1. Eric W

    Suppressing zeros

    A frequent question on the forums is "how do I not display a zero?" There are several methods to do so, each with their own pluses and minuses. I will explain the various methods here as a guide, and the interested user can choose the one most suited to their situation. Consider this...
  2. K

    Change Office display language with VBA

    Hi Guys, Small issue yet annoying: I use Excel/VBA in different languages and I'd like a solution where I run a VBA code and display language updates automatically (let's say from English to German). I'm talking about this setting in Excel: I assume it can be done with some API or editing...
  3. A

    Match and Display Text

    <colgroup><col><col span="2"><col><col></colgroup><tbody> Eng1 Eng2 Eng3 Lowest Miles Eng 40 39 52 39 </tbody> I want to match the 'lowest miles' number to the three ENG numbers. When matched, I want to display the ENG1/2/3 under ENG
  4. 5

    Find previous quarter and display as Q3 or Q4

    ​Hi, I would like to be able to determine the previous quarter from the current date and display as Q2 or Q3 or Q4 etc.<o:p></o:p> <o:p> </o:p> I have the code to find and display the previous month (see below) but am unable to find a similar one for quarter. Thanks in advance.<o:p></o:p>...
  5. Trevor3007

    find many based on a certain criteria

    good evening, I hope someone can help me? I have a workbook sheet 2 contains lots of data.... I would like to be able to find anything on sheet 2 that contains a specific word ( ie Adobe) This would than display the data on sheet 1. A bit like vlookup, but vlookup as you are aware only picks...
  6. A

    Conditional format on multiple cells color/colour

    Hi, I have and excel sheet and I have several cells which have conditions set and change color/colour dependant upon the drop down list, but I need a cell to change upon the colour / color of the other cells (Overall) - so if :- No Red subcategories and no more than one Yellow subcategory...
  7. B

    Userform ListBox - Display a Tick if Condition is Met

    Is it possible in a ListBox that has its row source from a spreadsheet that it can display a symbol like a Tick if the value in the row source was the value "YES" for example ? I have a column that will only have the value YES or No and would like to display a Tick or Cross rather than the...
  8. N

    Concatenate multicoulmns but not display blank coulmns in the total formula

    <tbody> B C D E F 1 SURNAME FIRSTNAME MI GENQUAL CONCAT'D 2 DOE JOHN T JR DOE.JOHN.T.JR 3 DOE JANE DOE.JANE </tbody> I cant figure out how to write a formula to concatenate column B thru Column E, add a period after each column, but not display a period if the field is blank. In the...
  9. I

    IF X then display Range A in Range B

    hi, I'm looking for a formula to display a range of cells if condition is met. For example IF A1 equals to "test" then display range F1:G4 in range B1:D5. Any ideas? Thank you
  10. N

    Excel - Summing Up Totals based on a rolling dates

    Good Morning, I would like some help or advice with a basic excel spreadsheet I am to build. On a worksheet I have columns for week numbers and within each week number I am entering values. On another week sheet I have summary sheet where I want to display the current month's week number from...
  11. leopardhawk

    Need help with #VALUE! error

    Hello forum friends, Can someone please tell me why this formula is giving me the #VALUE ! error? "&TEXT(D36/(tax_tables!C39),"0%")&" The value in D36 is $1227.32 and the value in tax_tables!C39 is $1154.58. I want to display the result as a percentage. The formula is a smaller part of a...
  12. K

    Using Negative Percentages in formulas

    Hi Everyone, I’m trying to create a formula that uses both negative and positive percentages and doesn’t have any false statements. I would like it to be if cell G10 is >= -30% then G12 should display “partial response”, if G10 is <-30% then G12 should display “stable disease” or if G10 is >+20%...
  13. J

    Not Equal to, if statement

    This is super easy for the experts but I can't figure this out with 2 arguments If cell D9 does not equal "WI" or "IA" then return a 1 - otherwise display 0
  14. S

    Conditional hiding of many text boxes

    Hi all, I have very little coding expertise and have searched the web and the forum, but couldn't quite find the solution. I am trying to show/hide hundreds of text boxes based on their values. Use case: I have an image of a map (jpg), which includes 222 locations. Each of these locations has...
  15. diddi

    Combobox Text behaviour

    Morning All! I have a minor but irritating problem with UDF comboboxes. I need to display a long text item for user to have correct information in selection, but do not need to display it all after selection. my annoyance is that after selection the content is always displayed right justified...
  16. J

    Help creating a graph

    Hello I need help creating a graph, I have a photo of what I need - what is the best way to display a photo on the forum? Thanks Jay
  17. G

    Custom Date format and calculations

    Good Day I am trying to find a way to type and only indicate the number of years and months in one cell. This format must also then be used to calculate and end date for a contract term. I would like to be able to display the cell value as 9 y 11 m or 2 y 3 m etc... This must then be added to...
  18. D

    Cell recognize positive or negative value then adds certain texts to the 2 possibilities

    Dear professionals, when a cell result in ANY positive value, example such as "10%", I would like the very same cell to display as "Underestimate 10%" on the other hand a cell result in ANY negative value, such as "-5%", i would like the very same cell to display as "Overestimate 5%" Please...
  19. D

    Weekly Team and Individual Leaderboard

    Hello, I'm lost (per usual) and have searched long enough that I'm starting to go insane so my next step is to post my questions here. Our sales team is needing/wanting a leader board to not only monitor and display the individual sales but also the team (groups of 4 people) sales. So every...
  20. S

    Automatically selecting the Display Area

    I have a long list of stock option strikes, 130 in all. When the stock price moves up or down beyond the number of rows I can see in my display, is there a way to automatically center the display based on a specific cell (at-the-money strike)?

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