elapsed time

  1. peterv6

    Excel 2007 elapsed time help needed

    I need to create a timesheet for work. It's easy if all hours are worked on the same day. What I need, however, is a time format and equation that will calculate the time worked if the time spans midnight. Example: Start: 6pm End: 12am the next day. Total should be 8 hours. Can someone...
  2. N

    Elapsed time showing as ####

    Hello, I am using the following formula to compute elapsed time. When the elapsed time is within the same day (i.e.; start time is 4/3/2017 10:00 AM and end time is 4/3/2017 1:00 PM) it is producing a negative number which displays as #######. This is strange since the formula works fine when...
  3. A

    Transcend Time in Excel

    I work on a production line that has 326 hangers which we connect different fixtures to. I wanted to create a visual tool for the loaders to help aid them in knowing what fixtures are coming etc. I already have a simple table like so that i layout the line with in excel... <tbody> 1 Part A...
  4. K

    Elapsed Time in hours and minutes multiply by different rates

    <tbody> A B C D E 1 <tbody> COMPUTER NAME </tbody> <tbody> TIME STARTED </tbody> <tbody> TIME FINISHED </tbody> Duration Amount 2 A <tbody> 07:45:00 AM </tbody> <tbody> 10:00:00 AM </tbody> 3 B 4 C </tbody> I need to display in column D the...
  5. K

    Difference between Date & Time - with working time or hours of operation- Elapsed time

    I'd like to request help in converting the following formula to DAX/PowerPivot: =(NETWORKDAYS(B2,A2)-2)*0.375+MOD(A2,1)-"09:00"+"18:00"-MOD(B2,1) it would also be great if you could help me determine how to deal with changes in the hours of operation. I have also not yet figured out how to...
  6. T

    SAVE ME!! Elapsed time chart with min and max values

    Hello everyone, I need help creating a bar chart that shows elapsed time that has a minimum value and maximum value. We have multiple servers that run concurrently on a job daily. We want to show (in a bar chart) by day the minimum and maximum elapsed time. The Y axis would have the time in...
  7. K

    Can someone help?

    This task is overwhelming my day. I have tried formulas but am still not having luck with some of the formatting that has been suggested here because it is over my head. I can email the workbook so that it can be seen and tinkered with. I must keep a running tab of the length of time for...
  8. F

    Progress bar with remaining time

    Hi everyone I've managed to pull together a nice simple progress bar to let users know how long it will take to collate certain data. Example below: Sub ProgressBar() frmProgressBar.Show End Sub Sub Main() Application.ScreenUpdating = False Dim pctCnt As Integer Dim cnt As...
  9. K

    antiquated excel 2003

    3 columns A B C 18:00 19:05 65 (Minutes) Each column is military time and "C" is the total time elapsed in minutes. Is there there a way to automatically enter the colon and still have excel recognize the entry as time? Currently I format...
  10. S

    Calculate elapsed time and # mo/year?

    I’m using Excel 2007 and must calculate the number of months between two dates and the number of months in each year of that time for about 1000 rows. Formula =DATEDIF(A2,B2,"m") provides an answer of 27 months, but isn’t it 28? Counting 12 months from July-June and then 4 more from...
  11. J

    Elapsed Time

    Hi, can anyone out there help me with code to determine elapsed time? I've been struggling with this; I need to look a one cell that has Time$ (placed there from an earlier line of code) then check the current time to make sure that no more than 1-hour has passed.. Any help???
  12. K

    Elapsed Time Minus Holidays

    I would like to calculate the difference in time between two dates. Assuming that my company works 24/7 I would like to calculate the difference between an "IN" date/time and "FINISH" date/time skipping over any days that may be in a list of holidays. So, if in cell A1 I have 9/11/2009 9:23...

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