1. S

    Reformatting Margin Data with calculations

    I have put together a very small sampling of test data to show what I am trying to accomplish, but am not 100% of how to go about putting this in action. We have a list of owners that pay a certain percent of margin of sales as a royalty payment. Which if it were just left at that it would be...
  2. C

    Totals by categorized sheets

    Hey, so i've been trying to figure this one out for a fair bit and have been really scratching my head. I've got a workbook containing multiple sheets of reporting, each one follows the same format, something like this USERNAME NONRELEVANT HEADER NONRELEVANT HEADER SECTION SCORE SCORE...
  3. J

    Outputting time correctly when using IF statements

    Hi, i might me missing something simple here but i have the following: =IF($A1="Day1","08:00:00",IF($A1="Day2","09:00:00",0)) Now this outputs as strings which makes it difficult to use in calculations How can i output the 08:00:00 and 09:00:00 as proper time values ? Thanks
  4. S

    Comparing 2 Lists and using Vlookups with multiple rows.

    https://drive.google.com/open?id=1TfqRi0g6FwDCY0iNOfVWOyLhAXgBPygR I'm trying to write a VBA sub to look up the value of two references on different sheets. The problem I've got is the value being looked up has entries in more than one row which I believe is difficult for this command. I was...
  5. L

    Moving cells and creating columns according to a criteria in another cell

    Hi friends, :biggrin: I have to create a macro (or a formula) to do the following: I need to get the supplier name when it appears on the below cell and transport to the same cell of the part number, adding new columns for them. Column A --> is a structure index (not really important here)...
  6. L

    What it takes and how to be Excel MVP

    Hi Not for me, but I am just curious to know so I can sense what it takes to be MVP. How many hrs they spend each day on excel/vba etc. What was the most difficult things before you became MVP. How long it takes to master excel and/or vba before becoming mvp.
  7. L

    interactive userform (read/write)

    Hi I want to learn how to make simple interactive form like the one below which can upload data from excel sheet to the form if user entered an existing ID# or if the ID is not existed then that would be a new record to be added to the form. ExcelEasy website has the code but I have found it...
  8. S

    Writing VBA for Inserting Text in a multiple cells.

    I want to insert in a cell a text "Saturday" and "Sunday" but I find it difficult to find the pattern inserting it. Thank you for your help.
  9. N

    Replace text to left of "\"

    I'm needing help replacing the text to the left of the first \ from the right. example: \\jaja\aaa\hhhh\jias.par replaced with a:\aa\aaa\jias.par Where it becomes difficult is the string of text to the left and the right of the last \ varies in length
  10. M

    why doesn't vba have a min/max function?

    Why is it so difficult to just add this to the library?
  11. R

    offset SUM ranges

    I need to offset a number of SUM ranges, which look something like this: =-SUM(FS!C79:C80,FS!C82:C85,-FS!C81) I can obviously offset each reference in the formula, something I tried with a simpler range: =-SUM(,OFFSET(FS!B76,,FS!$B126):OFFSET(FS!B77,,FS!$B126)) but it is a bit messy and very...
  12. N

    Concatenate for n Number text, if my condition matches more than twice

    Hi all, could anyone please help me to sort the below question. A table contains List of project, Benefits and complexity and another table contains Headings and rows as Complexity and Benefits how could i get ans like in the table 2: For Eg: Table 1: Projects Benefits Complexity...
  13. C

    Formula needed to count repeated data based on criterias

    Hi I need a formula that will count how many styles I am carrying per brand. The table array where I hold my data is shown below, cells A-D. Cell B states the name on the style, cell A is the size breakdown for that particular style. Cell C shows the brand attached to that style Cell D is...
  14. C

    Urgently need solution, too tricky for me

    Sorry the first post was messed up... I have used match function to compare cell A:A to cell E:E, if there's a match cell D displays either true or false. Where there is a match I want the name of that product from cell A to appear on another page. So A...
  15. N

    Rearranging cells to create a organized database

    <colgroup><col span="5"></colgroup><tbody> Hi, I'm starting to work in a project and I know a little of BA, but I really need to do this macro in order to save hours of work a week. So I'm really thankful if someone can help me. I have to analyze some data from the prices of food. Week to week...
  16. E

    Create a dynamic rolling trailing 7-day average that auto updates

    I am creating a dashboard and I want it to automatically create a 7-day trailing average based off the the =today() cell that it looks up on. So I have the raw data in a sheet that has the data by day: <tbody> 8/1/2015 8/2/2015 8/3/2015 8/4/2015 8/5/2015 8/6/2015 8/7/2015 8/8/2015 People...
  17. K

    IF, Then Deduct Macro

    Hi All, I have an extremely difficult issue that I am trying to solve by using a Macro, but I'm not sure if this is beyond Macro capabilities! Currently, I have a macro for the below data, if Column B = 1 or 4 then replace data in Column C with Column D - then delete all of column D. This...
  18. H

    Macro takes 8 minutes. HELP!!!

    Dear all I'm currently working in a giant budget spreadsheet with lots of data. I have a macro that i need to run to update my numbers. My issue is that it takes 8 min for it to finish which is quite frustrating. Does any of you have the skills and will to see my macro through and see if...
  19. H

    Leading zeros after a "-"

    Hi All, I am trying to display leading zeros after a hyphen. for example 9999-"0"800. The zero inside the " " is the issue. I can't seem to find a format to get this zero to be displayed can someone please assist. Many thanks Harvey
  20. H

    IFERROR Statement

    Hi All, I have recently been doing some work on confidential files that contain a formula which needs developing and I am really struggling with this. Here is the formula that is currently used: =IFERROR(VLOOKUP(A21,[Publicat.xls]Service!$C:$K,9,FALSE),"No") What this formula does is take...

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