1. O

    There are no macro's under the Macro name dropdown (while there are in VBA Editor)

    Why do I not see ANY macro's in the left image while I do see macro's in Alt+F11???? This goes for all my workbooks. I have restarted, repaired Office; checked all Trust settings... no clue.
  2. W

    Excel Ghost Behaviour

    Hi all, I have a macro enabled spreadsheet that has multiple auto-complete drop-down lists. When the file is shared the drop-down list did not appear from the selected cell but instead appeared in another cell (see screenshot from the link below). I have also attached the spreadsheet if someone...
  3. G

    Filter over 3 Columns using 1 drop-down box

    Hi All. I've trying to code the following but not yet managed it! I'm looking to filter a data range let's say A5:C200. The criteria will be the value of a drop-down box in D1 selected by the user. The value will only be contained in one of the columns. As always, any help appreciated. Thanks
  4. C


    In cell "B1" I have a data validation (LIST). The validation list consists of the data "A,B,C,D,E,F,G" (within the drop-down). I want cell D1 to auto-insert data from the drop-down list in "B1" For instance... If I select "B1" with the data "A", I would like to have "D1" fill with the word...
  5. C

    Data Validation - Ignore Blanks Not Working?

    Good evening, I'm trying to create a drop-down that is essentially generated by an array formula. The range is 15 cells, but the list often has less than 15 values. Is there a way to get the drop-down menu to not have a bunch of blank white space at the bottom with a scrollbar for lists that...
  6. L

    create dynamic dropdown based on UNIQUE values from a column within a table

    Hello expert Excel users! Below i will describe what is the purpose of my first forum post, so bear with me. So i have multiple tabs defined as tables in a big excel file. Each table has one or more columns but then, some of the tables do have common fields among them. What i want to do is...
  7. D

    VLOOKUP across multiple sheets using dependent dropdown

    Using a dependent dropdown, I have multiple values all with different source locations. I have used VLOOKUP to automatically populate a cell next to a drop-down. =VLOOKUP(C13,'SheetX'!C5:D5000,2,FALSE) However if I select B from the drop-down, how do I get VLOOKUP to do the same thing? The...
  8. R

    Flexible and conditional drop-down list

    Hi everyone, I am working for a project for my company and would need some help on an issue I have. Ultimately, I want to create a model that is as flexible as a PivotTable without using a PivotTable. The reason for this that I won't be able to change any fields. I am working with...
  9. K

    compile error- "user-defined type not defined"

    I was sent a workbook from one of our suppliers and asked to complete it (its a questionnaire.) Whenever someone tries to choose a selction from one of the drop-down boxes on the worksheet (not in a form) we get the 'user-defined type not defined' compile error... same thing happens on any...
  10. P

    Building a data entry form with Excel VBA

    Excel 2016, Windows 7. I am trying to learn how to build a data entry form for a worksheet that contains more than 32 columns. When I searched the forum I found this post from someone with a similar question. Following that thread, I started working on the tutorial for Excel VBA Userform - Easy...
  11. H

    Drop-down list as suggestion

    Hi, I have a cell that requires user input. I would like there to be a drop-down in that cell that would allow a user to select some potential options. However, if the options don't work for the user or they want something else, they would still be able to type in whatever they'd like without...
  12. C

    Drop-down filled dynamically from range how to clear drop-down if range empty

    I have a dynamic Drop-down being populated by the Headers from Range("G1:AZ1") when a button is clicked, there could be any number of headers in this range If there are No headers in this range i.e. all cells are empty then I need to clear the drop-down of the values it has. But I am having...
  13. M

    Dependent Drop-Down in columns

    I have set this up numerous times by searching for Dependent Drop-down list and following the instructions. This works well when using only two cells, one for the category, and one for the items in the category. I'm having a hard time translating that when I want the category in column D and...
  14. D

    Re-Wring a formula in a Table

    HI Guys I currently have the following formula that checks a SKU then goes off to check Live Data sheet if nothing is found it goes to another sheet Own Stock and it works well. Current formula =IFERROR(INDEX('Live Data'!A:N,MATCH(A1067,'Live Data'!A:A,0),MATCH(B1067,'Live...
  15. P

    Drop down question

    Hi .. I am trying to create a drop down of lets say toys where I have the option of choosing the color. So, I have 10 toys .. each of these ten toys are available in a range of colors. Not all toys have the same colors available. I need to be able to select a drop-down list for the toy #1...
  16. J

    Linking to cells on worksheet from drop-down box?

    Hi, Can this be done without VBA? I have freeze panes (columns A and rows 1) Dates are labelled across columns I want to select date from drop-down box and immediately jump to the appropriate column with the active column to the top left of the view. Sorry if I've not explained this well...
  17. T

    Data table with different data input

    I have created a data table used to show contribution margins at different fee levels. The numbers for the contribution margin calculation comes from different worksheets depending on the choice you make in a drop-down menu. I have the correct calculations in my data table, but when I choose...
  18. B

    Drop-down list to appear if a condition is met

    hello, I have a drop-down list in cell B3 with 4 items (Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-annual, Annual). I would like to have a drop-down list appearing in cell C3 (with 2 items, Group1, Group2) only if the value of B3 is Quarterly. This means that if, for example, the value in B3 is Monthly, then...
  19. R

    Drop-down: default field

    I have some drop-down menus, but when the a presses DEL and clears the field - it is messing up my formulas. How can I pre-set the drop-down menu to show [%] whenever the DEL button is pressed? Thanks Ryan
  20. R

    Lists from second workbook

    Hi, I've created a drop-down list in my 'Summary' workbook based on the data in my 'Master' workbook - using a named range. However, when this 'Master' is not open, the drop-down menu in the 'Summary' does not work. Is there any way around this? Thanks in advance Ryan

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