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    E-Mail address validation (Multiple contacts per cell)

    I am looking for a solution , but starting cell B2 I have a group of contacts to be e-mailed that needs to be checked for proper format. COLUMN A COLUMN B AREA (A1) E-MAILS (B1) Inspection ';;; Machining ';; Thanks for any...
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    form filler that seraches a separate workbook for data and emails answer

    Hi, I require assistance with the following On Sheet 1, the person completes a form (each cell contains a drop down menu) - once the form is completed they press "SUBMIT" a search is done on a separate workbook based on the info provided on the form - answers are emailed to the requestor...
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    Extracting email addresses from multiple columns

    Hi, Does anyone know of a simple way of extracting only email addresses from multiple rows and columns from a very large/disorganised spreadsheet? Many thanks, Adam
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    Email Address Validation

    Hi, I came across this formula that validates an email address: =AND(FIND("@",A1),FIND(".",A1),ISERROR(FIND(" ",A1))) It works fine if the "@" or/and dot is missing but it doesn't check for these rules: - the "@" comes 1st then the dot, - the "@" and the "." are separated (don't come together)...
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    How to copy the senders address in Outlook

    I would like to have a script that takes the email address ex. "" & sets the attachment to "Fake_Name" then saves that file to a set folder. I am struggling with capturing the email address. Is this possible? Public Sub saveAttachtoDisk(itm As Outlook.MailItem) Dim objAtt...
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    VBA: Extract matching first name from email address

    Hi All, I have a long list of email addresses, all in random formats (ie. not your standard I also have a long list of 5k first names. The macro needs to search each email address for a matching first name from 5k list and return the name when a match occurs. The logic...
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    DIFFICULT: Merging sets of data into one master column by using email as identifier?

    Hey guys, First off I'll start by saying I'm decent at best with excel.. So don't expect me to know a whole lot, so don't be afraid to get "laymans terms" with me.. I know what I'm good at, and excel is NOT it. That being said: I have a master list of email addresses with corresponding...
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    Easy Excel Question

    Hey guys, I have a list of email addresses in column A and i have a unique identifier in column B that corresponds to the email address in column A, in a perfect world there would be one email address that corresponds to one unique identifier. I need to know when i have an email address that...
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    Sending Individul Emails to list of people.

    Hi there! I'm a beginner when it comes to excel but I found found these forums useful to do a few basic things when it comes to using it. After a while searching I could not find anything which I can do myself. I am look for a way to send out an individual email to a list (Column A) in my...
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    Userform textbox email address not 'live' link after transfer to worksheet

    Hi All I have a userform where users enter name, email and telephone details then click a commandbutton to transfer values to a worksheet after finding the first blank row in a range. Here is the code: Dim wsEnrol as Worksheet Dim irow as Long Set wsEnrol = Sheets("Enrol Schedule")irow =...
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    Do the 4,000+ Emails I was Given Exist? Help Appreciated

    Hi All, So, I have a list of 4,000+ emails in excel (just finished scrubbing them) and I need to verify that the emails are existent. As in, is an actual email address. Scoured the net for a ways to do this, in an automated fashion ofcourse, but have yet to come across a...
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    Compile Error : Expected Array

    Hey, I am trying to select all of the e-mail addresses in a table and display them without duplicates. The table name is "Signed Leases", the column name is "Email" and i am trying to place it in "text4". I receive an error message "Compile Error : Expected Array" at the "emails(count) =" line...
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    Retrieve the Users Email address

    Hi - I've got a work file that is on our company's network. I'm trying to put in a layer of security to ensure that when someone opens up the file, a macro will run and check the Users email address (in our Outlook) to make sure the email address has our company's extension (IE...
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    dealing with Read Receipt to find the email address

    I would like to know how could I read the email address from a "read receipt" as the following code isn't working MItem.SenderEmailAddress I have a potential work around but don't know how to code it! The work around would be like this if MItem is not an email then reply to the "read receipt"...
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    Extracting Email Addresses From Shapes in Excel with VBA

    I am pasting hundreds of items from an external app into an excel sheet. Each item includes an 'envelope' shape which contains the ussers email address ( This is the only way you can extract email addresses from this other app. (its an internal app not off the...
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    Textbox Based On Selected Listbox Rows

    Can someone please help with the following. I have a listbox which is filled with email addresses, I would like a script which once I have selected rows that I want in a multiselect listbox it will then put all the email addresses into a textbox as follows say the listbox has the following...

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