dynamic chart

  1. H

    Automated Chart and Ranges

    Dear All, I really need help, I have checked on internet but can't seems to find an answer for my problem. Basically I am looking for formulas where new Expense category will be added (not that frequently) in rows and in the columns new months will be added and a graphs will be linked to the...
  2. J

    Dynamic Range Not Updating Chart

    Hi all, I'm trying to create a set of dynamic charts that will change when I update a dropdown (that has a named range). I've set up the set of charts using a series of named ranges that are broadly formulae that do some sort of dynamic OFFSET to get a range series. Within the template sheet I...
  3. Jeffrey Mahoney

    Waterfall Chart Automated

    Awhile ago I was working for a company managing their budgets. My boss knew I was good with Excel and sent me a copy of a waterfall chart that was created by another person no longer employed by them. Apparently a few people tried to make changes to the chart to reflect the current budget and...
  4. Z

    Macro for Dynamic Chart

    Hi, I have a chart may have 1 bar, 3 or even 10 bars as it's dynamic so what I need is a macro that has specific settings like size of bars should be specific size that depends on number of bars, i.e. if chart has 3 bars then the size is ---- and if it's one bar then size should be --- and so...
  5. A

    Help Please: Indirect named range in chart data, pulling from validation list.

    Hello all - I recently posted something similar here, and got some great help that got me 70% of the way, but I'm still stuck. Was hoping someone could pick up the thread and show me the error of my ways. Thanks! Final result desired: I have a chart on Sheet3, and wish to update that chart...
  6. K

    Dynamic Pie Graph - based on two dynamic fields

    Any help is much appreciated. I apologize if it's hard to follow. I initially wrote it up in an excel attachment, but it looks like I can't attach workbooks to the thread. :( Please let me know if I can clarify. Thank you! Data Collection: Three separate teachers each surveyed their 12...
  7. L

    Chart series link to tab name

    Hi there I have a template tab with charts linked to data within that tab, the data is dynamic to a single cell within the tab and this cell is linked to the tab name. I have copied the whole sheet to over 200 sheets each with their own dynamic tab name. However I have now just realized that...
  8. D

    Using VBA to create a dynamic chart with data from multiple sheets

    Hi, I am new to VBA and I want to create a dynamic line chart with a drop down for student name(name of the worksheets), to display one student at a time. The chart will plot total score over time by booklet number (1 – 18, 19 – 30). The chart range is A7 to Z column. The dates(x-axis) are in A...
  9. C

    Change chart range (number of periods to include) based on cell value

    I have a number of dates running horizontally from the earliest on the left to the latest on the right. I would like to create a dynamic range in which I can specify a number (for example, three) and the chart adjusts to only display the latest three periods. How can I go about this? Thanks!
  10. J

    Dynamic Chart ignores new input

    Hello again! I have a dynamic chart based on a named range. It displays the percentage of the subject (specific column) of all papers (each is a line) listed on the range, named "main_tab". If it matters the "main_tab" range is also "dynamic" (not a fix range, but uses OFFSET and COUNTA...
  11. W

    VBA for dynamic charts

    I have a range consisting of countries on the Y-axis and years on the X-axis (I am tracking the inflation change over time for each country with a line chart). I want to create a dynamic chart for my sample which will update when a new country is added. The data in the range is linked to another...
  12. W

    Dynamic charts

    Hello)) I want to create a dynamic chart to analyze the inflation rate of some countries for some years. On my range, I have the dates on the X-axis(B2:G2) and the countries on the Y-axis(A2:A5). I am making a dynamic chart that will auto-update when a new data is added to the range (I am using...
  13. A

    Alternating Between Data Sources in Dynamic Chart

    I’ve been banging my head against the wall trying to figure this out :banghead: I don’t have any training in Excel or VBA. Everything I’ve ever learned to do in Excel has been from looking stuff up online or picking apart other people’s spreadsheets to see how they did something. My problem… I...
  14. S

    need VBA help to auto update series values in DYNAMIC CHARTS

    Hi All, It’s my first post in this forum so hopefully I’m following all the rules correctly ;). Anyways, I hope someone can help me with this this “dynamic charts” question. Here is the situation: I am trying to create a bunch of combo charts, and part of the combo is a line chart. For the...
  15. K

    Charts and Named Ranges

    I have a large spread sheet with a ton of data that changes monthly. I created a drop down (data validation) that allow the user to choose which "actions" they want charted. I am using the following to reference the drop down list to a range: =IF(ActionList="","",IF(ActionList='Analytics All...
  16. J

    Dynamic 12 month updating line chart to treat zeroes as gap.

    Hello, I have made graphs that update the last 12 months of data on different financial metrics. I have not been able to hide the zero values, as the usual solutions such as the NA() or an IF function that doesn't count the value as it makes the data skip over the cell since it goes back -12...
  17. N

    Chart data through formulas

    Quick lay out... I have a chart with multiple columns, up to Z and over 4000 rows. The rows contain dates from 2003-future. I have another page that draws data from this page by users selecting information from drop down menus. From the information they select in the drop down menu I want a...
  18. N

    Dynamic Chart Value

    I have a script in a module which defines the data in the chart as well as the X and Y axis. In the module: Sheets(she).Cells(14, 20) = Int(tn - 10) In the sheet I have the following script: Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) Select Case Target.Address Case "$T$12"...
  19. D

    Consistent formatting for dynamic charts

    Hi all, I have built a dynamic stacked bar chart using named named ranges, with data that changes depending on a country that the user selects. I have modified the formatting of my graph (I changed the color of one of the bars, and used a pattern fill). My problem is that when the graph...
  20. P

    Dynamic chart issue

    Hi Guys, I've a chart built out of sales data. There are 3 columns Selection, Category and Sales for year 2001 to 2014. I need the chart populated dynamically based on the selection column. I'm using the below code. Please let me know what I'm doing wrong here. I'm pretty new to VBA and...

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