1. J

    Need help to create word files

    Hello, I need to import data from excel to word file in following pattern. Highlighted in yellow data should be populated in individual word file with naming highlighted in 1 row green after , please find link to sample file. Link to Sample file Thank you for your valuable time and feedback.
  2. iggydarsa

    Array Formula problem in VBA

    Hi all When I enter the following formula manually (with Ctrl+Shift+Enter) it works fine: =INDEX(tbl_List[Referral Name], MAX((tbl_List[Intake Rep]=B2)*(tbl_List[Clean Doc Count]=MAX(IF(tbl_List[Intake Rep]=B2, IF(tbl_List[Clean Doc %]=MIN(IF(tbl_List[Intake Rep]=B2, tbl_List[Clean Doc %]))...
  3. L

    Importing Word Content into Excel

    Hi all, I have hundreds of word documents. I would like to extract the contents from the word documents and add them into excel with each cell in a single representing a unique word document. For example, B1 would represent word doc 1 B2 would represent word doc 2 .... ... . B897 would...
  4. G

    Create a string based on three textbox values

    Sorry for the dumb question, but how do I create a string that pulls from three separate strings? I want the string to format so if TB1=AA, TB2=BB, TB3=CC, the string will be AA BB CC. Using Dim doc As Stringdoc = TB1.Value I can get it to return the first textbox, however when I try to add...
  5. G

    Pull Multiple values from a website

    Good Afternoon, I am trying to look up multiple values against a website and return the value from the website in the next cell. So if I have got data in B1:B30, I want excel to go to a website look at the data in column B and return the result in Column C. The code below works perfect when...
  6. S

    Import word doc into excel and keep formatting

    Im trying to import a word doc into and excel sheet, which i can with the use of vba, here is my codeSub cmdbtnImportwordDoc_Click() Dim docAppl As Word.Application, docMyDoc As Word.document Dim SourceFile As String Dim Dest As Range Dim wbkSource As Workbook Dim SourceRange As...
  7. S

    Simple question in regard to pivot table

    Hello, I am attaching pivot table with a problem that I didn't manage to solve. I need to summarize amounts per document number and I did that. What happened on the line with Doc No. P1900101? Here is the file: I would be...
  8. imback2nite

    Linking two worksheets in word

    This is probably an easy one but, I have two excel 2003 worksheets in a single Microsoft Word doc.. Is there a way I can link them? Or at least a sum on one page to another? What I have is a long spreadsheet that I wish I could fit on one sheet but it is way to long. I had to put the information...
  9. C

    copy range from excel into certain section of word doc

    Hi I have bunch of similar word doc that has variable amount of sentences/paragraphs that needs to be inserted. I have a table in excel that lists out each paragraph that needs to go into each document. I have 40 documents and each documents will have different number of paragraph. In each...
  10. L

    Pull excel table into existing word template

    I have a word template that already is set to execute a function by an application and create a new doc. I'd like to add a sub and pull in one table from one sheet in an existing excel wb. I understand how to set the reference for ws, how can I add a routine here that will pull in the table from...
  11. S

    Excel Charts into Word

    I have an excel doc that has 15 charts in it, I can export the charts into word but does anyone know if its possible to place them into specific parts of the word document? If is it possible could someone point me in the right direction of code to use? I have tried several different ones (like...
  12. R

    Creating formatted Word Doc from Excel VBA??

    I'll start by apologizing for my vagueness but I'm working on a proprietary project of which I can't disclose much, but seeking advice for a feature I'd like to implement. My project is time oriented such that it pulls in time-based data from a server, adds data provided by the user, and...
  13. J

    Create a separate worksheet for every unique name in Column A and copy data to each worksheet

    I need some help. I want to create separate worksheets for each unique name found in Column A of the first worksheet in the workbook. Then I want to copy the entire row of data in the first worksheet to the newly created worksheets. Using "Doc" as an example. A new worksheet is created...
  14. Y

    Direct Allocation of Expenses

    Hello, i was looking for some help in completing this excel doc. I have been given information in a table that must match each category but the problem i keep running into is that the names don't match the columns. As such, i have run into a problem and was wondering if the community could help...
  15. CPGDeveloper

    Copying and Pasting Between Word Docs from MS Access

    I'm having a hell of time with this -- I'm sure it's something simlple I'm missing -- but from an Access application, I'm trying to combine up to 4 word docs into one word doc, and then convert it into a pdf. I thought I would simply copy and paste each word doc one by one into a new doc...
  16. A

    merging data from one excel doc into another excel doc

    Hello, I have 2 excel documents with the following structure: Doc 1: Column A(ID), Column B(empty) 2 1 3 1 2 Doc 2: Column A(ID), Column B(data) 1 , data1 2 , data2 3 , data3 What I'm attempting to do is take the data from Column B in Doc2...
  17. I

    Paste excel doc to many folders

    Hi, is it possible to paste an excel doc to many folders. Currently im doing it manually to each & every folder which takes up to much time. It would also need to overwrite the same named file in the folder its being pasted to Thanks
  18. G

    Shortcut keys for excel

    Hi I have tried to create shortcut keys in excel that is embedded in a word doc using macros. I have done it saving to personal macro workbook but when I g0 back into the word doc and double click into spreadsheet the macros I had previously recorded are not being recognized. What am I doing wrong?
  19. mikecox39

    Sheet to Word doc

    How do I get a worksheet from an XL workbook, into a Word Doc named "Financial Report, so that it is always current?
  20. D

    Index sheet lookup recent entry on subsequent sheets

    Hi, I am looking at a document register system on Excel. I'd like sheet 1 to be the Index sheet. The Index sheet will look up the master "All forms and revisions list" and list all the forms with "Doc Ref numbers" beginning with "MF" and the most recent revision only. The master sheet with all...

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