1. R

    Automatic ENTER.

    Howdy, Column A has name. In column B I have a formula that lists all the names that contain the letter / letters entered in cell D2. I need a VBA code to display my name in column B without having to press enter after each letter entered in D2. Eg. I write a letter - let's say - the letter a...
  2. D

    IF/IF Not Statement Assistance

    I'm trying to figure out a formula that would return a value of "?" if a certain cell was not a group of numbers. Example: I want Cell A2 to display a question mark if the user does not enter the numbers 10, 15, 20, or 25.
  3. R

    If refering cell is empty, display 0

    I have this formula: =IFERROR(VLOOKUP($A20,'[Sep2018-VersionB.xlsx]Newsletters'!$B$3:$BZ$200,COLUMN()+14,FALSE),"") it works perfect if the cell being looked at has a value. If it doesn't, I'd like the destination cell to display 0. How do I modify my formula to produce that result? Thanks...
  4. L

    Having a Cell Display text related to a text value in another

    Hi Guys, Apologies for the horrendously worded title - I have list of about 40 names, and i'd like to use data validation to create multiple cells with a dropdown list with the ability to choose from all of the names. I'd then like the adjacent cell to automatically display the email address...
  5. M

    Excel 2016 crashing when 2nd display plugged in/out and when power supply plugged in/out

    Hello, I'm running the latest version of excel, with a spreadsheet that - contains a lot of calculations - has an RTD feed - uses add-ins The spreadsheet/excel crashes more often than I would like, and I am starting to notice it often happens when I: - plug a second display into the hdmi port...
  6. A

    Table Data

    Hello, I have a project and i am a excel noob so could use all the help i can get. I have figured out how to display table data in the "Current Week - 1" BUT i need at the same time to display the last 13 weeks prior to the "Current Week - 1". Thanks for any help
  7. W

    How can I take info from a cell and change it's format for a different cell?

    I have a cell that will display feet an inches as 10'0 or 7'0 and I need to take that information and display it in another cell in the exact format of 1000 or 0700. So I need to make sure the extra characters are included and the apostrophe is taken out. Is this possible? Thank you very much.
  8. M

    Changing Default Pivot Table Options

    Is it possible to change the default display for empty cells to '0' in a Pivot Table?
  9. R

    (VBA) Userform Number Ranking

    Good day! I have a Userform that pulls Number from excel and displays them in textboxes. I would like, within the Userform, to populate another textbox in the form of the largest number from the textboxes. For example, 3 userform textboxes display #'s Txt1 = 12 Txt4 = ABC Txt2 = 37 Txt5 = DEF...
  10. M

    Displaying Custom Templates

    Hi there! I noticed that when starting up Excel, along with the Blank Workbook option, there is a plethora of pre-made templates to choose from along with the option to search for more online. I was curious if it is possible to display and Pin your own custom-made templates on this screen as...
  11. S

    Constantly calculate and update the differences in a column of figures

    Hi, (I'm using Excel 2010) I have a column of figures that are being constantly updated from a source that the spreadsheet is connected to. (In Column C) In column D I want to display the difference when the figure changes compared to what it was previously, every time that it changes. ie...
  12. G

    Working Week Hours (Format Problems)

    Hi I having trouble when formatting cells to display the numbers hours that need to be worked for a shift pattern. The sum is simple (38 hours * 4) / 3 = 50.66 I want this to be displayed in hours and minutes format so it should display 50:40. What would be the correct format for this. I've...
  13. J

    writing Now() to a cell but hiding date format ?

    Hi, when i write date/time to a cell like this: Range("G2").Value = Now it outputs like: 19/09/2018 01:32:24 which is correct but im wanting it to display time only. I need the date for various calculations so cant just use Time() function. I can manually set format to hh:mm after writing to...
  14. R

    sum countifs, multiple criteria AND a less than date

    Hi, I have a list of items, with various status (open, closed, in progress, accepted ...) I also have a ' Last Actioned' date. I want to display a number which is a count of items with a subset of the status's (ie, "Open" and "In Progress" AND which have a last actioned date which is older...
  15. H

    finding text between two /

    Hello, I have a formula that finds text between the second / and third / Hello/Waste Sludge Processing/Sludge Pre Conditioning/Sludge Thickening/Thickener Stream/PRIMARY SLUDGE THICKENER so for this I have...
  16. D

    display text to the right of equal bar

    <tbody> I have this string of text, what formula could i have to display to the right of the text to the left of .job so it would display MVAK0-462-A0 < Ascii JobID = MVAK0-462-A0.job > </tbody>
  17. A

    Sum of cell range by manual option...

    Hello, I want to be able to manually change the "Count" and depending on that number, a formula in "Total" will display the sum results from the top down within Column L. My range is L4;L18. J K L 4 blah blah 175.00 5 blah blah 175.00 6 blah blah 50.00 Count: 2 Total...
  18. M

    Dynamic formula

    Hi all, I have an ever growing list of orders with the order numberbeing in column D. Sometimes an order will have 1 line, sometimes it may have10! What I need on a second sheet is a dynamic formula whichwill pick up all the order numbers and just display them once on this secondarysheet...
  19. T

    Display multiple worksheets in the same workbook at once

    Hello, A colleague of mine was using a workbook with multiple worksheets accidentally changed her workbook to show the contents of multiple worksheets side-by-side in one Excel window. She liked the result, but can't remember what combination of keystrokes caused it. Note, this is not the...
  20. D

    How do I display an message box if the date is in the past?

    When entering a date, how do I display a message box that asks for confirmation to continue if the date is in the past?

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