1. D

    Detect fill colour in cells

    I have a conditional formatting that shades cells based on my criteria, however if the cell already as shading I want to leave it as is. How can I do this please? Thanks
  2. Roderick_E

    Detect if Reference Workbook is Open

    I've seen VBA solutions to detect if a reference workbook is open, but is there a formulaic solution without using a UDF? Thanks
  3. T

    Detect webpage refreshed before proceeding

    How can I ensure the extraction of data from a webpage has finished before proceeding to the next sub?
  4. J

    How to detect if user clicked the close button on a form...

    New to Access programming and I'm trying to find an equivalent Query_Close event to detect if the user hit the x in the upper right corner of a form. Found out how to disable it but not how to detect if it has been clicked. I'm sure it's pretty simple but I'm just not finding it out there.
  5. M

    VBA check length of cell value in a range

    Hi I have a requirement where I need to check the length of cell value in 2 ranges (eg. column A to Last row & column E to Last row) and also detect if a specific range in column is empty in about 60 files in a folder. length (column a) should be exactly 32 characters long length (column e)...
  6. P

    detect in each list the quantity of times of each formation was drawn.

    detect in each list the quantity of times of each formation was drawn exe = the formation = 0101000 = 15, was drawn 15 times make in each of the two columns to see formations that have not yet been sorteda note every week I'll update the list of draws...
  7. P

    detect in the front pair in each group of the corresponding 7 and its frequency

    please detect the front double of the pick3 and see the amount of each groups. Step 1, put the pickings of the pick3 in ascending order Step 2 separate the front pair. 3º detect in the frontal pair in which of the 7 groups 4º to see the frequency (quantity of each group)...
  8. O

    VBA - detect if text does not fit in the first merged cell

    I have text string that is produced from code that can vary from approx 250 words to 1000 words. In my sheet i have two merged cell areas. I need to detect if the text string is to big to show in the first merged area, if it is then it needs to split and the last viewable word and move the...
  9. C

    detect when a data validation drop down has been changed

    How do i detect when a data valiadation drop down selected and changed has been changed. Do I use activecell or target?
  10. A

    How to change cells format?

    There are many cells are "yyyy-mmm-dd" format in anywhere on worksheet, how to auto detect their change to "dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm" format using VBA?
  11. J

    Compare 3 column values wit other 3 column values?

    hi all i have this: 4 AA 100.67 1 FF 310.21 2 BB 210.56 3 GG 119.12 1 FF 310.21 2 BB 210.56 3 HH 119.12 4 AA 100.67 if you see, all 3 first columns exist on the other group... right Except 3 HH 119.12 and 3...
  12. E

    Detect if another program currently has access to application

    Hi all, Scenario: a Program is currently reading some informations from a workbook open in the Application. This may take some seconds. Is it now possible to detect in vba that this currently happens. Thanks Peter
  13. M

    Date Time Difference log

    Hi how to get the date time difference? Looking for a date time stamp which logs the date and time and returns the difference of any previous date and time. For example : Today 18/11/2017 9:52:42:21 AM - 12/11/2017 5:40:42:10 PM Just want to detect if a user tempered with system's date...
  14. J

    Convert COUNTIFS to Sum Product?

    So I have been try for the past hour or so to get this formula working but this is the best I could come up with =COUNTIFS('PASTE HERE'!$D$2:$D$1000000,A11,'PASTE HERE'!$J$2:$J$1000000,"Outbound",'PASTE HERE'!$I$2:$I$1000000,">0") is there any way to convert this to a sum-product or something so...
  15. K

    How do I detect if a certain table column has a certain filter activated?

    Hello everyone, I have a rather complex question... which is the following: I have a table column header called "Column1" which has the following filter activated through VBA: ActiveSheet.ListObjects("Table2").Range.AutoFilter Field:=.ListColumns("Column1").Index...
  16. M

    Opening on memory stick

    Morning all, I've designed a program to open a workbook on a memory stick however currently it has to be plugged into the E: is there any way for the program to detect which port the memory stick is in? Any help would be appreciated, Thanks in advance
  17. A

    Macro to select name in slicer

    Morning, Is it possible to use a macro to detect your username and then select that username in a slicer
  18. K

    Detect the color of cells in a column within a table VBA?

    Hello everyone, I would like to ask your assistance on a problem. I have column1 and column2 with the total of 20 cells each. I need a dynamic code in VBA that would calculate all blue cells in column1 * all blue cells in column because the order may not be the same. Also, how do I even detect...
  19. K

    Open Web page on a userform then detect when I click on a button on that Web page within userform

    Dear Experts, I'd like to run macros on a Web page but as far as I know this is not possible or quite difficult. So I want to at least imitate it. My idea: create a userform, show a Web page on it then detect if e.g. a button was clicked on that Web page on the userform. Then run a macro after...
  20. R

    Simple IF/OR statement doesn't detect cells

    The cells B7, C7, D7 denote the sides of a triangle. The following code should tell me whether the triangle is right or not. In "B7^2+C7^2=D7^2, B7^2+" it detects the cells B7, C7, D7, but after that none of the cells in "+D7^2=C7^2, C7^2+D7^2=B7^2" is detected and the B7, C7, D7 there look...

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