digital signature

  1. B

    How to digitally sign an Excel workbook via VBA

    Hi all, hope that someone will be able to help.. I am trying to find out if it is possible to apply a digital signature to an Excel file programmatically via VBA. At the moment, I am going around in circles trying to find an answer and getting nowhere fast. Little bit of background for...
  2. Z

    store signature

    hi can i check with you guys, am i able to store signature in a cell. For example, i store "Peter" signature in a cell. Then in a new sheet when i create a list ,i will want to use lookup function to extract "peter" signature. i know how to use the fuction. i just want to know is storing...
  3. btorrean

    Excel 2013 How to Add Digital Signature to VBA?

    Dear Forum, I have recently purchased a digital signature certificate to use with my Excel workbooks. My purpose is to digitally sign my VBA code. I am able to digitally sign the workbooks using the signature insert in the workbook ribbon, however, I can't sign the code from the VBA editor...
  4. B

    Digital Signature / Certificate

    I am looking for anyone who has had experience with Digital Certificates and Signatures. The end goal is that when an employee at the company I work for opens up a Excel xlsm, it auto Enables Content. I get there is a Trusted Location option, but I think a Certificate or Signature would work...
  5. J

    How to check details of a digital signature, e.g., who signed it?

    I'm trying to find out in code not just whether ThisWorkbook has been signed (by checking the .HasVBproject and .VBASigned booleans), but who signed it. After all, one of our clients might themselves get a certificate and sign one of our artifacts, so a security check based on just a signature's...
  6. M

    I need help with a Digital Signature macros

    Hello people, Ok, so recently I was asked to add a digital signature to our excel documents, but request specifically states that this signature must be like another file we use where there is a macros that inserts Something like this: <tbody> Approval from isy1214 at 11:14:18 a.m. 15/03/2017...
  7. austin397

    Use VBA to remove Signature or Get it to stop error message on save

    I have created an excel that is to be used as a template for my co-workers. I created a digital signature that is installed on all of the other computers that will be using the excel. I used a signature because I don't want to have every set their macro security to always allow the macros to...
  8. D

    Word VBA - shortcut keys suddenly triggering a rogue dialogue box

    I am reasonable familiar with VBA for Excel but new to Word VBA. I have cobbled together a couple of simple Word macros and assigned keyboard short cuts. These worked successfully for a while but suddenly for no reason I can discern the hot keys stopped triggering the macros and whenever the hot...
  9. N

    Assigning Digital signature to a macro

    I have created a digital signature with microsoft office tools. Now how do i assign to my workbook so that if i send it to someone, they use it without doing any settings.
  10. Y

    digital signatures

    Can someone explain to me digital signatures in laymen's terms? For example what is the difference between digital signature and digital certificate. And where does the "trusted publishers" come into it at the Trust Centre. And is this true you need to buy them from an external source? I have...
  11. T

    Trust Center Setting

    I have created a spreadsheet with macros. I have created a digital signature and have signed the VB code. I have distributed the spreadsheet to 30 people and have added myself as a trusted publisher to 28 of those computers. I have done this by opening the signed spreadsheet on their computer...
  12. E

    Unique Problem with Digital Signatures

    I have a self signed Digital Certificate (made using Makecert). I imported this certificate into TRUSTED ROOT CERTIFICATION AUTHORITIES and also into TRUSTED PUBLISHERS. When I try to sign my VBA Project using this signature, I get an empty Signature box. So I am unable to choose my...

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