drop-down list

  1. N

    Sorting a large table by a drop-down list

    Hi all, I have a question about sorting that I have not been able to find the answer to. Using Excel 2010 My problem: I would like to sort a large table ('Participant Table'!A1:AG47638) based on a value of around 50 different values in drop down list ('Choose your Location'!G7), which matches...
  2. Q

    Macro to cycle through all items in a drop-down list

    Hello ~ I am trying to figure out if a macro is possible at all to run through all items in a drop down list. Here is my example: - Drop-down list in cell B3, which selects 5 possible countries in a range defined as "country"; - When I change my selection in the drop-down list, revenue (just...
  3. V

    Conditional list not working

    Hi I've created a number of conditional drop-down lists in a userform. Where the section made in one field will affect the list that's returned in another. Now most of the lists are working fine but there's just this one that is unrelenting and refusing to work. When you click on the drop-down...
  4. T

    How to create drop-down list using VBA in Excel '07

    Can someone please help me to create a drop-down list using VBA in Excel 2007? I want to have a drop-down list of values (7 in total, 2 words each). Once the particular value is selected the macro writes a value category (3 categories, 2 words each) into a specific cell as well as the value...
  5. S

    Execute macro on drop-down list change

    So I have a Sheet, where I want to show only the data which is relevant based on the user's selection in the drop-down list (G3). My code so-far: Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) If Not Intersect(Target, Range("G3")) Is Nothing Then Application.Run "HideRows" End If End Sub...
  6. S

    Drop-down list and error message

    Hi all, I have a question concerning drop-down list and error message. I have two lists (range name: Status1 and Status2), the lists to be shown in cell A2 depends on wether cell B2 is empty or not (in B2 user can write what he wants, no drop-down list). To create the drop-down list in cell A2...
  7. O

    Autopopulate via dropdown

    Hey guys, I have seen a few other threads on this topic but not quite the same. I have an excel workbook which contains each month on a separate sheet. On each sheet it has each week and the hours I have spent at work per week. I have to fill out a timesheet eachweek and send to my work in...
  8. T

    Conditional drop-down list help needed

    Hi everyone, I am looking for help regarding conditional drop-down lists. Here is the scenario I am looking for: Cell A1: Has a drop-down menu defined by Data Validation list from a separate sheet. For the sake of argument, say the choices are "a", "b", "c", "d", "e", "f", and "g". Cell...
  9. S

    Creating a drop-down that allows for user inputs(using macros on Excel 2007)

    Hi all, I am new to coding on excel using VB. I have created a drop-down macro by referring to many codes available online. However, my user may want to put a choice outside the options provided in the drop down. Any idea how to allow for user input? Would really appreciate some help.
  10. A

    Conditional Format ROW based on text in drop-down list

    I'm creating a deal tracking spreadsheet with several columns of customer information. In the last column, I want to have a drop-down list so that the sales team can choose either: Deal Won, Deal Lost, Quoting. In addition, I'd like for the entire row to change colors based on the value they...
  11. E

    How to view the PivotTable data from the drop-down list, but that does not display data at the second level of the graph?

    Before… Summary table by using filters. After...
  12. G

    Using Drop-Down Selections To Replace Worksheet Names in Formulas

    Using EXCEL 2007, Windows Vista (32). I want to be able to place a reference in a formula to a cell containing a drop- down list so that the name in the drop-down list will replace the name (on another worksheet tab) to enable me to call up the data in the cell in the formula. Say I have...
  13. K

    Can't Insert column without copying drop-down from adjacent column...

    Excel 2003 Rows 1-11 make up a heading with cells A-I merged variously. Starting at row 12 every cell in column A has a drop-down list, and column B is formatted for date, conditional formatting so that if the date is prior to today it is highlighted red. I need to add a column in between A and...
  14. P

    Data Validation List to External Workbook without openining source

    Here's what I have: In Workbook "Item Tool", I have successfully linked (by Name reference only) a data validation drop down list to another Workbook "Item Database". Both separate files of course. From Workbook "Item Tool", the column "Brand-Model" is a data validation list of all unique...
  15. K

    Hide/Unhide Rows Based Upon Drop-Down Option Selected

    I know there is probably a simple way to do this, but I'm new to VBA. I have multiple drop-down lists and for some I am trying to unhide rows if a specific drop-down item is selected and rehide them if the drop-down item is later changed. For example, if in row 17 "Red" is selected, rows 18 and...
  16. J

    List drop down scroll

    Hello, Is there a way so that in excel, the scroll wheel on the mouse can be used to move up and down lists within a drop-down list?

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