1. Morpheus2022

    Training Needs Analysis

    Hi I am currently working for an important client with a large number of staff. I am trying to conduct a training needs analysis and need a formula to complete the following rapidly rather than trying to do this manually which would take many hours. I'm sure its pretty strait forward but I...
  2. sharky12345

    Efficient method to add hyperlink

    Afternoon guys, I'm trying to find an efficient method to add a hyperlink to a range of cells but what I have so far keeps generating an 'Out of memory' message. The code itself runs fine, but once it's complete I get the message. This is what I have so far: LastImportRow =...
  3. Z

    VBA treeview

    I am doing the parent, child method on the treelist that i am doing on a workbook. The list of data i am trying to make into this list is extensive. I am looking for suggestions to the worksheet i am linking on how to either layout my list better or be able to select specific cells. The...
  4. J

    Better way than Range(Selection,Selection.End(xlDown)).copy ?

    Still learning the VBA ropes and I know "select" s/b avoided whenever possible, so I'm posting this. Assuming data is in Range("C136:E139") and I want to copy the data in D136:D139 I used the code Range(Selection,Selection.End(xlDown)).copy which was straight from the macro recorder... Is...
  5. P

    VBA prompted Solver to generate efficient frontier in equity ptf management - code issue

    Dear All- short intro first. I am a prof of Finance in a Business School and teach portfolio management to master students. In this context, I develop concepts around efficient frontier. I would like to show my students how an efficient frontier could be built out of excel using solver and VBA...
  6. E

    How to detect if multiple checkboxes are selected

    I am creating an userform that have checkboxes users can tick off, and then press select files. I already have working code that corresponds to each of the checkboxes users can select, however I want to know if there's an efficient way to do this process. For example, let's say user wants to...
  7. D

    Is this RAM/memory efficient?

    Suppose I have a workbook which has one sheet with a table (say Table1) of 20,000 rows of data. If I create a new workbook and use Power Query to create queries by sourcing Table1, does that make my second workbook for memory efficient to use? That is, dumping data into one workbook. Then...
  8. B

    Shortening an ultra long formula

    Hi! I have a formula that I use to determine the text of a cell based on the text of the previous cell, and also the values of a table of numbers. It works, but I am wondering if there is a more efficient way of doing this, because I need to make one that does the same thing, but has to evaluate...
  9. M

    Alternative to long nested IF formula

    I have developed nested IF formula that works fine but I have to use it in 44835 cells that makes my Excel file 4,8 Mb in size and worksheet pretty slow on i5 Intel with 8 Gb of ram. Is there any way to rewrite formula to make it more efficient or maybe do something else to speed up my program...
  10. D

    converting number to date

    ok so the data i pull in has the date in this general form: 20190502 .....I want to covert that easily into a date format so that I can compare the number of days between the pulled in date and another date is there an efficient way to do this? ideally via VBA.
  11. D

    Looking for a more efficient formula using a criteria range in an SUMIF Formula

    In a SUMIF or SUMIFS formula, I'm looking for he most efficient way to enter a value range in place of the 8000 to 8002, I actually need go up to 8099. My worksheet is dynamic so the cell locations containing the 8000 series #'s will vary each week...
  12. V

    Macro Run Time

    Hello, I have this macro that is supposed to delete rows that are blank in either column C or D, but it tends to run for a long time and I am not sure why. Any ideas on how to make it more efficient? Sub deleteBlankRows() Range("D10:D8000").Select...
  13. A

    look for two strings within text

    what is the most efficient way to look for either this or that within a string. if found, they will be removed or replaced with a blank.
  14. B


    Evening All Question I am converting a text value to a percentage with the below script. If there is no value in the cell I am receiving a #VALUE ! error. What is the most efficient approach. I believe I can insert a zero value if the cell is blank and then covert, however this does not...
  15. M

    INDEX/MATCH Formula Improvement Help (with multiple worksheets/tabs)

    =IFERROR(INDEX('Summary (WA1)'!B:B,MATCH(A2,'Summary(WA1)'!A:A,0)),IFERROR(INDEX('Summary (WA2)'!B:B,MATCH(A2,'Summary(WA2)'!A:A,0)),IFERROR(INDEX('Summary (WA3)'!B:B,MATCH(A2,'Summary(WA3)'!A:A,0)),IFERROR(INDEX('Summary (WA4)'!B:B,MATCH(A2,'Summary(WA4)'!A:A,0))&"","")))) Is there ashorter...
  16. J

    Track Cell Changes

    Hello, So I am looking for the most efficient way using VBA worksheet_change to track cell changes and populate into a column. So say I have cells A1 and A2, when either of them change I want to populate it into another column, say C and D. I will have quite a few of these so looking for the...
  17. C

    Countif problem

    Hi Guys, I have eventually worked out how to do a complicated (to me anyway) countif but i'm sure there must be an easier and more economical way to do it. My work around is:-...
  18. D

    More efficient way to avoid multiple If statements in one formula

    Hey Gang. I'm wondering what the most efficient approach would be On another sheet, I have a value I want to return the Account Tier Name based on what range that value falls between So let's say I have a cell that I enter the value $2,500 (Let's call that Cell A1) I need it to scan the below...
  19. K

    Using VLOOKUP to Return Minimum Value in a Range of Calculated Cells

    Good afternoon, I have a spreadsheet that I’musing to determine the most cost efficient options for running meetings at ouroffice. One of the criteria we are looking at is the most cost efficient optionfor AV equipment. I would like to use VLOOKUP toprovide the minimum amount in column G...
  20. E

    Feedback on this code to learn more efficient programming

    Hello Mr. Excel forum! In the past month and a half I have designed a macro at work, that after much sweat and many tears, finally does what I intended it to do. It was the second time that I made a macro with the last time many years ago. Since I had to google a lot to figure out how to write...

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