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  1. G

    Rearrange column headers using listbox

    I'm looking for a way to move line items in a listbox to rearrange the order of my table headers. So maybe a click and drag approach where I click and hold one line item in my listbox and drag it to a different position in the listbox so that it changes the table header location. Or maybe...
  2. S

    How to get Values Based on the pictures drag into a cell

    hi all, I had created a drag and drop excel sheet whereby there are a total of 5 picture. The user is able to drag around the picture and put them into cell B1 to B3 respectively. After each picture had been drop into the cell, the name of the picture will be display at M5 to M7 respectively...
  3. H

    Locking reference of "columns of TABLE" in formula

    Hello, in order to drag formula we lock the cell reference by putting $ sign. like =+COUNTIFS($A$5:$A$50,AI$10,$D$5:$D$50,$B11) If my data in in "TABLE" then above formulate appears like =+COUNTIFS(Table134[Building],AI$10,Table134[Type of Sale],$B11) If I drag this horizontally, reference...
  4. P

    Drag Drop From TreeView to ListView ActiveX Controls

    Trying to drag a child node only from a ActiveX TreeView Control to an ActiveX ListView control in VBA for Excel. It works occasionally, but something is wrong. I'm unable to consistently get the drag event to fire (sometimes it works, sometimes not) or, when it does, determine what was selected...
  5. H

    State of play - Macro enabled spreadsheet as web page

    I am looking at deploying a Excel VBA solution to a client. The solution works extremely well in Excel, but now we need to deploy it to 150+ sites, where each will need to be installed on the local network. I would prefer to deploy the solution as a browser version instead. The snippets of...
  6. A

    Apply formula to an entire column

    This is the formula list : <tbody> PV001/10/14 PV002/10/14 PV003/10/14 </tbody> The next sequence should be PV004/10/14. Currently, when i drag, the number will turn up PV003/10/15 instead of PV004/10/14. Is there any specific formula for the above - for me just to drag down the box...
  7. K

    Sort a list by drag and drop using VBA event handlers

    Hello All, I have built a sheet that allows the user to sort a table of data. Rather than using sort values, I am replicating a drag-and-drop with a single click to select the row and another to insert it at another place in the table. The best way I can come up with uses...
  8. Jaafar Tribak

    Can we disable the AutoFill functionality on certain cells only ?

    Hi. I want to prevent copying onto some specific cells when holding and dragging adjacent cells . In other words not to allow AutoFilling should those specific cells come within range of the autofill area. Disabling the AutoFill functionality via ( Tools>Options>Edit>Allow Cell Drag and Drop...
  9. G

    Stop auto-refresh on Pivot Tables

    Hello, <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p> Does anyone know how to stop a pivot table automatically refreshing when you drag & drop options in from the navigation panel?? :confused: Is this a setting in the OLAP cube that needs to...

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