drop down menu

  1. E

    drop down menu with different price list that reflect on other cells

    I have two items, with two different price list for each, I would like to create a drop down menu with the pricelist of each, so when I choose the particular item and then go to price code, I get a drop down menu with two pricelist, when I choose pricelist1, automatically the price of this item...
  2. B

    Creating Drop Down Menu

    Hi I have tried to create a Drop Down Menu and I have not been successful thus far. I have listed the words I want represented in a column (Column B Row 24-30) The title is OUTCOMES This is the formula I am writing into Data Validation =Outcomes!B$24:$B$30 but it is coming up with an error...
  3. B

    Return Value Based On Multiple Drop Down Lists

    Hello, I'm having a difficult time figuring out the best way to approach a problem and I was hoping someone could help. I'm trying to return a value based on two drop down lists. I've created 3 tables that contain the data that I want returned depending on the first drop down by creating the...
  4. 9

    Drop Down menu not including cell in named range

    I edited a named range. The range clearly includes the additional cell. I can see it in the FORMULAS -> NAME MANAGER. But when I go to the drop down cell using that named range it does not include that additional cell as a choice. The drop down menu starts with the SECOND cell in the list...
  5. M

    VBA code working in one workbook but not another

    Hi I apologise if this has already been solved somewhere on this forum, however I am unable to find it. I have two workbooks in which I am trying to use the same code. In one it is working but in the other it is not. I am using Excel 2007. Here is the code: Option Explicit ' Developed by...
  6. S

    Creating Drop Down List (month) and clickable hyperlink to another cell within worksheet

    Hello, I have a spreadsheet that will show the months of the year horizontally. Each month is broken into 5 sections (ie, by week + notes). So, going horizontally, each Month will take up 5 Columns. Doing so means by the time I'm at December, I'm horizontally right ~60 columns. I'd like to...
  7. svendiamond

    Data Valuation to select lane numbers for zones

    Hi! You guys have been extremely helpful as with every problem I come to in Excel, I google it and usually find the answer here. So thanks! This one I couldn't find by Googling. I am trying to create a list where the user will select which "Lanes" to assign to "Zones" -- for example... Zone 1...
  8. G

    Changing value of a cell by change of value in another cell using a drop down list

    Hi, I have a spreadsheet with numerical data in B1:B11 and textual data in C1:C11. The numerical data is a couple of digits, nothing big, and the textual data is always two letters, in this case AB, AC or AD. I have the options for AB, AC or AD for each of the cells in C1:C11 in a data...
  9. I

    Excel drop down menu

    i made a drop down menu in excel, hence is there a way to make a drop down menu of sub folders with the check box next to it, and once the option is being selected to show only the ones being selected? For example: I have a Solution option to choose from where I have options of Eastern...
  10. C

    VBA for input box w/drop down menu

    Apologies, as I have no idea how to write in VBA. I would like to assign a macro to a check box, that when clicked, an input box comes up, I need it to gather : the date, the customer, the assembly number, and a comment. I would then like this information to be stored on the spreadsheet. I...
  11. T

    How do I delete in the autofilter dropdown menu the sort options?

    When click on the auto filter drop down, the following 5 lines would show up and then the Text Filters shows. How do I hide those 5 lines so I can directly go to the Text Filters? Sort A to Z Sort Z to A Sort by Color Clear Filter from "customer" Filter by Color Thanks in advance for your...
  12. M

    Drop down box using sheet names

    Hi All. I need to create a button that displays a drop down box that allows a user to jump to a specific worksheet in an excel document. The main sticking point is that there may be new sheets added with various names throughout the year that, once created, will need to form part of the drop...
  13. 0

    Data Validation list with unique values (drop down menu)

    I have a column of numbers which contains numerous repeated entries and blank cells. The list is free to expand as people can continually add to the list. The list can only expand to a finite number of rows, say 150. Is it possible to use a bit of VB code to extract only unique entries and...
  14. M

    Need length of service to be averaged automatically when selecting from a drop down menu

    Hi there, I've created a spreadsheet for my job that already gives me the LOS (length of service) of each employee. I've also created an area where you can choose the employee (by name) from a drop down menu next the assignment they are to be fulfilling that shift. What I need help with is...
  15. C

    Update cell in Sheet 2 from Drop Down Menu

    I'm gonna give this one a shot. I have a drop down menu in Sheet 1 of my Excel spreadsheet that has 7 options to choose from. When I choose "Completed" from Sheet 1 I want it to be updated in the cell of my choice on Sheet 2...and I want it removed from Sheet 1 after it is marked "Completed"...
  16. S

    Dropdown list that updates

    All, I have drop down lists that I use to assign the employees at work to complete certain daily tasks. I am wondering if there is a way for the list to update and eliminate the items I have already assigned from the dropdown menu so that I can see only the tasks not assigned as I progress...
  17. W

    Link Drop down menu list to Further columns

    Hello everyone I am just wondering if any of you can help me. I have made drop down menu in excel ( say in Column b and there is a list of expenses say 40 expenses), I have Written same expenses one by one in column , c , d, e , f, g, h and so on. what i want is , if some write and amount in...
  18. B

    Drop Down Menu- Colors?????

    Ok I have a dumb question, can I have different colors in my pull down menu? I have a simple YES or NO pull down menu and I am wondering if I can assign a color to that selection when choosen. For example: If I choose YES I would like the color of the box to be filled with yellow and if I choose...
  19. C

    How do I populate a drop down menu with text from different part of excel spreadsheet?

    I have a list of 6 people who play games against each other. At the end of all the games i need to be able to provide a drop down menu if 2 or more people have the same points, goals for, goals against. Can text cells be automatically entered into a drop down menu on a separate part of the...
  20. N

    got me stumped

    Hi, i have a slight problem.... i need a spreadsheet that hides rows depending on selections from drop down menus... i am quite new to using excel this way, and so far have only managed to solve a part of this problem. i have several headings, myob, name,photographer, viewer, spend....and a...

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