dynamic charts

  1. L

    Dynamic Chart to show the range based on the condition

    Hi Guys, I have created a clustered column chart and scattered chart to show the market rate and the actual rate as shown below. Now for each job titles with location I have been manually looking for FTE, Terms value by inputting respective values from the data stored in 'Inputs' sheet...
  2. E

    Create charts with dynamic ranges

    Hi forum, Hoping you guys can assist and resolve this issue I've had for a while. Every month I receive data with three columns. Col1 is hourly segments so a maximum number of rows of 672 for 28 days, 696 for 29 days, 720 for a 30 day month and 744 for a 31 day month. There may occasions...
  3. C

    Combine Rolling Chart and Dynamic Chart with Combobox.

    Good Morning, I am attempting to combine a Dynamic rolling chart with aCombo box to select different data streams. For example: The data sheet has sales volumes for 3 customers frompast 36 months I have been able to produce a rolling chart using OFFSETformula and named ranges which...
  4. J

    Dynamic Data Series Scatter Chart

    I have a scatter chart that I want to change based on the Table heading chosen in a Drop down Box. I have followed all the posts suggesting using name ranges but nothing seems to be working. This is what I have so far: <tbody> <colgroup><col><col><col></colgroup><tbody> GRAPH X SERIES (INF)...
  5. M

    Dynamic Charts from data with multiple Series

    Currently manually updating about 30 charts monthly. Adding new data monthly. Would like to make charts dynamic I would like to use the offset function and named ranges. I can get as far as one dimension and one series but I am stuck as to how to use both series (revenue and volume). But I...
  6. T

    Excel 2010 - Dynamic Charts - Issue with OFFSET Function

    Hello, I'm working to create dynamic charting in my dashboard using the OFFSET Function as follows: =OFFSET('7'!$G$1,COUNTA('7'!$G$2:$G$25)-1,0,-MIN(12,COUNTA('7'!$G$2:$G$25)-1),1) As you can see, I want the last twelve months of data in therange. For the associated dates (to get the last...
  7. C

    How to make dynamic charts in Excel by using non-blank values?

    Hi all, Could you help me with a pie chart problem? I have two input ranges, say A1:A50 and B1:B50. The cells in these ranges contain formulas, that will either return a value (country name for column A and percentage for column B) or a blank (" "). The pie chart shows all the blanks as 0...
  8. C

    How to make dynamic charts at Excel by using non-blank values?

    Dear all. Now I met a problem. I want to make dynamic pie charts at EXCEL by using non-blank values. I have followed one of the popular videos which teaches how to do this step by step. However, when I use this function it does not work. The formula that I used is ...
  9. E

    How do I create a GANTT Chart with hours and minutes

    https://www.ablebits.com/office-addins-blog/2014/05/23/make-gantt-chart-excel/ I've found this resource to be every helpful for daily GANTT charts. What modifications do I need so I can look at one day by hours when my start and end times are hh:mm? Not really looking for one that shows...
  10. J

    DYnamic Charts with two options

    Hi All I have a selection of data that I want to create scatter chart with a smooth line graph for. They are grouped by account type and day of the week. I have a total of 15 accounts and 5 working days. I have looked on google and here in MrExcel and found that I need to create a dynamic...
  11. K

    Interactive/Dynamic charts - double combo boxes

    Hello! I'm completely new to this forum and my knowledge in excel is scarce. Searching for similar posts is hard and that's why I decided to make a new post. So. I'm using Excel 2012 and have a large excel file. This file contains these kind of worksheets: data of items (each worksheet...
  12. D

    Dynamic Chart with Extra Credit: Expanding Data

    I am hoping for some help taking the dynamic charting one step further. I'm familiar with creating dynamic charts, but I'm stumped as to how I can do the following: I am pulling in Bloomberg data into an ever expanding data set called TABLE A. What this means is that there is one formula, and...
  13. C

    Creating an interactive Dynamic chart with dropdown lists

    Hi There, I have a 4 week trend graph that I would like to make more interactive. I want to have a "from" and "to" drop down lists that viewers can pick whichever weeks they want to see and the chart will update accordingly. Any help is appreciated:) Below is an example of what my data looks...
  14. A

    How to create a dynamic chart off dynamic data that has formulas???

    HELP!! I am trying to create a dynamic BAR chart that changes with my data. The below is my data set which is dynamic as well. I've tried using OFFSET but i must be doing it wrong and need help ASAP if possible. I need to chart columns A, B, and C. Like i said, all 3 columns are dynamic...
  15. N

    Converting static charts to dynamic charts

    Hi, My DB is in table format . I use this table as source data for 2 barcharts and 1 pie chart.Following are my table headers <tbody> Costs|exp heads|Month1|Month2|...|Month n|Spark lines|Average When i add a month coloumn,Sparklines and Average coloumn should get updated automaticaly.Now...
  16. B

    Using INDEX function in Series Values for Charts

    Using Excel 2007, I am trying to utilize the INDEX function directly within the Series Value box for charts. I watched your Youtube video and successfully created a defined names that contained the formula: ='IS History'!$E$117:INDEX('IS History'!$117:$117,(COUNT('IS History'!$117:$117)+4))...
  17. B

    Using Formulas for Charts

    Using Excel 2007, I need to update numerous charts on a monthly basis. All data is contained within 1 workbook with numerous worksheets. The charts present information from multiple worksheets. I am searching for a way to use a formula that defines the number of data points being charted...
  18. K

    Year On Year Chart with dynamic ranges. (sorry long post)

    I am trying to create a chart with YOY growth on secondary axis. I will be having many charts in the workbook hence want to create a chart using dynamic named range which will return values of YOY growth as an array which I can use as the source for the secondary axis chart. The data looks like...
  19. J

    Dynamic Bubble Chart - Legend & Data Labelling problem

    Hello all, In my Dynamic Bubble chart, I have used offset formula in Named ranges for relevant criteria, but my Legends don't pick up individual products, I have switch legend on, its just dumped as one. Same problems with data labels. I need to pick up Product names for each Bubble without...
  20. J

    Very specific dynamic range requirment

    Hello. Across the top of my excel sheet (row 1) I have months listed from September 2008 to September 2016. Down the left hand side of the sheet, I have a long list of countries and regions. I would like to create a chart that selects some the countries down the left hand side, and only...

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