email body

  1. B

    How to create mulitple new lines in body of email using HYPERLINK Function

    Hello, I am using '%0D' or '%0A' in the body of my hyperlink formula, however, if i use it once it works, if i use it more i get an error.
  2. E

    VBA to send email based on cells' value to recipients in excel sheet and include cell's value in the email's body

    Hello Everyone! I hope you are all healthy and safe! I wrote a VBA so that Excel will send out email if the value in a cells range changes (days countdown). The VBA write-up works just fine! However, I need to take it a step further! Eventually, I would like my VBA to do the below additions...
  3. S

    Copying range of Excel cells into body of email via VBA

    Hi - I have written a macro to send an email (with attachment) to named recipients. It all works fine except that it won't copy the range of excel cells into the body of the email. I have highlighted the part that is not working in bold below. The range "email_narrative" is the predefined excel...
  4. ed.ayers315

    VBA Excel to Outlook pasting to body issue

    Here is my code. I put this together via other posts I found in this forum; nothing did exactly what I needed as written. Everything works the way I intend; the problem is the range I copy will not paste into the body of email. How can i get this to work? Appreciate any help or advice...
  5. P

    Adding multiple Ranges from Excel to an Outlook Email

    Hi Group, I'm attempting to add two Excel ranges to the body of an email. I've figured out how to do one. But I'm now having to modify my script to show two. Here is the code I've written: With OutMail .To = emailAdd .CC = "" .BCC = "" .Subject = "Corporate...
  6. PritishS

    Userform Text Box with all E-mail body features

    Dear Sir/Madam, Hope all are doing well!! I have created an excel based e-mail application (definitely with the help of internet, cuz I'm new to excel VBA, but enjoying it a lot!!). There I have made a simple user form with a textbox for 'e-mail subject' and another textbox as 'e-mail body'...
  7. J

    VBA: Send an email automatically after saving Excel document

    Hello, I want that when I save my Excel document that I will receive an email with the content of the sheet. So that I will be notified that changes took place and can visually see which changes are made. For now I have already created the following VBA: Option Explicit Sub...
  8. MCTampa

    VBA Email with customized body based on sender

    All, I am using the following script to send a notification email to my team when a report is updated: Sub Make_Outlook_Mail_With_File_Link() Dim OutApp As Object Dim OutMail As Object Dim strbody As String If ActiveWorkbook.Path <> "" Then Set OutApp =...
  9. L

    picture inside the textbody of a G-mail using VBA

    Please help me, have search the entire internet for a useful VBAcode Is it possible to make a code in vba to plant a picture inside the emailbody of a G-mail? Or just transfer a table to the emailbody? I’m using CDO messaging to send emails from Excel via G-mail. Best regards Mia
  10. MrJimi

    Copying values to buffer and sending an email

    Hello Experts! I've been having a problem with creating mail sending macro from my report using MS Office 2010. I have come up with an idea to put header of the report in separate sheet “buffer” and then create a macro which will copy row’s range underneath it and then send it all in msg body...
  11. N

    VBA Code to export excel file to MS Outlook email as attachment, send and categorize the mail

    Hi Everyone and thanks in advance for the help. I am relatively new to basic but really want to learn. I know I can count on you guys. I do not know how to approach this. I need a macro which can do the following 1. saves excel worksheet to a folder 2. replies to an outlook mail (criteria: the...
  12. P

    Macro to cycles through drop-down selection and send email with attachment

    Hello I have created a dashboard report that draws in various sources of information. This is tailored depending on the value selected in a dropdown (ie the lookups selection the appropriate information for that value). There are around 120 different options in the dropdown so in effect I...
  13. J

    vba html email

    Hi So I have been using some code to autmate the sending of emails which works fine. However i have been trying to give it a face lift, I currently have pictures in my email signature so want the email to be a html email. I can get this to work by changing the .body to .HTMLBody. What I...
  14. M

    Extract Non-Blank Cells & copy row into a email

    Reminder Emails via Outlook I'm new at this and been looking around for ages to get the right code and wondered if someone can help please? I have a sheet that I've setup to auto send a email when column "M" has the word "Reminder" inserted by another VBA command. What I want to do is copy...
  15. S

    Add word document as mail body Preserving formating

    Dear All, I have made an macro thanks to different users of different communities, I have been facing an issue that when ever my macro generates an email and copies the data into the mail all the word document formatting gets lost, Please provide alternate solution for the same. you can use...
  16. A

    vba insert multiple ranges from excel to body of email - how???

    Hello, could you somebody help me with really hard vba code for me? Im beginner and I need to do replace an email with date ...and copy multiple ranges from excel to the body of reply email. Why my macro doesnt work? do you know it? thank you very much.... i tried RangetoHTML for first time...
  17. E

    Converting excel worksheet to html and into body of email

    Please help I have looked around code on internet for this and the best ive found is from ron de bruin. (Mail one worksheet in the body of the mail) I am using his code and all works apart for 1 thing I have a number of cells merged and have text wrap on it Issue is when i run code the code...
  18. A

    Issue with Font Change

    I have a macro in place which sends out emails from Lotus notes. I want to change the font of the body from times new Roman to "Arial".Can you please guide me as to how to do that. The following is the piece of code. With NRTStyle .NotesFont = FONT_ROMAN .FontSize = 12...
  19. S

    VBA for email image - interesting issue!

    Hi all - thanks for reading. I have some code (pasted below) that creates an email pastes a range from an Excel document as an image into the body as well as the range as HTML into the body and as an attachment. The weird thing I am experiencing is that when I view the email (before sending)...
  20. A

    Copy formatted cell content to email body

    Hello! I'm currently building a macro that is supposed to copy a formatted cell content (I.E.: a cell with bold, italic and some coloured text like below) The problem is, I'm not managing to copy the cell content with the formatted text. It only goes as plain text. Does someone knows how...

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