different workbook

  1. O

    VBA Lookup from 2 different tables (in different sheets from a single workbook) to make logical conclusion and print result in cell

    Hello, I have quite a challenge here .. I am trying to lookup multiple values from 2 different tables from different sheets in a single workbook (different from the one I am applying VBA to) I wrote this code from scratch but the from so I apologize in advance for the obvious errors or...
  2. D

    Copy data to another workbook based on search results

    Hi I'm new here, I'm Debbie and hoping to get some help with a holiday and sickness planner I have been creating. I am looking for a way to copy data from one worksheet to another in a different workbook (I'm using Excel 2010). I have identical column headers in two worksheets, columns D...
  3. M

    Populate userform with values from different worksheet

    Hi All, I have a userform with several textboxes which I would like to populate using the values on another workbook. The workbook I want to pull the values from is located here: C:\Users\MWa\Desktop\VBA Test" & txtCDNumber.Value & ".xlsm" I would like the above file to be opened in the...
  4. U

    Ignoring a read only in a different document

    Hello, I have two excel documents that I use for project groups to document positive and negative experiences. The first document is a template for the project groups where they make their own copy and use it to enter information through a user form that stores the data on the document as well...
  5. R

    Code for Form to enter data in a different worksheet based on User name

    Hello Everyone, Can some please help me with a code to create a form that has multiple data entries. There will be a master file where the form will be present and based on the user selected the remaining data should populate in the specific excel file of the user. The headers are the same...
  6. S

    VBA to call WorksheetFunction from a different Workbook

    Hey guys, I'm running into an issue where I can't seem to get my VBA to perform the WorksheetFunction.Max on the correct worksheet's column. Here is the prototype for my subroutine so you can see what variables I have access to: Sub FindExtremeValues(ByVal fileNum As Integer, ByRef fileName...
  7. M

    Vlookup a different file work book that updates daily

    Hello, I am having some troubbles. I understand the v look up function. I am having trouble making a v lookup to a complacently separate file then the file I am working on. the trouble is that the file I want to v look up is updated 2 two times a day from our online portal. How do I make it so...
  8. C

    Populate userform combobox with dynamic range from different workbook

    Ok, I'm going to do my best to be short and sweet, but I've explored so many options I feel crazy right now... I have successfully used named dynamic ranges to populate the comboboxes in my userform, and they work beautifully...until I try to use one from a different workbook. I've tried using...
  9. M

    Copy data from another workbook

    Hi, I want to create simple excel report for that data will be copied from different workbook, but i want to copy specific columns from each workbook. data will be match based on column names and will be pasted accordingly For ex. Report file column names are A:Name B:DOB C:Last Name...
  10. S

    Macro for checking if a value exists in a different workbook and adding it if it is missing

    Hi there. I would like to have a macro designed. I have 2 workbooks, one having latest information and the other having the information in database already. both workbooks have 26 columns each. I would like to check if a value that exists in Column A of the "latest-information" workbook also...
  11. D

    Set a range = to array in different but open workbook

    Hi guys I can't figure this one out. (I'm a novice) I really want to learn to use arrays to and from ranges because it will be much faster than the looping methods I currently use. I searched the forum but see nothing exactly like my problem. The code I pasted is part of one of my procedures and...
  12. G

    VBA copy data from one workbook to anotherworkbook

    I need to copy data from workbook a starting at line 2 and paste to workbook b starting at line 3. I would really like your advise please I have been trying to piece together other answers to get my answer but am failing :)
  13. A

    MS Excel macro to copy only specific columns

    Hello everyone. :) I need your help in building a macro that would allows me to copy specific colums from one workbook to another workbook. The first worksheet consists of Column A until Column DJ. A lots, rite. :stickouttounge: Of all of these columns, I just want to copy Column C, D, &...
  14. D

    Hyperlink a worksheet in another workbook

    I have the following code: For i = 15 To 19 'Column A c.Offset(0, 0).Value = strFileName '-- strFormula = "='[" & strFileName & "]" & strSheetName & "'!" 'Column C c.Offset(0, 2).Value = strSheetName Dim n As Long, curtsht As Worksheet Set curtsht = ThisWorkbook.Worksheets("SUMMARY")...
  15. L

    Refer a cell with different workbook - lil Tricky...

    Hi, I have a Main excel file contains data like below - Main File - <TABLE style="WIDTH: 330pt; BORDER-COLLAPSE: collapse" cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width=440 border=0><COLGROUP><COL style="WIDTH: 82pt; mso-width-source: userset; mso-width-alt: 3986" width=109><COL style="WIDTH: 83pt...
  16. M

    Copying data from several sheets into different workbook

    Hi all, I'm struggling with some basic VBA. I would like a macro which can copy data from up to 12 sheets into a different workbook. I have made a workbook called: "Copyark.xls" with two sheets: "Input" and "Output". The "Input"-sheet contains the macro I would like some help with + The...
  17. S

    Simplify copy data to different worksheet

    Hi All I am new to macro's and therefore not sure how to do this quicker. I found the following macro in another post that is very similar to what I want to do, however when I copied it over it takes a while to complete. Is there a simpler way to write this. The revamped version of the macro...
  18. O

    Copy values between ranges with the same name in different workbooks

    Hi, I am trying to copy just the values from one range in one file to another file with the same range name, I wonder if this is at the origin of the "subscript out of range" error message I get. Here is the code, where it stucks is in red: Sub UpdateToFinalFile() Dim ws As Worksheet...
  19. B

    Calendar Problem

    This challenge is a real whopper: not for the faint of heart I work as a marketing intern at NBC Universal in <st1:city w:st="on"><st1:place w:st="on">London</st1:place></st1:city>. I was recently tasked with creating a calendar of the earliest international release dates for our DVD titles...
  20. M

    vlookup from one workbook to another

    This is my first post - sorry it's so long. Hope it makes sense. I have to validate the data entered into our database by about 30 staff (officers) in 6 units (teams). To do this the data is exported to a workbook called Complaints.xls. Another workbook (Teams_Master.xls) opens this and runs...

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