dynamic named range

  1. T

    Using Dynamic Named Ranges in a Formula With INDEX, MATCH and MAX via a Dropdown Cell Containing the Range Name

    Hi all! I have tried to find a solution to this problem, but so far nothing I've found has either worked or explained why it can't - so I'm turning to you guys! I have a standard data table from which I wish to display the maximum and minimum value of a given criteria using in-cell dropdowns...
  2. Y

    Dynamic range without COUNTA

    Hi Everyone, my first post here! I have searched and tried many different ways to create a dynamic named range where the starting cell column remains the same but the row can move depending on the number of rows inserted above. I thought the following may work, but even though if the formula is...
  3. S

    Dynamic Named Range Based upon Column A

    Maybe this is a simple thing and I am over complicating it. I think that I have it solved but I just wanted to check to make sure, so any input you have is greatly appreciated!! I need to create several dynamic named ranges, each for a different column. They are single column ranges, 1...
  4. L

    Dynamic named range #REF! error after row delete

    I am having issue with a dynamic named range that is changing its reference if I delete a row from it using VBA. The Named range is: AllJobsData =OFFSET(Data!$A$7,0,0,COUNTA(Data!$C$7:$C$1048576),7) The VBA code below is designed to go through each line of AllJobsData, bottom up, and delete...
  5. S

    Formula using a named range in another workbook

    Hi all, I'm trying to use a named range in another workbook inside my index match formula. Because the location of the file will change based on who is accessing it, I have a cell using the CELL("filename") formula to determine the path of the file.This gives me...
  6. J

    Dynamic Named Range and MIN Across Multiple Worksheets?

    I have an Excel 2010 workbook with a separate worksheet for each month. The sheets are named with the abbreviated month name and the year (Jan 2016, Feb 2016, etc.). I need to create a dynamic named range that includes K1:K34 for only the current month through December (so right now it would...
  7. S

    Dynamic Named Range

    Hi, I have an excel workbook with 2 worksheets. The first worksheet called "Data" contains a list of places & some corresponding numbers - this data changes every month & the number of entries per location varies from month to month (for example, this month there are 5 x Rotterdam, 7 x...
  8. L

    Count Blank Cells that are within the Dynamic Range

    I'm trying to include the empty cells that are in my dynamic range. For example, A (A1) Blank (A2) B (A3) Blank (A4) C (A5) Blank (A6) I use the formula =OFFSET(Sheet1!A1,,,COUNTA(Sheet1!A:A),) which looks at the entire column and returns 3 and so the dynamic range only runs to A3, how can I...
  9. svendiamond

    Dynamic Named Range for a table? And not count entire column?

    Hello there! I have two questions. 1. Can I make a dynamic named range for a table? Not just one column? 2. Can I make the "Count" part not count the whole column? Because I have a row of "totals" I don't want to include in the range. I want to name the range from A1:O13 -- I want to name it...
  10. S

    Dynamic Named Ranges on Graphs referencing separate columns

    Ok, this is a little bit technical but I have always seemed to find a pro on these forums with some advice! I'm making a graph whose x/y axis needs to auto-populate without any extra spaces. I've been using dynamic ranges in order to try and have it select down to the last non-blank entry...
  11. T

    how to fill the Listfillrange, in an activeX combobox with an dynamic range

    I have multiple comboboxes, all of them need to be filled with the same set of data in an collumn an another sheet. Normaly I would use a range in the Listfillrange box of the properties window. For example Sheet1!A1:A25 But in this case the list will expand or shorten in the future and I...
  12. K

    Dynamic Named Ranges with dynamic starting points?

    I have a table with two columns - departments and employees. There are multiple departments, and multiple employees within each department. For example: Dept. Employee 1 Bob 1 Mike 1 Sally 2 Tom 2 Karen 3 Joe 4 Katie...
  13. J

    Dynamic Range using indirect and offset

    I'm attempting to reference a named range, however, I'm unable to reference the exact worksheet. This works fine when I'm in this worksheet, but when I'm referencing this named range from another worksheet it doesnt work. What am I missing...
  14. R

    don't understand this offset

    Hi I am working towards a chart with a scroll bar in excel 2002 showing 32 data entries/rows. My data range is I46:O178 with the labels in A46:A178. I've been following this tutorial Dynamic Charting Formulas in Excel plus some other sites for the control toolbox scroll bar. The dynamic named...
  15. J

    Dynamic named range - problem when sheet's name renames!

    I create a dynamic named range for certain cells in one of my sheets. The problem is when user changes the name of that sheet. So, I decide to make VBA code which will run when sheet changes, but I can not make it done right. My dynamic named range is: MyBooks and its formula is: =OFFSET('Book...
  16. M

    Dynamic named range of non-contiguous cells suitable for chart series reference

    Hi all. I can't begin to express how magnificently helpful this site has been to me over the years. Until now I have always been able to find solutions to my problems through experimentation and diligent searching. At long last, though, it has come to this: a direct plea for help. I am...
  17. titandronic

    Dynamic range name on derived list

    Hi all, My first post... My question is how to define a dynamic name range on an already derived (through formulae) list. Let me give you some background and description of the problem. I am appending two lists into a third one and then I want to do further manipulation with this list. In...
  18. H

    guidance for dynamic named range

    I'm reading the contexture web site regarding dynamic named ranges, and it refers to : insert | name | define , problem is this is for 2007, I have 2010 and I can't seem to locate similar options / commands, any suggestions where I can find these or guidance on how to in 2010
  19. R

    Dynamic named ranges - anything above zero

    Hi, Is it possible to set up a dynamic range that expands across a number of columns when the data in those columns increases above zero? Thanks
  20. J

    Moving machines - Dynamic range - #REF!

    Hi I have a workbook which contains many worksheets, all referenced via a dynamic named range, collating data as they are added. I learned everything here, so thank you! For example I have datacollection1 through datacollection81 in a column, as per the sheet names. These sheet names are...

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