1. D

    WORDIF Formating in VBA

    Hello, I I am working on trying to find the differences between a string of words in selected cells. I attempted to use the Wordif function, and got the changes, however I would just like to format the changes in red. For example Currently Cells Show: A1: The green dog likes to run . B1: A...
  2. H

    Text cell list sorting problem

    I have a large set of cells with Text inside I need to sort into lists and in such a way that each list produced from the first omits one cell. The difficulty for me in particular is that the number of cells can vary. To illustrate simply below is a simplified set of cells with one word in each...
  3. A

    Conditional formatting based on several cell values

    Good day! I have dataset that looks like this (let's assume that "Name" is column A and "Sequence" is column B): <tbody> Name Sequence BUNNY 1 BUNNY 2 BUNNY 3 BUNNY 4 TIGER 1 TIGER 2 TIGER 3 TIGER - DOG 4 DOG 3 DOG 1 DOG 2 </tbody> I am in the need of a simple...
  4. E

    Function to find specific value and return

    Hi all, So I need help writing a formula, not in vba, that looks at a number in column A, then looks at another sheet. Finds the value from column A in a list. If a value isn't found, it returns "Check". For example: <tbody> Sheet 1 A B C 1 Dog 2 Cat 3 Frog </tbody> <tbody>...
  5. T

    Find Text in Group

    Hello, Need your quick help. I'm trying to write a formula where from a group I can find if it has a text (specific/partial). "Has Black?" is the result I want. <colgroup><col width="64" span="5" style="width:48pt"> </colgroup><tbody> Animal Color Animal Has Black? dog...
  6. C

    Splitting a Text String into Identifiable Words and Comparing them to other Cells

    Hi! Newbie here, so please be gentle... I have two columns of data where all the cells are text strings. I want to be able to compare each cell in the Column 2 with all of the cells in Column 1 to find which cell from column 1 has the most words that match the cell in column 2. None of them...
  7. S

    VLOOKUP with multiple hits

    Hi - I'm looking to do a VLOOKUP that will pull the hit that is not blank. In column C I have the name I will lookup, and in column N the numbers I want. e.g. Dog might be listed 10 times, but if the 1st line of Dog is a blank cell, how do I let VLOOKUP know to move to the 2nd line; or if the...
  8. M

    return the row number when a match is found

    Hi all I am trying to find a value from column C in Columns AC:AE inclusive and if found return the row number of the initial value for example: If the value of C2 [DOG] is found in F7 then 2 is returned to A2 Column C will contain unique values Hope this makes sense - even if the example is...
  9. E

    Hiding Columns Based on a Changing Cell Range

    Hi everyone, I am trying to write a code that hides columns based off of a cell range. So if "Dog" is anywhere in B18 to B25, then columns N:X will disappear. Here is my code: Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) If Range("B18:B25").Value = "Dog" Then...
  10. L

    Calculate Cost of Lifetime Cover over 15 years for Dog Insurance

    Hi. Please can anyone help? The dog is one. Last year cover was £115.08 for the year and this year has been quoted as £128.88 which is an increase of nearly 12%. It seems from search of the web that by the age of 8 the premium will have increased by about 34% and when he is 15 it will have...
  11. Ampleford

    Max based on different column

    My spreadsheet has two non adjacent columns:- Col 1-Col 2-Col 3 Dog-blank-12 Jan 19 Cat-blank-13 Mar 19 Cat-blank-04 Jan 19 Cat-blank-08 July 19 Elephant-blank-22 May 19 Dog-blank-25 May 19 I'd like a formula for Col 4 that shows me the latest instance (from the dates in column 3) of each...
  12. S

    Looking for a formula to insert column header text

    I must compile over 60 multipage paper surveys. The 1st question has 20 possible responses and the users marked all that applied. The easiest method I can come up with is to "x" the appropriate box and excel replace the "x" with the column title. But I can't get it to work. Can you suggest a...
  13. D

    Change font color for certain range of cell value using VBA

    Hi there. I am trying to make a certain range of cell (A1:C5) turn to red/white according to the value of A in each row using VBA by clicking on a button to check and change it. <colgroup><col width="64" style="width:48pt"> <col width="64" span="2" style="width:48pt"> </colgroup><tbody> A...
  14. S

    Method to Distribute a list to proper columns

    <tbody> Type Date Dog Date Cat Date Dog 1/14/2016 Dog 1/14/2016 Cat 7/8/2018 Dog 5/8/2017 Dog 5/8/2017 Cat 7/8/2018 </tbody> Given Column A:B, I want to distribute the dog data to the dog columns {C,D} and the cat data to the cat columns {E,F}. Any ideas? Thanks!!
  15. S

    Return a second value as well, from another column when doing VLOOKUP

    I'm wondering if this is easy and i'm just thinking too hard at this problem. I have A:C, I need the formula to return D:H like this <tbody> Name Date Time D E F G H Dog 04/05/2019 14:28:00 04/05/2019-14:28:00 04/07/2019-13:12:00 04/07/2019-15:57:00 Dog 04/07/2019 13:12:00...
  16. M

    Exclude Headers from Table/Named Range in Formula Outcomes

    Hello all, I'm trying to make a column that automatically grabs the values from another column, makes sure they are unique, and then alphabetizes them. Animal <tbody> Alpaca Dog Cat Dog Elephant </tbody> Should return Alpaca Cat Dog Elephant This is the formula I'm using...
  17. A

    Excel Unique Code

    Please I will like to create a formula which automatically generates a code base on the information in the cell entered this is a list of animals. I would like the code to have the type (D) for dog, sex(F), month June(6) and or year 2019 (19) of birth. = DF619. I will apprericate any help to...
  18. R

    all combinations without repeats

    Hi, I am unsure if this already exists but have spent days looking for what I need and cannot find it. What I am looking for is a VBA that will provide all possible unique combinations within a range. The range will be variable to input - in column A from 1 to 12 entries. Lets say- A1 -...
  19. R

    Merging Columns, Need help on the Right Equation

    Hi Everyone, I am having trouble with an excel project in which I have two columns that I feel could be merged into one. I have designed a database that keeps track of adjectives used to describe dog toys by men and women. I first track the gender of the dog, then the gender of the toy is the...
  20. N

    formula to generate reordring or resorting from given word

    hello need formula to generate reordring or resorting from given word example i have this 3 word or lets say more a1=cat b1=dog c1=bee now i need formula to reorder them on max possible combination to be generated in bellow rows and formula work with more words and mean generate max combination...

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