1. A

    Time Difference Not Being Calculated Properly

    I amtrying to get the value of the difference between two times with the code below. tdiff = ((CDate(Me.uf9a_tb_cend.Value)) - (CDate(Me.uf9a_tb_cstart.Value))) - 0.5 .Cells(drow, 5) = Format(tdiff * 24, "0.0") Me.uf9a_tb_cend.Value = "3:00 pm"...
  2. JenniferMurphy

    VBA: Stop vs Debug.Assert?

    What's the difference between Stop and Debug.Assert in VBA code? Thanks
  3. R

    Populate one cell with x if another cell contains data/

    I need a formula for cell Q8 that looks at cell E8. If E8 ispopulated, place an x in cell Q8. If itmakes a difference, cell E8 has a formula that reads from another tab withinthe same spreadsheet. Thanks in advance
  4. D

    Taking the difference between dates in a table that can be filtered

    Hello, Iam trying to calculate the days between failures in column E. My goal is to beable to take the difference between the respective date in column A and get thedifference between the date previous cell. Theproblem I am running into is being able to do this considering I want to beable to...
  5. D

    deleting rows above

    hello im trying to make a macro so that if the "raw data" tab has more rows than the "calculations" tab, more rows will be added according to the difference. if the opposite is true, then delete the rows above....here's what I have so far, but the resize propert doesn't work with negative...
  6. I

    Datedif with if statement

    Hi Guys I am trying to write a formula to get the number of days between two dates , i also want to state if both dates dates are the same then return value 1 else o bring back the difference I have created the date difference formula below how can i add an if statement to return 1 if dates...
  7. E

    Pivot Table Data Model Using Difference From

    I have a pivot table with clients ("Client") and dates visited ("Date"). In the Rows I have Client and below that Date. In the Values field I have Date and formatted it to be Show Values As - Difference From - [previous]. Works fine. However, doing the same set up when the same table is...
  8. T

    Formula to calculate working hours

    <tbody> Date 1 Date 2 Difference 21/01/2019 08:45:03 <colgroup><col width="155" style="width: 116pt; mso-width-source: userset; mso-width-alt: 5668;"> <tbody> 1/22/2019 11:01:27 AM </tbody> </tbody> Hi, I need some help I trying to create a formula between two date /...
  9. S

    Help with Nested IF

    I have someone that doesn't need to make a payment until after they reach $15,000 year to date. However, if they reach it within a month, I need to only charge them the difference, and then every month after needs to be what they actually owe. I am trying to figure out the formula where these...
  10. S

    Excel file on shared drive - different formula results

    Hi, i have an Excel file here on shared drive when i view the file on my computer with all the formulas i get the Report with correct values displayed, but when i view this on another Computer. the values Change and i get different values displayed, not very big difference but maybe 1-5%...
  11. C

    Calculate / vlookup

    If, vlookup calculation? Hi everyone, I'm trying to streamline a process where we compare the difference in prices (annually) on a spreadsheet without copying all the data onto 1 worksheet. We have a data extract (Columns A:L) with 2 work sheets in the extract (labelled current and last...
  12. P

    Subtracting two time inputs on a spreadsheet and performing a mathematical equation

    In Cell A1 I have text Start Time and Cell A2 I have text Now. Cell B1 contains the start time (manually entered) and cell B2 contains the NOW() function. Cell B3 subtracts the difference between cells B2-B1. All that works as expected. Now the issue, I need to take the difference convert it to...
  13. A

    Calculate the difference in minutes of 2 rows

    Hi experts! I'm new to the Power BI world and I have a job to do, but I can't find the way to do that... If you could guide me, would be great! I need to obtain the time difference in minutes between a row and the one that follows. I would like to use the field "DATE" to calculate and maybe...
  14. N

    Excel Sheet Calc vs Workbook Calc

    Hi, May be obvious but I have noticed in a file I'm working in, if you do a sheet calc (Shift+F9) the check that is built in is zero. However if you do an F9 calc, i.e. the whole file, a difference appears even though nothing has changed. My guess is something to do with iterative calculation...
  15. V

    Help in Loan Amortization for 365 days calculation

    I took a vehicle car loan for $777,700 at 8.85% for 7 years. I used PMT and got a monthly payment of $12,453. The bank has a payment of $12,473 I inquired the bank why the difference and they said it was the difference between 360 days vs 365. I don't know what is this. How do I calculate it...
  16. P

    Comparing 2 columns, looking for difference

    Hello, I am trying to compare 2 columns of data and looking for the difference in column A in relation to data in column B. For example, A...........B 6610 164513 6610 164513 6520 164513 I want to identify the row that has 6520. Hope that makes sense. How do I write...
  17. J

    Difference between ACCDB vs ADODB database

    What is the difference between an ACCDB database and a ADODB database. I use Access 2016. My current database is ACCDB. How can I convert it t ADODB.
  18. H

    Calculate the difference between multiple calendar data

    I need to find out the result of difference between multiple calendar data. For example I need to calculate in years, mont and days the sum of column C A1 B2 C3 01.08.1997 10.08.1999 2 years and 9 days...
  19. P

    For each set of unique entries in column A, find the difference of 2 values in column B

    Hi everyone, We have the below table with around 3000+ rows and we would like to create a VBA script that will find the difference of the oldest and latest date in "TIMESTAMP_LONG" column for every unique entry in "INSTANCE_ID" Please help. Thanks in advance Regards Raghav <tbody>...
  20. C

    Nested IF/And/OR function with multiple conditions

    Hi, First time here. I have a query with dates and if functions. Not sure if this is possible but need some guidance to see if this is actually possible with so many conditions; <tbody> If the date in G is sooner than J than this field should be the difference of the 2 dates in days * D...

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