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  1. S

    Email range as a email to SMS

    Hello, I am looking to create a macro that selects a specific range (2 columns) and emails it to phone numbers (e.g. The range looks something like this: Apples 5% Oranges 4% Bananas 4% Tomatos 3% Other 50% The issue i'm running into is the fact that it needs...
  2. D

    (Fast read!) Send out email automatically with attachment through command button

    Hello everybody, Goal: I am currently trying to create a command button in Excel that, when one clicks on it, sends out an email to me with an order that one has entered into Excel. The following link here: Using Excel VBA to Send Emails with Attachments - has a nice VBA code that...
  3. R

    Date error in excel to outlook conversion

    Hello When I run my send email macro, the excel sheet data that populates in the email body has errors in one column. Eg: In the workbook the values are reflecting as <tbody> 3/9/2019 22:00 </tbody> But in the email body the values are reflecting as 3/8/2015 22:00 Why is this happening...
  4. O

    Send an email with Headers and selected cells in the body- VBA

    Hi Guys! I looked everywhere and couldn't find the answer I was looking for. I need to create a macro which will send an e-mail from excel sheet. The subject should contain pre-determined text, the current date and values(numbers) from two cells. The body should have a header(range A2:L2) and a...
  5. D

    send worksheet via email with comand button

    Hi All, I am trying to send a worksheet via email from my userform. The coding I currently have fills in the cells o.k but I then want that sheet to be attached to an email and sent. any help/codes are appreciated. Thanks.
  6. J

    Look up date of cell in VBA and copy the next 7 days to that cell

    So I have this code so when I click on a button the macro runs. This is my code: Sub Mail_Sheet_Outlook_Body() 'For Tips see: 'Don't forget to copy the function RangetoHTML in the module. 'Working in Excel 2000-2016 Dim rng As Range...
  7. A

    Send email with rows based on a column value (Through CDO_Mail...)

    Hey guys, I have been hitting my head with it, but being completely ignorant about VBA, it's become almost impossible for me to solve it on my own. I have an inventory and the column O has a status showing which have reached their minimum qty. So I would need the automation to send an email...
  8. C

    VBA to email Workbooks based on Workbook name to different emails

    I hope you can help. I have a piece of code. Essentially what it does is, it opens a dialog box that allows a user to select an excel sheet, then it goes out to the country column (11) filters it, then copies and pastes that country into a new workbook, names the new workbook after that country...
  9. D

    Selecting range

    Hello i have to create a vba code to send email of the first row then next row then so on i have created a vba code but i have few issues the values in COLUMN A SHOULD GO TO THE "TO" FILED OF THE OUT LOOK and B C D E F G H should go to the body of the OUTLOOK please help me out and i will post...
  10. D

    Auto email

    Hello the below given program is to send email via outlook and it is working fine but i have to add two more feature 1. The excel file i am currently working on should get automatically attached to the email 2.i need to send this email to multiple users <code class="vb keyword"...
  11. R

    reference to Sheet within a workbook is replaced by full file path after emailling the sheet to a colleague

    Good morning everyone Apologies in advance if this is a real beginners error but I just can't figure out why its doing this and its causing quite a problem. Background: I have a master spreadsheet that we use to plan transport based on product lines that have been requested by my customer and...
  12. D

    Filter Data and Email then Refilter Data and Email.

    Hello, This is my first post. I am managing a group of 20 salesmen. I want to send each salesmen a report every week but I don't want to do it manually. Is there an easier way to do this? I am thinking VBA and advanced filter. How do i post my spreadsheet? Thanks,
  13. M

    Create Email With VBA Excel 2013 to Outlook 2010

    I have a problem creating an email with excel vba. I wrote code and created an addin that works on my computer. I have Excel 2013 and Outlook 2013. The addin also works on excel 2010 with outlook 2010. The problem I am having is some of the computers in our company have Office 2013...
  14. T

    Quick and Easy answer needed - my mind has gone blank!

    Hi Folks I'm wanting to create a button in excel that, when clicked by the user, will automatically send an email from their outlook to a specified address. I also want to have the subject field and email content already formatted and chosen by myself. Finally if this could be done...
  15. M

    VBA Help on a code... Email sheet as attachment to address stated in a spesific cell

    I'm trying to adopt a code found on the internet and would really need some help as I'm totally new to VBA. I'm in need of sending excel worksheet as attachement to email and below snip from the code is what I've looked at. I would need to send email to the adrdress in Cell H11 with CC to...
  16. J

    Preserve percent sign values in VBA code?

    Hello All, I have a code that opens outlook and pulls data from cells to send an email. There are cells that contain a percent sign (%). I want that to be preserved when it transfers to email, but it doesn't. I've noticed it also does that with the ampersand(sp?) sign. I realize these are...
  17. K

    Need assistance with using email with VBA

    Hi there! I am relatively new to a company that are using macros as part of some key processes, I have been tasked with fixing them whenever there is an issue because my predecessor created the macro, but my VBA knowledge is minimal so any help with this would be massively appreciated! The...
  18. A

    Excel 2007 ActiveWorkbook.EnvelopeVisible Macro Sending Duplication Emails

    Hello All, First posting here, so apologies if I have missed something. I have an issue with using Excel 2007 to send a defined range of a spreadsheet out as an email via a macro. I use Excel 2007 and Outlook 2007. I can send an email via a macro, but sometimes I get the mail multiple times...
  19. M

    Outlook Macro sends to some email contact recipients and not others

    I've written a very simple macro to send a workbook as an email from the workbook. There are 14 workbooks that I applied this macro to. Most of them send fine, but others do not send at all. I've narrowed it down to probably being something wrong in the .to field in Outlook 365. The formula...
  20. L

    VBA - Inserting xls files to email that are hypelinked in XLS workbook

    Good morning from NZ. I want to automate emailing a report that needs to have files sent with the report. The files are hyperlinked in the report and they are monhly reports. I may have up to 5 files to go with the reprt. Is there a way that I can I can use the hyperlink function to insert...

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