1. I

    VBA With Selenium: Extract the Element text (code) Not the webpage data

    I am trying to write a code using Selenium Basic. I am extracting messages from a messaging service. I can extract all the messages using FindElementByClass, however this returns all the messages and does not contain any details of who the message is from. I need the messages returned to the...
  2. S

    Using VBA to search for a specific Class Element in a website source code for a dynamic list of search terms

    What I am trying to do, is to paste a term from a list into a search bar and then return a value into the spreadsheet depending on whether the search yields results or not. I would like the VBA code to cycle through the list of items automatically. Search term from Column A1 - Output if class...
  3. G

    Pulling Data from website using VBA

    Im pretty new to VBA coding and searching on online and youtube hasnt yielded much help, as they all have their own way to do it and its been very confusing. I can do this via "Data > Get External Data > From Web" but its pulls in way more then what I need, as it picks the whole page and not...
  4. E

    Substring Search !

    Hello! So let's say I have: Dim MainString as string, Substring as string Dim Result as Boolean MainString ="ABCDE|ABCDF|CGHMN|QRSTU|CJKLM" Question: Is there an easier (faster) way to check whether MainString contains all elements of Substring without using loops? Example 1: If Substring...
  5. D


    hi all. In my Excel at home I have the ability to add trendlines by either right clicking or Add chart elements. I've already tried to add the Tool Pak. Before Trendlines was grayed out in the Add Chart Elements, but didn't show up in the right click. Now it shows up in both, but is still grayed...
  6. P

    Can anyone explain this formula:=MID([@URL],SEARCH("/",[@URL],8),SEARCH("-t*.html",[@URL])-SEARCH("/",[@URL],8))

    Hi from York UK... This formula: =MID([@URL],SEARCH("/",[@URL],8),SEARCH("-t*.html",[@URL])-SEARCH("/",[@URL],8)) does exactly what i want but i just copied it off the internet. The results of the formula are below...
  7. J

    Can't find META tags in HTML when using WinHTTP Request

    Hi all, I am trying to locate Meta tags from the following URL: https://england.shelter.org.uk/professional_resources/policy_and_research/policy_library/policy_library_folder/2020_group_-_fiscal_stimulus_paper However, what is passed from the result string to HTMLDoc.body.all is only a...
  8. V

    Formula: count co occurrence of elements of 2 columns in one row.

    Dear community, I need a formula that would count how many times an element of one column co-occurs with another element in each row. The input is represented in Figure 1. The result (see Figure 2) could look as follows. The formula counts how many times H* co-occurs with n and p. In this case...
  9. D

    VBA can't fetch HTML elements

    Before you say... search in duplicate posts, well, I did and I don't understand what I've done wrong to be able to help myself. In general, I need table from this page. Ive tried with table queries too to fetch entire table, but with no luck. So I've tried InnerText with grabbing by elements...
  10. G

    Combine Tabs on different work books to One Tab in another workbook

    I really need help with this. So here is my problem. I have 50 Case Mangers in different parts of the state --- they have 50 Participants Each participant has a separate file. That means approximately 250 separate files are sent to me monthly. Each file has approximately 10 tabs Tab 1 Tab 2...
  11. R

    nested for loop with item

    Hello members, Im working with the for loop to iterate through webpage node collection. Data i want to pull out are everytime nested in node number 2. ChildNodes.Item(2).innerText But my code breaks telling me Invalid argument error. My thoughts are probably because double Item property...
  12. P

    Looping through HTML Elements

    Hey guys. I've been all over google, and can't seem to find what I'm looking for. I'm trying to loop through all the elements of a website, and record the element's ID. I'm not sure how to store the object's id. Here's what I got so far: Dim o As Object For Each o In IE.Document.All...
  13. D

    Master checkbox to select some but not all other checkboxes

    I have 5 categories, each with a number elements, and each element has a check box linked to a cell. Can I create a 5 master check boxes, each to link to all the elements in a given category? I have been able to figure out how to link the master to ALL checkboxes in the active sheet, but not to...
  14. E

    Html table scrape with vba

    Hi, I am new in data scrape via VBA. I want to get my order history over amazon. I can get all the info from html table with the code below. However, this code gives td elements in a single and it is hard to parse it again. I attached the html code of web page and highlight the info I want...
  15. S

    Unable to get the correl property of the worksheet function class

    I am having trouble with the line below DistanceMeasure = (1 - Application.WorksheetFunction.Correl(Application.WorksheetFunction.Index(X, 0, 2), Application.WorksheetFunction.Index(TempSample, 0, 2))) * 100 X and TempSample are both arrays with an equal number of elements. Am I using...
  16. S

    Removing Elements from Collection

    I am trying to remove empty elements from a Collection. Here is the code I have so far. Sub T() Dim i As Integer Dim Altered As New Collection Altered.Add Range(Cells(12, 2), Cells(19, 12)).FormulaR1C1 For i = 1 To Altered.Count If Altered.Item(i) = "" Then Altered.Remove i...
  17. M

    VBA change color of just a bar from a chart

    I have a chart and I want to change the colors of the elements from the chart when I click a button. How can I get the elements from the chart one by one? If it helps it is a 2D stacked bar chart... Thanks!
  18. E

    Sub-String Extraction !

    Hello! The code below works fine to generate all possible combinations of 37 numbers choosing 6 at a time. That is, 37 combin 6 = 2,324,784 strings However, I don't need all the 2M plus output strings. I only need the output strings that contain the numbers "3" and "5". Of course I could...
  19. S

    Macro works on my Laptop, and runs fine on other when i run step by step, but does not run when i play it.

    Hello, This is a excel macro used to allocate hours in a tool "Promise" using Internet Explorer. It works fine on my Laptop, but when i run the same macro on another machine. it gives error. "session expired." when i run the macro step by step using F8 till the page...
  20. J

    VAB or Formula, subset SUM problem

    hi all, anyone know this algoithm? i have this problem: have this subset: (5,13,9,12,22,50,18) (A1,B1,C1,D1,E1,F1,G1) and in A2, have this number: 36 How to determine wich elements of the set of numbers sum 36 in this case is: 13+18+5 Thanks

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