division in a formula

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    Whole Division

    Hi. I need a way to divide-up an area exactly after user input. If an answer exists, once I know how to divide say the width, I can use the same solution to divide the height. In that case I'll concentrate here on the width only. • The user puts in a width of say 11300mm [11.3 meters], I then...
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    Ratios and #DIV/0 errors

    Hi everyone! First time to post here, but I have enjoyed watching Mr. Excel with Leo Laporte during the old "Call for Help" and "Lab with Leo" television shows...which is why I'm here today in need of this forum's assistance. I wish to thank EVERYONE in advance for your insight and assistance...
  3. S

    Division after >=

    I am trying to take an amount from one column, if it is less than 50, to show 1 and if it is more than 50, to divide by 50 and then round up so there isnt any decimal points. Some values in the first column are upwards of 750 and some are 1. Can anyone help me? I don't even know where to start!

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