drop-down list

  1. J

    Auto-populate cell if data validation list has only one option

    Hi all, I have a series of drop-down lists created via data validation which pull from a separate sheet of dynamic lists that are driven by a series of rules. In other words, my sheet consists of a series of conditional drop-down lists, each one affecting the available options in the lists that...
  2. charlesstricklin

    Create drop-down menu items from a list of comma-delimited text?

    This is probably a newbie question, but I'd like to create a column of drop-down menus showing items from a list that I've created by creating a comma-delimited text list. Specifically these items: Application, Auto insurance, Auto Parts, Bank Fee, Books, Cable, Car payment, Car Wash, Cleaning...
  3. F

    Macro for copy and paste from one sheet to another on different rows

    Hello! I'm still a beginner on so let me know if i'm not clear enough. I need to copy from Sheet 1 and paste on Sheet 2 in a automatic way, so when I click on a button on Sheet 1 it pastes on Sheet 2. The data comes from 4 Drop-down lists with multiple cells on sheet 1. I learned how to do it...
  4. M

    Drop-down box in VBA script

    I’m writing a macro that will take check registers downloaded from our accounting software and reformat them into the proper format so we can upload them to our bank’s positive pay system. We have approximately 30 different bank accounts that I have listed in a separate worksheet (let’s call it...
  5. K

    Autofill Cells with Drop-down List Until Last Row using VBA?

    Looking for some help with autofilling using VBA I have a table and would like to add a drop-down list (using data validation) in column B until the last row using VBA. I tried the VBA code below but unfortunately couldn't get it to work. Any insight or pointers will be super appreciated...
  6. L

    Conditional drop-down list

    Hi all, Vers office 365 (with xlookup) I am already going to implement the formula from this thread Drop Down lists but I am struggling on some mechanics of my drop-down list as I have many conditions. I want the drop-down list journey to be: Internal/External? -> Provider name -> Target...
  7. D

    Auto Refresh the Drop-Down List in Excel Worksheet

    Hello Everybody, First of all, thank you so much for using your time in assisting me with this matter and reading this inquiry. It is greatly appreciated! I am currently making an order form in Excel, where I am pulling my product data (material description) from a sheet I have named...
  8. N

    Data Validation and Auto Fills

    I have a spreadsheet I'm working on where I need to track daily sales, that connects with a commission structure. The current table I have shows all days of the month (29 days this month), I have created a Data Validation drop-down list with other months of this year. Is there a way, that when...
  9. L

    Drop-down list with index(match

    Hey guys, has the website had an upgrade? Looks great! I'm trying to make a waste cost dashboard. Basically, all I want to do is select the supplier code from the drop-down list and once I enter the number of workshops run, it will automatically update the number of seats the event had space...
  10. R

    Flexible and conditional drop-down list

    Hi everyone, I am working for a project for my company and would need some help on an issue I have. Ultimately, I want to create a model that is as flexible as a PivotTable without using a PivotTable. The reason for this that I won't be able to change any fields. I am working with...
  11. K

    Need Fertilization for summery sheet

    Dear Experts, I have a datasheet and i want result in second sheet based on week numbers. Main columns are as i mentioned below, Customers Styles Qty Rate Values shipment dates week numbers (Weeknum) status (In-process, ready to ship, shipped) in second sheet using same columns and i want...
  12. L

    Change text color in cells IF text in ANOTHER cell equals 'Goods In' etc

    I have a table with 6 columns. The first column is a drop-down list with 5 options indicating whether a row is Stock IN or Stock OUT. I need the rest of the corresponding row to change text color depending on the value in the drop-down list. For example:- IF Cell A1 is equal to "Own Haulier In"...
  13. P

    ClearContent for drop-down fields

    Hi, I havecreated a template for my staff to use. I've written code that generates aunique sequence number and saves the file but I am having trouble when it comesto removing any information that may have been pre-existing on the form. I amcurrently using the ClearContents command but I've found...
  14. J

    VBA code to populate a cell if a certain item is selected in another drop-down list; push this to 1400 rows

    I recently created a private module that when "alcohol" is selected in cell Q3, then the text string "No nutritional value" is automatically entered into cell U3, and the text string "Over21/single" is entered into cell AA3. If "alcohol" is NOT selected in Q3, then U3 and AA3 have a drop-down...
  15. J

    How to select a certain item in a drop-down list using VBA?

    If I select a certain item in a drop-down list, is there a way to populate a certain item in another cell that has a drop-down list?For instance, let's say I have a drop down list in A1 which lists RED, GREEN, BLUE. If I select RED in A1, if B1 has a drop-down list which lists 1,2,3, can I have...
  16. J

    If "red" from a drop-down list in A1, then "certain text" in B1, else a drop-down list in B1. How?

    If "red" from a drop-down list in A1, then "certain text" in B1, else a drop-down list in B1. How can I do this with VBA? I want to create a drop-down list in, say A1, which returns RED, GREEN, or BLUE. If a user selects, say RED in the drop-down list in A1, then I want another text string to...
  17. K

    Dependent Drop Down

    Hi all, I am working on a form that includes product selection through drop-down menus. It starts off with a product category, a chosen category predefines a choice of product names. After choosing a product name, the user needs to select two parameters which both depend on the product name. My...
  18. M

    Saving Data in a Range of Cells Dependent in Selection from Drop Down List

    Hi, I am looking to combine a drop-down list with a range of editable data that can then be saved and later loaded (if possible). What I mean exactly by this is to first have a single drop down list containing all of the calendar months of the year. A range of data (dates, vendors, costs, and...
  19. J

    Data validation drop-down list

    I created a drop-down list with different fruit names and I want the user to be able to type in the first couple letters of the fruit name and have it auto-populate. For example, if the user types in "ap", the word apple would automatically appear. Is there a setting within the data validation...
  20. A

    Vlookup overriding a drop-down list

    I have a drop-down list in both cells A1 and A2 each with different values. I am trying to let a vlookup override the drop-down list in A2. For example when you select 'Leave' in A1, A2 must automatically choose a specific value from the drop-down list in A2 that cannot be changed. I tried a...

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