summary Sheet

    Hello all, first time posting here! How can I modify this code to always look for the next available line? when I run this it just overrides whatever is already there. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated! TIA Sub add_diagnosticdeliverable() ' ' add_diagnosticdeliverable Macro '...
  12. A

    External Links not updating for closed files

    Dear All, I have got one excel (Destination file) file in which I have used SUMIFS function linked with another excel file (Source file). When I open the destination file and update links, instead of showing the amounts, it shows #VALUES . It will properly update only if I open the source file...
  13. M

    Need Code Modification

    Hello, I was wondering if someone could look at my code and let me know how to modify this so that when Excel cannot find an entry in the SOURCE workbook, it pastes a zero for the corresponding group/item in the destination workbook (DailyBugCount). Currently, it moves to the next item when...
  14. A

    finding all available routings/paths

    I will try to keep this a simple as possible. I have a sheet with a list of flights, the origin of the flight in column A and the destination of the flight in column B. I want to be able to type in an origin and destination in lets say cells F1 and G1, and have a macro determine all possible...
  15. J

    Table Destination (Pivot Table) VBA

    My pivot table doesn't have a specific cell as its table destination as it will depend on the last used cell. If my last used cell is G1, the table destination of the pivot table should be I1. Please help. I've been searching through the internet for over 5 hours now and I couldn't find anything.
  16. J

    Copy range with last row to another workbook

    I am new to VBA. I found a piece of code that I would like to modify to be more efficient. I have two workbooks. Workbook A - Source Workbook B - Target The code in Workbook B allows me to find and open Workbook A and copy the data to Workbook B. The method of selecting the data is to draw...
  17. A

    VBA, open concern folder directly and message display off

    I am using following code; Sub t() Dim sh As Worksheet, fPath As String, fName As String Set sh = ActiveSheet fPath = "ThisWorkbook.Path\Backup\" fName = Application.GetOpenFilename("Excel Files (" & fPath & "*.xlsb)," & fPath & "*.xlsb") Set wb = Workbooks.Open(fName)...
  18. S

    Issue with hyperlink formula when a space character is in the destination worksheet name

    I'm using the formula below to create a hyperlink to another worksheet in the same workbook. The formula parses out the destination worksheet from another cell (A12 in the example below) using the carat delimiter. The formula works perfectly as long as the destination worksheet does not...
  19. S

    Lookup multiple criteria problem

    Hi guys, i need help on what formula should I use on below data. I have two files that consists of hundred of rows, wherein I want to lookup the price from file 1 to file 2 that will meet the same destination. Example: For Part number AQ-123 (it has many destinations from file 1), but in file...
  20. K

    VBA text to column with destination in other sheet

    hi excel master I have a VBA code like this Application.DisplayAlerts = False bs = 17 For i = 19 To 100 Step 6 Set obj = Sheets("AA").Cells(32, i) obj.TextToColumns _ Destination:=Sheets("BB").Cells(bs, 6), DataType:=xlDelimited, OtherChar:="x" bs = bs + 1 Next the code above does...

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