1. T

    Calculate totals and past into second workbook

    <tbody> Hello I have a master file (called MASTER) that contains data similar to that shown below. Its location is at C:\TEST\MASTER.XLSM There is another file in the same folder as MASTER, but this one is called C:\TEST\DESTINATION.XLSM The sheet in MASTER that contains the data, is...
  2. L

    DSum not calculating the "correct" value

    Hi all I'm battling with DSum to sum the number of sales within a rolling 3 month period (the latest three months). My formula is as follows... RunSum: DSum("Sales","Table1","[MthdtSale]>=#" & DateAdd("m",-2,[MthdtSale]) & "# AND [MthdtSale]<=#" & [MthdtSale] & "#") ...which I was hoping...
  3. S

    DSUM with AND range as Critera

    Hi guys, I'm newish to excel and this forum, please let me know if I'm posting in error, but I'm having a hard time googling this one out. I've inherited a spreadhseet with a Named Range Called "Criteria" which includes columns names NUM, USD, CO and NET_AMT and their data. This is the only...
  4. P

    sum all items in list based on condition

    Hi, I have the following list of data:- <tbody> A B 7 750<style type="text/css">p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; text-align: right; font: 10.0px Verdana}p.p2 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 10.0px Verdana}table.t1 {border-collapse: collapse}td.td1 {border-style: solid...
  5. H

    Need a little help finishing this simple database

    I am trying to create a small database for a project I am working on but I am not so well versed in Access. I have attached the database to my google drive for review. I was wondering if someone could help out or at least point me in the right direction to success as I can not find the...
  6. H

    Access adding dsum to a form. Dsum inquiry about +/- values.

    Little out of my wheel house, would appreciate being pointed in the right direction on how to get the desired results. I have a form where I need to add the value for credits and subtract the ones for billing. Consumed would be the amount of the (+)credit[static] or (-)Billing[dynamic]. The...
  7. H

    Issue with text in my dsum and match function

    Good afternoon everyone! I am having trouble achieving the results I would like to on my spreadsheet. I would like to add the amount of “Eggs, Liquid (Case)” together from Sheet 2 and have the total on Sheet 1 under the column “Total Need” (which should come out to be 0.50). I have fiddled...
  8. A

    Best Way to Get Data Sums and Counts

    I have the following fields (see below for data): Date, Vendor, Main Category, Subcategory and Amount. I want to create a summary page that will give me answers such as: Sum Amount where Main Category="Contractor - Special Trades" Sum Amount where Main Category='Contractor" Sum Amount where Main...
  9. F

    calculation speed of dsum vs sumifs

    Dear all I have dsum formula =DSUM(for_dsum,'raw data'!L4,'manual entries'!O2:P3) and sumifs formula = =SUMIFS('sales history'!quantity,nature,"@",month_year,MONTH(C$2)&YEAR(C$2)) total no of raws is 11,000 can anybody tell me which formula works faster thank you Regards,
  10. P

    DSUM() with multi-criteria in single field

    Hi! I have the following DSUM() code with multi-criteria, BUT I need to adjust it so that I can 1) filter for more than one criteria on [Shift Info] and 2) so that the criteria for [FR_Date] range works? For Example: And [Shift Info] = 'Day' And [Shift Info] = 'Night' And [Shift Info] =...
  11. J

    DSUM function and spreadsheet calculation speed?

    Hi... I have a relatively small spreadsheet, however, it has a number of DSUM forumlas which are each looking at 20,000 rows and about 55 columns. This seems to be bogging down the calculation speed such that, even with virtually no data, the calculation time is about 30 seconds on a PC with...
  12. T

    Union Query Addition Problems

    Good morning, I have a union query that identifies if a part is a L2 or VW part. Each part has a price in the cost field. How do I add up all the L2 parts and the VW parts in a query or form or report to show the totals for each? Example: L2: $2,000.00 VW: $1000.00 I need this so that I...
  13. bs0d

    DSUM Function Parameters from Multiple Tables / Domains

    I have this function to show a running total through time for a specific id: Data_CUM: DSum("Sales","tblDailySales","[Item_KEY]=" & [Item_KEY] & " And [ReadingDate]<=#" & [ReadingDate] & "#") How might I modify this to instead show the running total of a group of items that share a common...
  14. M

    Remove duplicates within formula and result in a list within one cell....

    Hello, Hopefully you can help. I have the following data on individual tabs within a workbook: Sheet2 <TBODY> Data 4532 6562 4532 9981 1244 </TBODY> I desire a formula to pull all of the data within Column 1 and yield a list of the items without duplicates within one cell...
  15. M

    Vlookup based on individual name of worksheet - is this possible?

    Hello, This is my formula. =DSUM('No Superchain'!U:U,C1,'No Superchain'!U:U) The text is based on the name of an individual tab within my workbook. Is it possible to cause the formula to automatically generate the tab name based on a running list of tab names so that I'm not having to key the...
  16. L

    Dsum based on form

    HI GUYS, I am trying to sum four columns based on condition on the form example I have four columns i.e. PG in 1, PG in 2, PG in 3 and PG in 4. and a drop down box in form called select PG value lets say if user selects 0001 - Apple from userform, I want to sum $ in PG 1 to PG 4 where the...
  17. P

    DSUM referencing an external file causes file size to increase massively

    Hi, I am analyzing a large amount of data for a project, and so I am attempting to use the Database functions within Excel to speed up the analysis. However, after I set up the first set of DSUM equations, my file size jumped from ~50k to ~40MB! Any help would be much appreciated. Here are...
  18. W

    DSUM and LARGE() to calculate sum of top ten biggest number

    I've got a column of numbers from which I'd like to calculate the sum of top ten biggest numbers, with addition to another criteria. The criteria setup is something like this: criteria1 | criteria2 "value" | =A1>LARGE(A1:A100;9) The "value" criteria affects the DSUM-function correctly...
  19. S

    DSUM Help.

    Hi, I am building a interactive spreadsheet where the user can select from 5 filters (e.g. department, team, name, etc) on certain items which will then update the table being viewed. I'm unable to use Pivot tables as it has to work between 2003/2007. I've got it working using Sumproduct but...
  20. J

    Edit Existing DSUM Formula

    Hi I have taken over a spreadsheet from someone else and there is an existing DSUM formula referencing a database, "Perm_Sal_Comp". I've gone throught all the worksheets but can't find this data range. Is there any way to see where it points to? Thanks Jason

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