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    VBA Email notification

    Is it possible to have an email notification when one of my files is open by another user? I have used MsgBox and With Outmail code before but it was when someone ran my macro. I wasn't sure if it can be done with my file is opened. Thank you in advance.
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    VBA to send email if cell contains a notifier

    Hi- I've watched dozens and dozens of youtube videos and I can't figure this out. A1 and B1 are both formulas based on other cells and if they meet certain criteria they say 'Send Reminder' or they are blank. They pull from other cells so one could be blank and the other not. I want to create...
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    receive an automatic Email notification when excel sheet is saved

    Dears, i have an excel sheet on the shared network and a some employee can edit and save this sheet, so i need a VBA macro to send me an automatic email notification to my Email when the sheet is saved. i think its possible possible? it will be great if i can know who saved it and when. im not...
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    Outlook does not recognize names when email triggered from Macro

    Hi MrExcel members, I am new to the VB Scripting and this is my first ever post on any forums:). Ok here i go with my problem - I have written one macro which sends automatic email notification when certain condition is not fulfilled. This macro basically tracks a particular activity to...
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    Email Notification when spreadsheet saved

    I am very new to this, so please be patient with me. I would like an email sent to me every Saturday at 5pm PST from 3 cells in a spreadsheet I have set up. J1 L1 N1 These 3 cell are configured as follows: J1: =SUM(G2:G1000) L1: =SUM(H1:H1000) N1: =SUM(H2:H1000)/SUM(G2:G1000) They all...

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