1. JenniferMurphy

    Display time in hours?

    Is there a way that I can enter a time value from a stopwatch as hh:ss and have it displayed as hours (hh.hh)? For example, I'd like to enter "7:45" in a cell and have "7.75" displayed in that cell. I know I can do it by entering the "7:45" in A1 and use a formula in B1 (=A1*24) to convert it...
  2. diddi

    Combobox Text behaviour

    Morning All! I have a minor but irritating problem with UDF comboboxes. I need to display a long text item for user to have correct information in selection, but do not need to display it all after selection. my annoyance is that after selection the content is always displayed right justified...
  3. M

    Help with VBA

    I am working on a spread sheet that in one specific cell(we'll say Sheet1 A1) I need it to display another cell on another page(Sheet2 B36). Thats easy enough, but then at each calculation I need the cell above the original cell that was being displayed to be displayed (so now its displaying...
  4. W

    Displayed date difference starts counting from one day again whenever a date difference exceeds one month

    I'm trying to calculate the date/time difference between two cells, to be displayed in days, hours and minutes. Right now, if I simply use <code><code>=A1-B1</code></code> The cell displaying the difference has the following custom formatting: <code><code>d "days" h "hours" m...
  5. C

    VBA Code - Delete Columns

    Hi all, I have some coding that I am using which neatens up a report that I pull from my work's system. What I want is some VBA code that auto deletes any rows where "Pending Failure" is displayed in column E. All data in Column E though is formulas in each cell (apart from the header)...
  6. D

    Selecting an Item From a Drop Down List on a Webpage

    Hi, I am on a webpage where there is a dropdown list to identify the applications to 'Download To'. When I manually select the 'Microsoft Excel (XLS)' option (which happens to be the first in the list), then the 'Dates From' and 'Dates To' input boxes are then displayed. However, when I...
  7. S

    Convert and display feet, inches and fractions in excel

    Hi folks I understand there are several forums on this or similar but I am having a nightmare with it. I have values displayed in decimal feet which I have converted to metres with no issues, but I now have to display this in inches and fractions as well as feet, inches and fractions. I have...
  8. N

    Comma Seperation issues: Numeric values are completely displayed differently

    Hello OMG What i face now is when values displayed in formula bar as 200600 it displays as 200,600 in cell instead of 2,00,600 ie incorrect comma placement Following values 4,14,180 to display as 4,14,180 it displays as 4104,180 3,18,600 to display as 3,18,600 it dispalys as 3108,600 17676.40...
  9. J

    File Location No Longer Displayed Under File Name on File/Info Page

    Morning, I'm hoping the title of my post explains my questions. If not, maybe my attachment will. In short, on older versions of Excel the location of the file used to be displayed under the file name. Knowing that helps me to decide if I want to click "Save" or "Save As". Small issue, but...
  10. P

    Formula to show multiple text from cell

    Hi all, I have the below text which I have imported from a text file into Sheet 2, Cell A28. I would like to extract parts of the text into Sheet 1 as below. The X, X_2, Y, Z, Z_2 are axis of a machine and will never change. The numbers after will change. From other posts I think I might need...
  11. H

    Percent (%) displaying on linked sheet on one PC but not on another

    I have a workbook, where I have several sheets that links to items on sheet 1 Sheet1 contains values as well as percentages The values and percentages are displayed correctly on the linked sheets on My PC, but the percentages are displayed as values on the linked sheets when copied on to...
  12. NewOrderFac33

    Erasing cells in a filtered database

    Good afternoon, I am filtering an Excel database on column A, within a For Each loop using a list of unique Column A items located on another worksheet. This all works fine and results in one or more rows being displayed for each item. Column AB always contains the same value for each filtered...
  13. N

    To check the Textbox Value in combobox. Split its value from combobox and Range address to display in Another Texbox

    Hello I get the Names and its range displayed in combobox with below code, want to check if the Name typed in textbox1 should however match the name in combobox with msgbox displayed "Exists" and its range displayed in another Textbox eg. Textbox2 I am unable to get the Range Address in Textbox2...
  14. A

    Improper Month Being Displayed In ComboBox

    This line of code is not giving me the rsults I expect. .uf1_month.Value = Format(usr_mnth, "mmm") usr_mnth = 4 Expecting the value of combobox uf1_month to be "Apr" but it's being displayed as "Jan" Corrections?
  15. V

    Pivot- Multiple Selection Data Validation

    I have created a tracker which allows mutliple selection of items for a given cell. However when I run a pivot on that worksheet What I require is for these items to be displayed independently. However they appear clubbed together in the pivot. Makes it difficult to create a dashboard and...
  16. M

    VBA print with predefined workbook name in PDFCreator

    Hello, I am working on solution that will help to manage huge amount of prints. Those prints are triggered with macro loop depends on number of data. So when there is 100 prints, all prints are displayed in PDFCreator as current workbook name title. What I want to accomplish is to change or...
  17. S

    Getting Row number of Each Date dispalyed (Between fromDate and Todate) in Few columns of a range ?

    Hi Will it be possible to get the Row number of Each Date dispalyed (Between fromDate and Todate) in Few columns of a range ? My dates are displayed in column A, C, E, but in columns A, C, E there could be similar dates, Condition 1 if similar dates in same row of column A C and E then to...
  18. M

    IF and ProductIF Functions

    Hi, I need help with this simple calculation in Excel that I am having difficulty with. I have tried couple of formulas so far and nothing is giving me the correct answer. The formulas are displayed in "MyProduct#1" and "MyProduct#2" columns. So the "Original table" is what I am working with...
  19. T

    Show number with filter

    hi kings I would display the numbers filtered in this area of the text I want when I filter each number is displayed in this area ( see the picture ) thanks you all i love
  20. I

    What's the proper way to get another cell's display text in VBA?

    For a number 42117, it can be displayed as 42117, or 23-Apr-15, or 42,117.00 etc. I want to reference these displayed text appearance in another cell through VBA. How can I get it? I have below customized function and it uses the Text property. It still not work properly and hope someone can...

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